Review of the research paper on effect of positioning program

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Review of the research paper on effect of positioning program

The paper entitled “The effect of positioning on spontaneous movements of pre term infants”, is a well tailored research paper on the effect of positioning program in the neonatal intensive care unit on the movement patterns of the new born. The abstract of the paper include a short sentence of the objective, a summary of methods and results and a sentence of concluding remarks. It would be better if this part is not having sub headings.

The last line of the methods section of abstract has some problem in the sentence construction. “The data was analyzed by appropriate statistical methods” would be more ideal. The introduction clearly highlights the need for a position program by briefly explaining the drawbacks of hypotonic extension posture, which would be assumed by pre term babies normally and has compared that with the developments of a full-term infant. But the explanation is too elaborate.

It could be briefed. In the second paragraph of the introduction the objective of the study is clearly expressed. But the objectives are in the question form. It would be better if it is in the form of sentences. The detailed description of the positioning mat and the different positions in which it was used would have better included under the methods section. In introduction is very long and it could be reduced a bit especially the first paragraph.

The selection criteria used is not properly cited or a reason for using such a criteria is not given. In the method section the detailed description of the position mat and different positions would have been given in the beginning of the paragraph. The use of first person “we” in the paper is not recommended. As a whole the paper express a good quality research work with significant findings that could contribute substantially towards future studies in this line.


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