Retailing Essay Topics

Developing Shop Online in China

I. The development of new technology A. The Internet communication skills B. Computer program systems 1. The feedback-based reputation system 2. The E-payment system II. The characteristics of shopping online A. Low-price strategy B. Diversity of products III. Some changes in people’s lifestyle A. Logistics development makes life more convenient B. People prefer to stay… View Article

Marketing Visual Merchandising

How visual merchandising helps improving sales and its effects on retailing? ABSTRACT Visual Merchandising is the way or art of displaying goods and products in a manner that is appealing to the eyes of the customer. It sets the context of the merchandise in an aesthetically pleasing fashion, presenting them in a way that would… View Article

Topic: Marketing Principle

Ch.12, DQ: Ans : 1 à The value chain is a tool for delivering and creating and adding more value and satisfaction to the customer. There are primary activities (inbound logistics, operations, outbound logistics, marketing and sales, service) and support activities (firm’s infrastructure, human resource management, technology development and procurement) which are termed as creating… View Article

PetSmart, Inc

PetSmart, Inc. is the largest specialty retailer of services and solutions for the lifetime needs of pets with more than 885 pet stores in the United States and Canada. It supplies a broad range of pet food and pet supplies that are competitively priced. Many of its stores have in-store cat and dog boarding facilities… View Article

Marketing and Powdered Energy Drinks

I. Introduction Kings Food (Pvt. ) Ltd, the company behind LimoPani, saw the huge market of flavoured powdered energy drinks with only few major players like Tang and Energile. In order to come out with a unique product in this market, they conducted a market research. In Pakistan’s generally hot weather, lemon juice is traditionally… View Article

Retail Management

Bobcat India Limited revolutionized footwear selling in India. The company hit upon the idea of reaching customers through exclusive retail stores way back in 1932 and set up its own outlets, which numbered around 1,200. it was no mean task setting up such a large network of retail outlets, especially when 90% of them were… View Article

Case Study Summary of Zara and Oxford Industries

Zara specializes in inexpensive fashions for women and men between the ages of 16 and 35. In keeping with the spirit of that demographic, Zara moves quickly. Like many apparel retailers, it has two seasons—fall/winter and spring/summer—but selections change frequently within those periods. Items spend no more than two weeks on the shelf before making… View Article

A Critical Research on the Privatisation of the British Rail (BR)

Abstract Privatisation is the act of selling state-owned enterprises (SOEs) or government business enterprises (GBEs) and other government activities to the private sector (Edadan (1997 as cited from Hossain and Malbon, 1998). The British Railways was privatised in 1993 through the 1993 Railways Act. It is through such that Railtrack PLC was formed in 1994. … View Article

Operations Management: Technology and Operations

Effective operations management is one of the most important factors relating to the sucess or in some cases failures of an organisation or company ”because markets are volatile and demand uncertain, it is imperative that organisations become more responsive” (Christopher, M 2005:142 ) Because of this; organistaions are becoming heavily reliant on technology to perform… View Article

Pategonia’s Expansion Strategy

1. Patagonia’s Current Strategy: Key Processes and Customer Perception In the context of our business model our number one key process is our Rules and Norms (a complete breakdown of Patagonia’s current business model and a to-be-proposed business model are available for review in Exhibit I). This ethos that started with the founding of Chouinard… View Article

Business: Luxury Good and Competitive Advantage

5. What is Coach’s strategy to compete in the ladies handbag and leather accessories industry? Has the company’s competitive strategy yielded a sustainable competitive advantage? If so, has that advantage translated into superior financial and market performance? A business strategy refers to the means by which it sets out to achieve its desired objectives and… View Article

Case Analysis Callaway Golf Company

When it comes to the factors contributed to Callaway Golf Company’s success, the tremendous effort it made on updating technology was one thing. With Senior Executive Vice President like Richard Helmstetter, who is the Chief of New Products as well, Research and Development has always been the lifeblood of Callaway Golf Company (CGC). Helmstetter believes… View Article

Course Project

The purpose of this course project is to address the ongoing issues surrounding my companies, REI (Recreation Equipment Inc.,) inventory management issue and to see if we can find a software program better suited to the companies needs. The goal is to find products quickly and efficiently. Customer satisfaction is key to driving sales and… View Article

Retailing Sector in Malaysia

Retailing is a commercial transaction in which a buyer intends to consume the good or services through personal, family or household use. Retailers are business firms engaged in offering goods and services directly to consumers. In Malaysia, the supervision of the wholesale and retail sector falls under the supervision of the Ministry of Domestic Trade… View Article

Understanding the Influence of Culture on Retailing

There are many cultural phenomena. Culture can be presented as interconnected dimensions such as practices, products, perspectives, persons and communities (Exploring Language and Culture: A Practical Approach, http://www. worldlearning. org/6901. htm). Culture can be viewed as both content and as process. Interpreting it this way, the nature of the cultural content is joined to the… View Article

