Resurgence of Socialism

In the history of the world, there been governments under different types of political and economic organizations. One of these is socialism, which is making a major comeback with the crisis of capitalism, climate change, religious and socialism plus the rise of the Bernie Sanders movement. The idea of this paper is to persuade the reader that socialism is a very viable option today with what going on this world, especially Trump and the right- wing government in the United States and the growing Fascist threat.

The reader will get enough information why we need democratic socialism today because capitalism is not working for Americans today with people living on $7.25/hr. with families or the homeless population. One thing is the Democratic Socialism is economic democracy and it is the only way forward for humanity today.

Crisis of Capitalism since the cold war is due to the lack of ability of capitalism to give a higher living standard to the working class not just in the United States but also across the world especially in the third world counties like Haiti, Greece etc.

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In Capitalism, according to Marxist sources and theory, that circulation and accumulation of capital cannot abide limits and there is fundamental contradictions in capitalism. Climate change is a dangerous effect cause by capitalism, because the number of different harmful including Carbon Dioxide etc. with impacts leading to like rising water along the coast, Reefs in Australia are in dangers .Melting the ice and causing famines in Africa and elsewhere.

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According to number of t climate reports, the number of extreme and costly weather events have gone up including Hurricane Katrina, Harvey and the Campfire. Socialism would not stop climate change.

The role socialism will play is limiting the impacts cause by man and capitalism plus planning resources according what best to help the planet to survive mankind. .Eco-Socialism is a socialist idea that seek to put the climate first under a democratic socialist government because capitalism on the awful path for the self-destruction of the planet and the people currently living. It is now too late to stop Global Warming according to the International Socialist review; a left- wing Mag. Socialism would limit the amount of harmful pollution in the air.

It supposed to be the greatest system built by humankind but capitalism only works for the rich and it has led to protests by different left-wing groups and according to Cato Institute, 53 percent of 29-53 years old favor socialism over capitalism. When the cold war ended, the collapse of the Stalinist states, People declared that socialism was dead. However, the beginnings of a new socialist movement was in the work, not in the early 90s but closer to the end of the decade. Reason why we should be socialists and why there is a growth of socialist ideas is due to the 2008 financial crisis, Climate change and business going to poor countries looking for cheap labor. Socialism is an international system like Capitalism, which capitalism tends to send business overseas looking for cheap labor in places such as Mexico, China or any third world nation called the race to the bottom.

Especially if business is being risk by Unions or any workers going on strikes for better wages. Socialists view the 2008 meltdown as a crisis in capitalism or a slowdown in it growth, Wall Street crash and President Obama bail out the largest banks, which they led in the first place to the economic crash, but for the working class it was a hard road. Many people had to walk on many difficult path including losing their house to foreclose and losing jobs. Socialists argue that capitalism will go through high and low growth rate like high rates in the 1970s and lows 2008 crisis.

Confidence in American institutions have been decreasing because of the lack of political misrepresentation in working families’ fortune including congress and the Presidency with what the Gallup poll said. How Democratic Socialism would fight back is to organize workers worldwide not just in one or two nations. As socialists with our hope is that workers in the most powerful and weak nations can replace capitalism as a global system .Democratic Socialism wouldn’t hurt small business and in fact there would be small business under the system as long there is equal wages and worker own store. Socialism would be a great benefit for all humanity if it were too ran in a right way instead of for evil purpose, so as socialists; our job is to help the oppressed in other nations such as Puerto Rico, Haiti and Africa where famine is killing thousands of people. Capitalism is killing the planet and other people lives unless if your rich. So people must be socialists if they care about their planet, lives and other issues that affect them on a daily bases.

Is Religion and Socialism incompatible, a person allowed to be both socialist and religious? Democratic Socialists dealt with the issues of religion from the standpoint that religion should play no role in the state what so ever ’.There is a growing Christian socialist movement around the world around liberation theology especially in Latin America. The Democratic Socialists respect freedom of religion for everyone as long as it does not for bigotry or hate. Even many socialists are religious including Eugene Debs, Helen Keller, Martin Luther King Jr or Norman Thomas. Immigration is another strong and conflicted issue dividing many Americans with one side saying we have to build a wall with the backing of the most bigot American government at least since early twenties while on the left, progressives, socialists, communists side saying that America is the land of immigration and that immigrants should be allowed to cross.

Socialists would reject a complete centralism for a more democratic, important economic planning system be planned in certain sectors such as industry, food production and nationalization of media based on DSA definition of socialism, that the entire economy would not be planned.

The Democratic Socialists of America has risen big time over the last year to over 50,000 members and got a number of politicians elected to public office and DSA stand for democratic socialism which according to their website, say that Socialism is basically meeting everyone needs and that socialism should not be entirely planned . The Rise of the Democratic Socialist of America is due largely to the running of Bernie Sanders and his left-populist ideas. DSA is a big-tent organization with many different ideas ranging from Marxist-communism through left-liberal ideology, another reason why DSA risen to such a new standard for socialist groups in the United States is thank to Donald Trump and his racist rhetoric. Therefore, Socialism is on the increased in the United States with the rise of Bernie and Trump.

The surprise running of Bernie Sanders and the growing left-wing movement based their definitions on Sanders and he does believe in economic justice and so based off his remarks Democracy and Socialism are like twin brothers or sisters despite many misconceptions because one, they improve human rights, too, it is beneficial to the global economic system. Compared with Bernie Sanders definition of Democratic Socialism is that Sanders argues for expanded Medicare for all, a living wage, a government that works for all people and not just the corporate Wall Street bankers, so many people will define the definition of Socialism in their own way. Bernie Sanders argue that the United States is the only major western power that does not offer free medical services to its citizens unlike France and Canada.

In conclusion, the crisis of capitalism with its unstable up and down, growth rate and its risk to the financial economy of the world should serve as a reminder that capitalism as an economic system will kick millions out of jobs, housing, etc. While also doing damage to the environment with the melting of the polar ice caps and rising level of the seas. The rise of the Bernie Sanders movement shows us that there is a left-wing challenge to this terrible system of crisis-ridden capitalism, so as a human race we have to decide if we going to let this continued as it is or destroyed it. So all we can do organize and build a better world for our kids, grandkids and the future generation.

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