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Essay on Retirement

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Old Age Home

Abstract The elderly population is rising globally and similar trends are being observed not only in Asia but also in Pakistan. A developing country facing several challenges in the form of political instability, lack of economic growth, low savings of the elderly, weak pension system, makes life challenging for the elderly. Pakistan’s demographic trends show that between 1990 till 2010, the population aged 60+ years increased by 75.1 %. It is projected that the life expectancy will increase to 72…...

Ederly Parents Should Live in Nursing Homes or Not?

Vietnam's population is older and older and it is very important for young individuals, especially politicans, to seriously believe about the issue of retirement home. Should senior parents reside in retirement home or not? Sending elderly moms and dad into nursing houses is the best choice for them in the rest of their lives for 3 main reasons. First, senior moms and dads live in retirement home will be great for their kids. Nowadays, young individuals are too busy. They…...

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The elderly people

We live in an ageing society where people are living longer and the balance of life is changing. For the first time there are more people aged over sixty than children under sixteen in many European countries. Most aged people can now look forward to many more years of healthy life after retirement than ever before. Our society is becoming more diverse. It expects more from public services. There are three areas related to the so-called “Third age” that the…...

Aging Population Effects on Health Care

Health care is a fast evolving field with advancements of technology and treatment options growing every day. The delivery of care has grown and often shifts direction over the years to accommodate changing population demographics and needs of patients. Many factors play a part in the role of health care and medical treatment, one of those factors being population demographic changes. When the demographics of a population change it can cause adverse effects on the surrounding area in many ways,…...

Security Speeches

Speech One is to be an Informative Speech. In this speech your goal is to inform your audience as to the details of the topic suggestion below. Being an Informative Speech you are not asked to discuss the merits of the program. Your task, as is consistent with an informative speech, is to provide your audience the details (information) as to the proposed topic below: Social Security is a debated topic in every Presidential Election and one gaining increasing attention…...

Aging and Disability Worksheet

Identify 2 or 3 issues faced by the aging population. 1 Unequal treatment in employment - Poverty 2 Face prejudice and discrimination - Ageism 3 Face isolation – Elderly Abuse What is ageism? How does ageism influence the presence of diversity in society? Ageism is the practice of prejudice of discrimination to the elderly. The way that ageism influences the presence of diversity in society is by robbing them of their of their choices, independence and treating them with disrespect.…...

Five Social Insurances and One Housing Fund

According to figure 1, it showed that the pay ratio of Shanghai enterprise was higher than Beijing and Guangzhou while the ratio for individuals were the same. The reason of the high ratio fee is to protect the worker's income, so that the workers would not need to pay half of their income for insurance payment. Therefore, the living standards for the workers would keep in average. In this few years, the development of other cities in China was being fast…...

The field and study of Gerontology

The field of gerontology is the systematic study of the health and well-being of the elderly. Study and research in gerontology help us to understand the health of the elderly but also our own. Everyone will benefit from the study of gerontology on social issues. Gerontology helps provide an individual with the opportunity to compose a plan for their future needs as they age. The study of gerontology allows us to look at our beliefs, moral values, and our lifestyle.…...

The United States Social Security Administration

The social security system in the United States is a federal program that benefits the retirees and the disabled that was introduced in 1935. This program contains the disability income, public housing, retirement benefits, food stamps program and also the veterans’ pension. These benefits are not like any other government welfare programs. This is because the social security welfare system follows very intensive eligibility guidelines which are mostly based on the employment history of the individuals and also their contributions…...

Happiness and Work

Happiness is a term that describes a kind of feeling which may not be too easy to identify. In fact, it is being defined in different ways by different people. Dr. Brown (as cited in Forbes, 1850) defined as “a state of continued agreeable feeling, differing from what is commonly termed pleasure, only as a whole differs from a part. ” Likewise, Locke (as cited in Forbes, 1850) identifies happiness in a not so different way as “the utmost pleasure…...

Retirement Plans

Retirement is often the topic of many US workers during the end of their employment years. However, the topic of retirement is most important during the first years of employment. By law, an individual can collect retirement funds from three different sources! There are many retirement options available to both employees and the employers and to make the best decision one must have a basic understanding of the retirement options available. This paper will discuss some of those retirement plans…...

After Retirement

Even with detailed planning for investments and savings, spending the savings and running out of it after retirement is something you need to avoid. There are some factors you need to constantly keep a check on. Firstly, your balance sheet shows that you are keeping a reasonable amount of money in term deposits and banks. Even after retirement you need to remain in touch with different institutions to analyze which institution is offering more rate and less charges. Also remain…...

The Role of Financial Accounting in Economic Development

The age and sex distribution of the population of Nigeria by the 1991 census is as shown in Table 1.3.2. The data Show a high proportion of children in the population. Those under 15 years of age constituted about 45 per cent of the total population. The proportion of aged persons (60 years and above) in the population constituted only 3.3 per cent. The age structure of the population, according to the 1991 census, shows a very broad-based pyramid, reflecting…...

