Returning to School Essay

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Returning to School

Returning to school was one of the important decisions, I have made about my future. I will be discussing my reasons for returning to school. Such as setting a good example for my children and getting a higher education. Returning to school was a very important decision for many reasons that include setting a good example for my children and carrier advancement. I firmly believe in leading by example, and I want them to see that if I can do it, they can do it as well. I am determined to be the best role model that I can possibly be. My decision in obtaining a Higher education is the key for my present and future as it will be for them. Without it I have gotten about as far as I can with my current employer and I would be left with the feeling as if I have sold myself short. If I get a college education, I will have something to help me get the job that I want and deserve. Even though higher education, Reasons on returning to school because Setting an example for my children and Getting a higher education.

I have had several jobs over the years. The majority of them have been in nursing in one form or another, my current job is a Certified Nursing Assistant at a nursing home, and prior to that I was a Certified Nursing Assistant doing private duty for over ten years. I am working towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Administration in Long Term Care. I know that once I receive my degree I will be qualified for a variety of jobs. The job that I would like the most would be a Administrator in a nursing home. I want to help others who don’t have the means to help themselves. Most of all I can’t stand seeing elderly people who are not properly cared for, especially those who just don’t seem to care about their well being. This is not the first attempt I have made to return to school, this is actually the second.

I tried returning to school once before while working and partying before I had kids. At first everything went fairly well but over a short period of time I realized the work load would prove to be too much. I was working eighty plus hours every two weeks which did not allow for me to have the proper amount of time to spend studying so I had to end up dropping out. Pursuing a degree in Healthcare Administration in Long Term Care can help in many ways. It will help me develop communication skills. After reviewing the description of Healthcare Administration in Long Term Care and talking it over with my academic advisor, I decided to go with it. With this degree I could start my own business.

Work for a non-profit organization. Also I could simply decide to pursue a management position with my current employer. I have a wide range of work I can find with this degree. I know I picked the right degree and the right time to return to school. The benefits of obtaining a college degree have been obvious. Getting a higher education to get a better job and higher salary is definitely a benefit. Setting an example and being a role model for my four children is reward enough.

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