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Everything that we do today involves electricity, I can’t imagine a life without electricity. Imagine a life without lights at night, no cell phones, no TV, no cable and no internet. It’s like a catastrophe. But where do we really get this electricity? This energy came from the power plants where it is producing mostly by burning fossil fuels to rotate the turbine thus turning the generator and it produces electricity that what we are using in our everyday life.

Today, more than 80% of the world’s electric production comes from fossil-fueled plants [1g] But oil in the past years made more obvious the dependency of economies on fossil fuel. As fossil fuels such as oil and coal are being depleted, the need for using renewable energy resources is becoming more and more urgent. [7].

One of the major problems in this generation is the pollution. It affects all of the living organisms of all kinds as on the land, in aqua and in air.

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To overcome this problem, we need to implement the techniques of optimal utilization of conventional sources for conservation of energy. For the reduction of pollution emission, renewable energies are considered as proper alternative energy. It is not only economically sustainable but also have less adverse impacts to the environment. As one of the significant advantages from the usage of renewable energy system is that it emits very few dangerous pollutants. In today’s generation we are all craving for renewable energy. Renewable electric energy supply is today’s one of the highest priorities in many parts of the world.

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Because we want a free and clean source of energy to the point that we don’t need to worry about the state of our environment.

In this research we are proposing to develop a mechanism that can harness the free energy of the passing vehicle. There are areas where vehicles need to slow down, like in the churches and schools that is near the highways. One of the ways to slow down the passing vehicle is putting speed breaker in the said areas [8]. Speed breakers are one of the widely used traffic calming measures speed bump, speed hump and speed table. In theory, there is a large amount of energy that is wasted in the speed breaker every time the vehicles pass over it. This wasted energy can be harnessed and convert it into useful electrical energy by putting mechanism on these speed breakers.

First to make use were the South African People, their electrical crisis led to the idea of generating power using speed breaker. It is a very innovative concept and can be considered a non-conventional energy source. We can consider it as renewable because of our present state if our traffic here in Puerto Princesa City because the energy we saved during the daylight can be used in the night time for lighting the street lights. The number of vehicles is vastly increasing and this concept can take advantage this kind of situation. This makes use of wasted potential energy in the speed breaker generate electro motive force. This generated emf is then sent to an inverter where it is regulated. The regulated emf is now sent to a storage where it can be stored and used whenever it is needed.

After several study about models that have been prposed and tested for harnessing kinetic energy of vehicles via a speed breaker. Mechanisms include, [1] Mohamad Ramadana, *, Mahmoud Khaleda,b, Hicham El Hagea,Rack and pinion mechanism. Rack is connected to the speed breaker. The speed breaker receives a downward motion when the vehicle passes over it. The pinion will rotate and kinetic energy generated due to vertical displacement of the rack motion is transferred to the generator.

[2] Alok Kumar Singh, Deepak Singh, Madhawendra Kumar, Vijay Pandit and Prof.SurendraAgrawal, Crank shaft mechanism. This mechanism converts the vertical translational motion of the speed breaker into rotational motion through a so-called crankshaft connection. And then the generator which is connected to a spur gear through a shaft is receiving the circular motion thus generating power.[3] Piyush Bhagdikar, Shubham Gupta, Navneet Rana, R. Jegadeeshwaran, Roller Mechanism. In roller mechanis, a roller rotates when vehivles pass over it. This mechanism, allows generator which is connected to a rotor shaft to rotate and produce electrical power,[4] Ch.Bhanu Prakash1, A.V.Ramana Rao2, P.Srinuvas3, this paper works over RPGS mechanism the moving vehicles pass over the 4 plates and 3 joints (2rotary, 1 sliding cum rotary). [6]. Mohsen Partodezfoli, Abbas Rezaey, Zahra Baniasad, Horieh Rezaey, Linear generator mechanism. Mainly built from translators and stators. When the vehicle passes over the bump, the translators move downward and the power is generated in the stator.

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