Investment and Retirement Planning

Introduction. - Retirement is the point where an individual is not in any sort of employment/ business/occupation. - This normally comes across reaching an identified age, when physical conditions do not enable the person to work any more. - Retirement might likewise be because of individual choice-either due to appropriate pension or personal savings or due to a regular unearned income like interest, rents and so on . - The retirement age varies from country to nation but it is…...

Aging and Adulthood

Aging is an inevitability of life. With age man exchanges the physical prowess of youth for the wisdom that comes through experiencing the trials and triumphs of life. As an individual enters late adulthood, age 65 and older, they experience many physical, emotional and mental changes never previously encountered and which may require an adaptation of their earlier lifestyle. Some of these late adulthood changes are primary and secondary aging, issues regarding health and wellness, family and personal relationships, and…...

Nursing Shortage

Abstract Compelling evidence suggests that regions of the United States face a nursing and physician shortage that our legislators, health officials, and medical professionals must address. To ensure that quality medical care is not harshly impacted, the hospitals and public health leadership, in general, will need to tackle the nursing shortage with solid long-term solutions. It is no secret that the United States faces a critical nursing shortage, a trend that potentially threatens to undermine quality medical care. One single…...

Respect to Older People

In many countries today insufficient respect is shown to older people. What do you think may be the reasons for this?What problems might this cause in society? In many countries today insufficient respect is shown to older people, even from their own children, and this can be seen as more old folks home had been build nowadays. Thus, I will be writing about what I think the reasons may be and the problems that might cause in society. Firstly, the…...

Voluntary Retirement Scheme

In the present globalised circumstance, ideal sizing of the workforce employed in an organisation has actually become an essential management method in order to meet the increased competition. The voluntary retirement plan( VRS) is the most humane strategy to supply general reduction in the existing strength of the workers. It is a technique utilized by companies for cutting the workforce employed in the industrial system. It is now a frequently technique utilized to dispense off the excess workforce and hence…...

Pros and Cons of Sending Parents to Elderly Nursing Homes

Many adults have elderly parents who could benefit from living in a retirement home. However, it’s hard to decide to send an elderly parent to a retirement home because there are several other care options available. Furthermore, this decision can be made more challenging because most retirement homes have several pros and cons that should be fully considered beforehand. Here is a brief look at some of the most important pros and cons to consider before finding an elderly parent…...

Legal Requirements for Employee Benefits

As we discussed earlier in this chapter, some benefits are required by law. This requirement adds to the cost of compensating employees. Organizations looking for ways to control staffing costs may look for ways to structure the workforce so as to minimize the expense of benefits. They may require overtime rather than adding new employee, hire part-time rather than full-time workers(because part-time employees generally receive much smaller benefits packages),and use independent contractors rather than hire employees. Some of these choices…...

Speech Headmaster Retirement

A very good morning to the headmaster, Encik Ramli, teachers and fellow students. It is a golden opportunity as I am able to stand here to give a speech on this special assembly, to bid farewell to our beloved headmaster who will be retiring tomorrow. Please lend me your ears. Teachers and fellow students, As you know, Encik Ramli started his career in teaching for 30 years since 1983 at Sibu,Sarawak. His first school was in a rural area. The…...

Farewell Speech on the Retirement of Headmaster

A very good morning to the headmaster,Encik Ramli, teachers and fellow students. It is a golden opportunity as I am able to stand here to give a speech on this special assembly, to bid farewell to our beloved headmaster who will be retiring tomorrow. Please lend me your ears. Teachers and fellow students, As you know,Encik Ramli started his career in teaching for 30 years since 1983 at Sibu,Sarawak. His first school was in a rural area. The name of…...

Senior Citizens-Persuasive

Senior residents need to be under strict retesting in order to keep driving benefits. In the United States individuals over the age of 65 are thought about to fall under the classification of seniors as this is accepted as the basic retirement age. Lots of instances of senior resident included accidents arised from increased confusion, slower response times, reduced peripheral vision, minimized motor skills and slower cognizance of harmful situations. A recorded number of events have led to death as…...

Planning for Retirement

Even though individuals live solely off their Social Security now, everybody needs to have a retirement strategy due to the fact that Social Security may not exist permanently. If you want to retire with a comfortable way of life, you should start planning now. If you do not wish to have to problem others to assist take care of you when you are older, you need to be planning now. I have actually seen to many senior people not be…...

Analysis of The Cousins Tournament Family Business

In The Cousins Tournament case, Al Blanchard decides that he is ready to retire as President of the family business, Grandview Industries. He has overseen the business for 27 years, along with help from his brother Morris. But with the New Year’s Eve announcement of Al’s upcoming retirement, a lot needed to be discussed, specifically in regards to the succession of the family business. In the current state of Grandview Industries, there was no succession plan. So with Al now…...

