Review of Michael vey Essay

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Review of Michael vey

The book I read was Michael Vey The Prisoner Of Cell 25 by Richard Paul Evans. This book was an action, adventure based young-adult fiction and it is based in modern day California. It revolves around a boy named Michael Vey and his two friends Ostin and Taylor. While Michael might seem like a loser to people because he is skinny and does not talk much he actually is the most powerful being on earth. He can transmit electricity through anything that can conduct it including humans!

The book is mainly about how Michael has powers and has to hide them until his mother is abducted and he goes to find her but also finds out about other kids like him and there is this organization that uses them in a plan to control the world. The adventure is mostly told through the point of view of Michael but occasionally switches to a 3rd person view of the whole surrounding.

I think that the author forges sentences that put you in the room and make you feel the pain and the frustration of the characters. The author perfectly mixes the real world with the abnormal events that happen to Michael Vey. The author starts out with a mysterious call between two men talking about blowing up a commercial airliner, which automatically sucks the reader into the book. It then transitions to the story of this boy named Michael Vey and while it all might seem perfectly normal the author then throws a curveball and introduce the powers that this boy possesses.

The thing that I did not like is how he stalled the story after that. He introduced the fact that this skinny 14 year old kid can fry a person by simply touching them and then goes on to describe his boring day at school. Who does that? Although it annoyed me at first I was grateful that Richard Paul Evans (the author) did that with the story.

If he did not we would have never met Taylor the crush in Michael’s life. Who we later find out has the ability to reboot someone’s brain like a computer and can also read someone’s mind. Then when he has introduced every-thing he takes a sharp turn into a different direction by having Michael’s mother and Taylor kidnapped by the Antagonist, and then begins the intense series of events.

I like how the author controls the mood in this book. Initially the mood is very calm and it is unemotional eases you into the story. Then the mood changes rapidly for the rest of the story especially after Michael’s mother is kidnapped changes into an intense series of thrilling events kidnaps his mother.

I would say that depending on the scene the author would either use a calm but sympathetic tone or and intense and aggressive tone He uses imagery a lot in his book when he describes different parts of the building structure that they are trapped in or he will depict an emotion that a character is feeling to an extent that you can relate to. For example when the antagonist puts Michael into a cell and manipulates his fears you really can see that play out in your mind.

I think that in this book at least for me there were no boring slow parts. I just wanted to read more which is strange because usually all books have slow parts but this author mixes the right amount of suspense into each part that you want to find out what will happen next whether it is when the character and his mother are just talking or the character is in the rage of battle. This book reminded me of another amazing book with the same concepts.

I can relate this to another book I read called Daniel X. I can relate because like Michael Vey prisoner of cell 25 Daniel X Keeps the world around the character normal while only making the events that happen to the character a sequence of abnormal events. Another book I can relate it to would be Max by James Patterson.

I think that the author creates a perfect blend between past and present personal conflicts. He incorporates the setting by describing it vividly to the reader but also describes the character’s reaction to the setting change so that the reader can relate to the characters feelings.

I think that this work is a very well put together book. Even though In the earlier questions I make it sound like a ten on ten this book is not. I rate
this book a 9/10 for the soul reason that it was on a very directed path and you could the events that were going to happen before they did by just reading the book. Even the twist that the author put in were not that book which made some of the book predictable and who really wants a book in which they know everything that is going to happen.

In this book I had a lot of moments of truly being astonished by the characters views and what they would say. The line that meant the most to me in this book was when The Antagonist had given Michael Vey an ultimatum of either killing a innocent man or letting his mother die. Michael’s response to this was, “My mother would rather die then see me become a murderer” I liked this because it showed both the justice and willpower of Michael. I say this because I know for a fact that I would have killed that man because even if it would be the wrong thing to do I would take his life for my happiness.

This was an amazing book and even though I did not want it to finish I enjoyed the ending greatly I think that I would give the ending of this book a 10/10 because it was an amazing way to finish of the book in such a way that there can be a sequel but it also did not end it happily. I say this because even though him.

In conclusion I think that this book is a 10/10. Maybe I am being too kind but I really enjoyed it. Like all books it had its slow parts but even those were page-turners and they built up to the best parts of the book. I think that the character Michael Vey himself was very well made and even though he had superpowers he had his quirks, which made the book more relatable and fun to read.

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