Reverse Mentoring Essay

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Reverse Mentoring

To the contrary for the process of mentoring this century has evolved with the new technique of reversing strategy.Btut now it is not same old concept of the elder tutoring the young . It flows from the younger to the eldest companies adopt this technique of reverse mentoring just to provide the senior employees of the companies also to be expertise and get used to the latest technologies , social media ,emerging trends through the young employees. This has been driven reversed process by the organization who want their older workers to catch the upcoming changes deliberately.

Hewlett Packard has formal “role reversal plans” in the pipeline. Bharathi airtel ,Ogivly mather , Cisco are few companies those adopts such reverse mentoring. Training diversity is executed as the younger employees bring in the fresh perspective and offers the insight as mentors. This involvements posed on by the senior employees help bridge the gap which in return helps to change them from outdated to relevant and current idea bloomers. It helps built enduring relationships across generation.

How to be a game changer ?

The young employees who are mentors for the 40’s have to overcome the reservation and be honest , open and serious in the new relationship . The older mentees bring a lot to the table . They may bristle when asked to learn from young staff and ego clashes between the generation are imminent nervousness and recoiling from guiding their seniors has to be eliminated along with the negative barriers of age,rank and power. Not just the usage of smart phone ,facebook and twitter can be learnt from thee younger employees but also the evaluation of new trends. The older employees if involved, this reverse mentoring can be a wonderful miracle in revealing experiences that builds an ongoing relationships of learning, dialogue,challenges and change.It can be made successful on the other hand if the management monitor the relationship and seek feedback on how productive reverse mentoring is for 40’s and 20’s.

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