Modern Trading Culture

With increasing competition everyday in the consumer market, the world has shifted towards modern trading concepts. The modern trading concept has two major objectives; to provide the basic necessities under one roof. Secondly, the customer should be able to touch the products in person. Metro and Macro are the examples of modern trading stores. The… View Article

Case Analysis – Giant Consumer Products

1)Using data in Exhibits 1 & 4 develop solution templates in Exhibit 3 for Sanchez. From the table above, it is clear that the impact of a promotion cannot be considered in isolation. On the whole, the promotion has resulted in a loss instead of a profit for the Dinardo range of products. Considered in… View Article

Sport Operations Management

Introduction and context analysis Halpenny Golf is one of the largest golf retailers in Ireland and the UK and stickiest with stores located in Swords, Lucan, Grafton Street and Drogheda. It is a golf facility retailer in Ireland who provide over thousand golf product. Halpenny golf is amongst the top 10 golf retailers in UK… View Article

Customer is King: Evolution of the Retail Food Industry

It is common understanding that you cannot have a business if you do not have customers to buy the product you produce or services you deliver; therefore customer is an integral part of every business. There was a time when customers was treated less critical and vocal by the businesses and markets was treated just… View Article

Point of Sale

The point of sale is the place and time at which a transaction takes place. Whenever a buyer and seller come together for the purpose of conducting a transaction, a point of sale is created. Also called a point of purchase, a point of sale can take a wide variety of forms. The cash register… View Article

Blue Nile and Diamond Retailing

1.What are some key success factors in diamond retailing? How do Blue Nile, Zales, and Tiffany compare on those dimensions? Key drivers of customer purchases in diamond retailing include quality and range of products offered, reputation, professional advice offered, and customer perception and emotional bonds, including a positive buying experience and customer service. Success is… View Article

Zara It Strategies for Retail

In This case we see the typical problem which affect big Companies : the conflict between old style and new school of thought. We analyze Zara’s information Technology strategies and the diatribe between Salgado, The Head of the Department and Sanchez , his assistant,s concern upgrading the operating system and the implementation of a new… View Article

Research: Retailing and Online Shopping

1.1 Introduction: According to Forouzan (2003), the Internet can be defined as a collaboration of more than hundreds of thousands of interconnected networks. More specifically, the Internet is a collection of local, regional and national computer networks that are linked together to exchange data and distribute processing tasks through common language and protocols. Interent shopping… View Article

Walmart Goes South

1) How has the implementation of NAFTA affected Walmart’s success in Mexico? The implementation of NAFTA has affected Walmart’s success in Mexico by lowering/abolishing the tariff’s which Walmart was originally subject to prior to NAFTA. This has allowed the Walmarts in Mexico to offer the same “Every Day Low Prices” to its consumers on both… View Article

Is the Customer Really King?

The marketing world, much like the financial world, has been in considerable flux. But one thing seems fairly clear, and it has to do with the shifting balance of power between the companies that produce the goods, the retailers that stock and distribute them, and the consumers who are counted on to buy what’s provided…. View Article

Florida Shrimp Industry Analysis

What if it were logical and profitable to merge two of the fastest growing shrimp industries in the United States today? That is exactly the idea behind “bait shrimp production”, the latest development in the combined evolution of the valuable live bait shrimp industry and the continual growth arena of aquaculture. Farm-raised bait shrimp is… View Article

Blue Nile Case

Background Blue Nile has grown into one of the largest jewelry retailers in the United States with only using the Internet as its distribution channel. The success is a direct result of a well-crafted business strategy that attracts high price customers and provides them with in-depth education about diamonds and jewelry. Gamble, Peteraf, Strickland III,… View Article

Focal Point Consultants

While observing CanGo for last two weeks we at FPC (Focal Point Consultants ) have identified some six major issue that we feel should be addressed to allow the organization to better achieve there over all goals. First Concern—Priority 1 CanGo appears to have a financial issue and there is has not been a complete… View Article

Performance Management at Bolt’s Convenience Stores

Subject area – The case throws light on performance management in general and performance appraisal in a specific Indian context, its linkages with various other HR systems in an organization and the various issues and challenges attached with it. The case is especially suited for understanding people management in small organizations and organizations in emerging… View Article

Zara Industry Analysis

Industry Analysis: Within the global apparel chain, profits are derived from “unique combination of high-value research, design, sales, marketing, and financial services that allow retailers, brand marketers, and branded manufacturers to act as strategic brokers in linking overseas factories” with markets (Gary Gereffi). Barriers to entry are fairly low. Not much capital is needed to… View Article