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Returning to School Essay

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Pregnant at seventeen and no foundation of stability, I dropped out of school to prepare to raise my child. I then began to struggle and had a hard time making ends meet, so at that time I got on track to seek help and guidance. I started the process to get enrolled in school but backed out due to finding out at nineteen I was expecting my second child. I finally went back to school and got my GED and graduated my program in summer of 2010.

I walked across the stage to receive my diploma carrying my son Joziah Jah’Von (5 months) and holding my daughter Ajiona Amory’s hand (2 years).

I was very proud and felt extremely accomplished. The importance returning to school will have on my life is that I will be able to provide a stable life for my children, become successful and self-fulfilled through a career in business, and rise above the negative expectations some people have of me.

Being a young mother of two children, I had a rough time finding childcare and being comfortable with strangers caring for my babies. I tried to find work but wasn’t able to find flexible hours. I was at a hard spot in my life. I didn’t know what step to make.

I enrolled in cosmetology school and did the best at my classwork and tests but my attendance was poor due to unreliable sitters. I ended up withdrawing from the program to be a mother to my children. Two years later I am now a mother to three intelligent, beautiful, amazing children. I want nothing but the best for them so I’ve decided to make the best move to better our futures and got back on the wagon and got my head back in the books. Returning to school is the best decision I could’ve made for my family. We now have a chance at success and stability.

Not having much stability present in my childhood is why I want more for my children. Growing up in a broken home, constantly moving, my mother struggling to make ends meet, and not having happy memories; was miserable. As a child, I always promised myself I’d do whatever it took to make sure my children never had to experience what I did. But I feel I failed my babies, because it has taken me so long to get on track and we have been in a struggle. I am upset that I allowed them to experience not having stability in their lives.

But things will now be different. Ajiona Amory, Joziah Jah’Von and Marcella Pamela are my life, my reason for living, my everything and I will give them the best of the best. I am dedicated and devoted to my family; I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure they have the greatest lives I can possibly give them. I want my daughters and my son to be happy and have what they need. I never want to see them wanting or needing anything. My children and I have struggled enough throughout the years, it’s our time to rise above and live the lives we deserve.

School will help me to do so and I want stop until they have it all. Education is one of the keys that will open many doors for us. By furthering my education it will help me to get a good job so that I won’t struggle to make ends meet and it will help to keep stability in our lives. With the struggles and lack stability I now am ready to be successful and do what needs to be done for my family. I, Angelique, have always wanted and dreamt of being the successful business type. I’ve always wanted to wear the fancy suits and the sexy heels, while carrying a leather brief case.

It’s something I just never stopped wanting, no matter what other careers came my way. Desiring to be successful and have power, respect and money; I knew a good career was the only way. There is no room for trial and error. I got 100 percent devotion and motivation to fulfill my dream get the job I’ve always wanted and I deserve to have. Nothing will stand in my way; I’m on the rise to the top. Majoring in business and management is the start to our new life, new beginnings, new ways and new accomplishments.

Finally with striving to have a good professional career and stability, I am ready to prove everyone wrong. I have always had family, friends, and others downing and doubting me, telling me I’ll never amount to nothing nor be a somebody. Not having the support and extra push from the ones that you think love and care for you really take a toll on you in every aspect of life and emotion. But dwelling will hold you back. Yes I have failed myself by not following through with things I have started but I had my reasoning-‘s.

I taught myself to take the positive and negative criticism and shift what you can use out and just toss the unnecessary shit aside and keep moving forward. If you sit and ponder on why no wants to see you succeed and why they strive to see you fail, it will eat you alive and stop you from doing what it is that you want to do. It will disable you to be motivated and crush your dreams and dedication. Never let someone reserve space in your mind to the point it stops your life. If they hate they hate. Stand up, smile and strive for the top and don’t stop until you’ve reached it.

Prove that you can be who you want to be and that they can’t stop your shine. I as a single mother will keep moving forward and never again let a negative empower me and my life. Indeed, while I have made mistakes, and they pierced my will power to stay motivated these failures also made me work harder to succeed. Being a young mother is very hard and has its ups and downs. But just because I now have major responsibilities on my hands doesn’t mean I won’t be able to travel smooth roads throughout life. I will cross the bumps and dips in life but its normal; everyone goes through it here and there.

It now has showed me that it’s okay to fall off the horse a few times but it is most important for me to get up and keep trying until I get it right and succeed. Returning to school was the best choice I could make for not only myself but for my children. Wanting nothing but the best for my family I decided to make the best move to better our futures and got up, got back on the wagon and got my head back in the books. Now having a chance at success and stability, we are happy and anxiously waiting to rise above the negative and evil.

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