Eu Law Synopsised Judgment of Marshall

The case of Marshall v Southampton and South West Hampshire Area Health Authority (Teaching) (Marshall (No.1)) [1986] 1 C.M.L.R. 688 arose in the United Kingdom. It concerned a Miss Marshall who had been employed as a Senior Dietician with the Southampton and South West Hampshire Area Health Authority (Teaching) from the 23rd of May 1974 until her dismissal on the 31st of March 1980, that is to say four weeks after she reached the age of 62. Since 1975 the…...

Activity theory

Cognitive changes: There are several changes that occur with aging, one of which is cognitive slowing. The slowing that occurs in all cognitive tasks where speed of response is a component is considered the most pervasive cognitive change in developmental aging. The probable locus of slowing is in the central nervous system (Bob & McCallum, 1998). Pigment lipofuscin builds up in the brain during old age and it gradually results in brain degeneration. The aged brain weighs less, the lateral…...

Old Mrs Chundle' by Thomas Hardy

'Old Mrs Chundle' is a short story set in a village in southern England. It was written by Thomas Hardy between 1880 and 1890. It is a story of a kind popular at that time, a gripping story which is amusing but also has a character we can sympathise with. It is set against the background of country people to whom religion and the clergymen who represented religion were very important. Clergymen were treated with great respect and people attended…...

Employees Provident Funds Act, 1952

Any establishment registered under Cooperative Societies Act or State law relating to cooperative societies, employing less than 50 persons and working without paid of power To any establishment belonging to or under Control of Central Government or a State Government and whose employees are entitled to benefit of contributory provident fund or old age pension. To any establishment set up under any Central or State Act and whose employees are entitled to benefit of contributory provident fund or old age…...

Current Trends in Human Resource Management

Technology is ubiquitous. Whether you are in the industrialized world or developing markets, a growing number of people are connecting with mobile devices like colorful cell phones and very portable computers like Apple’s iPad. This allows people to communicate across archaic boundaries within companies or externally across the world. They have instant access to information and to people. brilliant CEO’s are thinking about ways to leverage this technology explosion. Many are already experimenting with virtual teams, non-traditional workplaces, and flatter…...

Comparing the Young and the Old

We live longer and experience more in life we would become wise to the ways of the world. The funny thing is, this does not always happen. If you listen to the elderly many do become wise but many others seem to get stuck in their past, but yet they think they are wise. They can not seem to see the world changing around them. A firsthand example of this for me is my Grandparents. When we talk about money,…...


The story revolves around a family where the parents have spent all the earnings plus provident fund on their children.. their study and for their settlement. But once the children(boys) are own their own and with their families they forget that they have some responsibility towards their parents too, because the parents do not have a pension to fall back upon. The children are quit upset over the thought that they have to now look after their parents and keep…...

Acre Wood Retirement Community Case Study

The pool design was not in tune with the original design, so what was promised was not delivered. Funds allotted were not fully used. Sarah’s complaint in the newspaper would create another legal issue and would invite public outcry against the organization. Ethical issues: - The director was not concerned about the welfare of public even though the organization’s mission was to improve the quality of life of its residents both physically and emotionally. Lack of commitment to visit the…...

Comparison of UK and German Pension Systems

This essay discusses two main questions: What are the main factors causing many people not to save towards their retirement, comparing men and women age 18 and over Look at the differences between the pension system here in the UK and Germany, and what Germany is doing to make people save more than people save than in the UK. It is clear, across many European countries, that many individuals do not save as much as they could, and, in particular,…...

The Pursuit of Happyness, Shahad

The Pursuit of Happyness:Blown away /?bl?n ?-?w?/ (verb): to impress very strongly and usually favorably.Ex: I was blown away by the tone and the quality of the story.Brokerage /?br??k(?)r?d?/ (noun): The business of acting as a broker.Ex: A phone outage can mean millions of dollars' worth of lost business for the largest brokerage firm in the United States.Commercial /k??m???(?)l/ (adj): Concerned with or engaged in commerce.Ex: In the meantime, they and the proposed mobile providers would be engaged in commercial…...

India is one of the fastest growing economy with large number of

India is one of the fastest growing economy with large number of population aged more than 60 years and has tripled in last 50 years and going to increase in the upcoming years. The elderly people are considered to be the end product of the demographic transition or achievement and they have less scope in the society to contribute. Therefore to maintain healthy and active ageing population is important in modern society. Pre-retirement activities or preparations allow workers retiring to…...

Early Retirement

This paper discusses the benefits of early retirement if you can afford and states that you can always go back to work if you don't like retirement Early Retirement Early retirement is not such a bad idea, but only if it is affordable. Today, people who begin this process feel confident that they can live out the rest of their lives comfortably. Still being young enough to enjoy what is earned is another good reason why someone might want to…...

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