Revenue Assessment Essay

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Revenue Assessment

Thank you for the opportunity to assess your sales data in order to provide recommendations for increasing your sales. The analysis and recommendations below are based on the data you provided, which covers a period from May 2004 through June 2006. The analysis below is based on this data alone. Therefore, our recommendations should be tempered by your knowledge of business realities and your market. Please let us know if we can answer any questions concerning the analysis or the recommendations provided.

ANALYSIS 1: Total Sales by Country Analysis As an American based country one expects the highest income to be within a company’s home country. Well, in the case of Northwind Traders, that is the case. The USA has the highest gross net sales, to be followed closely by Germany and then Austria and Brazil. Sales are above 100,000 over the past two years. If you notice, all of the top selling companies are offered a discount whereas the lower selling countries are offered now discount at all.


Recommendation Based on my analysis I think it would be wise to entice lower income countries to buy more products by offering a discount if they reach a certain amount of product ordered. I also recommend sending surveys to the largest purchasing companies to see what products they would like to see discounts offered on if larger volumes are purchased. Also taking special care to cater to the products higher volume countries are requiring.

ANALYSIS 2 : Net Income by Sales Rep

Analysis I was given two full years of sales data, and took a look at the net revenue of each of your sales representatives. At first glance it looks like 2005 might have been a more profitable year, but bear in mind that 2005 is the only year we all four quarters accounted for. Keeping that information in mind, it looks like 2006 is getting off to an amazing start, as several of your sales reps have already passed their totals from 2005 in the first quarters. Also take careful attention to notice the difference in the two quarters from 2004 and 2006. It looks like a majority of your sales representatives are making solid revenue for the company. Graphic

Recommendation My recommendation would be for starters, enroll every sales rep in a sales training class. Upon completion of I would set a goal that each sales rep must contribute at least 10% of the net income for the company. Since there are 9 sales reps this leaves some room for extra. This will not only force the sales reps to work together, and encourage friendly competition. I also recommend you elect a sales representative team leader (for example Miss Peacock who is consistently your top sales person) and empower her to encourage, coach and teacher the other sales reps in her methods and tricks.

ANALYSIS 3: Total Revenues by Month in 2005 Analysis After careful consideration, I decided to look at the yearly trend of just 2005 since we have all the data from that year. If you will notice, October is by far the biggest selling month, whereas July is the lowest, but mostly the trend is pretty consistent across the year.


Recommendation I recommend that we find out what about October spikes sales, and try to apply it to the rest of the year. Also, I’d consider adding special sales and discounts in March and April, the lowest sales months of the year, that should help perk up sales in the slower months.

SELF ASSESSMENT From completing the Excel project, I learned so much about excel. At the beginning of this class I was very confident and nearly cocky about my knowledge in excel, but boy oh boy have I learned a LOT of neat new tools to add to my bag of tricks. I learned specifically about pivot tables which are beyond helpful for organizing data in a more readable way, and see the things that you want to see. I also learned a lot of new ways to sort and organize information in clean and easily read ways. This was a tough project to tackle at first, but I feel a lot better about the things I have learned in excel since finishing it.

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