Review of diamond’s arguement Essay

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Review of diamond’s arguement

Diamond Jared is a renowned author who has written many books that touch on many aspects of life. Guns, Germs and Steel is one book that has a great impact to the society because of its content and depth. Diamond puts forward in this book that it is not the will or intelligence of the western people that has enabled them to be on the forefront in technology but it is rather a set of conditions that mainly touch on the environment. According to this statement, all countries and regions therefore had the potential to excel and expand as the rest.

Some of the reasons that led to the growth of the European region are therefore given in this boo and this forms the main basis of the material. The ancient society began alike in all places. History records that the early people all over the earth were hunters. Others later went on to establish agriculture and this was the beginning of their civilization. The Eurasian civilization grew faster than the Asian region because of environmental difference. The Asian people had very conducive geographical features and this made them develop very stable structures and so they lived in isolated empires.

This early contentment made the Asian territories to stagnate when major shake ups in advancement were taking place. Europe on the other hand, had a lot of barriers and opposition. This demanded their creativity and innovation for them to survive. The natural barriers that existed in Europe also created competing nation states that were ever in pursuit for one another and before long, the European region found themselves advancing to greater levels of technology and science. Eurasians also developed better than the Americans because of food security.

The Europeans had a lot of meat, cheese, corn among other assortment of food which provided a lot of food to the energetic minds. America on the other hand only had corn. This meant that they had little energy giving food and this later compromised on their growth. The climate of Europe was good and ideally favored the growth of many crops. This led to the growth of many food crops that were used by the Europeans who were in the outer regions during the conquest of territories. They easily defeated their enemies and rivals because they were strong and healthy.

This advantage actually comes all the way from the good climate in Europe. This gave the Eurasians advantage over the Africans and so easily defeated them in colonization. EVALUATION OF DIAMOND’S Jared Diamond has explicitly put down the reasons that made Eurasian region to excel better than other places. He expresses that it is not because of any technological advantage or will that has made the Europeans to excel but rater it is because of the environmental reasons. Food security is one prerequisite to success and in this line, Diamond is very correct.

This is because people truly need energy to work and more so to think. It is true that contentment is an enemy to growth and development and for this reason, Diamond is very correct when addressing the question of Asia. This territory developed very good communism structures and even lived in very secluded places. This might have made them feel no desire to expand and for that reason, they are still low to date. Europe on the other hand faced a lot of competition within themselves and so had to develop various innovations in order to survive the tough competition.

It is this competition that made Europe to excel greatly. The topic given by Diamond is very appropriate. Guns, Germs and Steel is one book in which the topic sounds like a summary of the real issues that are illustrated in the book. The use guns resulted to colonization of many regions by the Europeans. After concurring, they had a second step which is creating submission out of the subjects. This clearly brings out the aspect of germ which means to bring together and rule. The steel aspect of the topic introduces exploitation because the Europeans finally used a lot of the Africans resources made them stagnate.

The regional and geographical differences dually resulted to the difference in civilization and development as illustrated by Diamond. RECOMMENDATIONS Jared Diamond has written a very good book. The content of the book are convincing enough. It is true tat geographical setting made Eurasian people to excel more than all other territories. The facts are very easy to understand and quite relevant. Te author has also organized the work well and its flow makes the book easy to understand. Source Jared Diamond. Guns, Germs, and Steel. 1997.

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