Review Literary Terms Essay

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Review Literary Terms

Imagination is the power to create. It is the key component to literature. Without imagination, there won’t be an interesting story, I believe. Imagination is not only important to the writer, it helps the reader broaden their interpretation of the story. “When you allow reading to unlock your imagination, your connection sets the stage for intellectual engagement. It allows the experience of reading literature to include the pursuit of ideas and knowledge.” (Clugston, R.W 2010). With imagination comes genre. Choosing what category or type of literature. It can be a short story, poem, or drama. “It can be used to make broad distinctions or to identify specific categories within a broad category. The short story and the novel, for example, are specific literary genres within the broad category of fiction.”(Clugston, R.W.2010).

I think another very important component to literature is the tone. Setting the tone will let the reader know what attitude the literary work is going. For example, “the final lines in Updike’s poem create an initial feeling of sympathy, which is likely to become empathy if the reader reflects on the dog’s predicament in not being able to communicate its final struggle.” (Clugston, R.W 2010). Tone is followed by image. Image represents the experience that go through your senses, the idea. Writers use specific language to describe the imagery. Again, in Frost’s and Updike’s poems about the dog, “In Frost’s image of an old dog there’s an initial feeling of sadness, but if the reader reflects on what the poem has to say about the inevitable life cycle that both the dog and the speaker face, sadness is likely to fade somewhat into acceptance.”


Clugston, R. W. (2010). Journey into literature. San Diego, California: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.

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