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Result produces movement Essay

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Result produces movement

When our bodies require us to produce movement our brains have to provide our muscles with the signals to carry out the movement, this type of communication between the brain and the muscle is known as nerve impulses, these nerve pulses are electrical currents that travel from the central nervous system also known as the CNS through nerves and then to the desired muscle tissues, which the final result produces movement.

Therefore initially when we begin exercise there are more muscles involved which require nerve impulses from the brain to create the movement, and these have to be sent within split seconds, this is why the nerve impulses coming from the brain increase, because not only do they have to send the normal resting nerve impulses but they also have to send nerve impulses to the desired organs or parts of the body which now have had an increase demand of contractions.

For example the hearts contractions initially in exercise increase by up to 10-20 beats per a minute therefore to carry out this increased heart contractions more nerve impulses are needed to be sent.

Also when these increased signals are sent, initially any muscular contractions would also be on the incline because at rest or relaxation all muscles still need to contract otherwise the body would just collapse or “flop”, therefore slight signals are sent to these muscles to remained contracted, however as soon as exercise begins the brain sends increased amount of nerve impulses to contract the muscles at a quicker rate, this is why it is said that weight resistant training can be more beneficial to loose weight, because as the muscle contractions are quicker they require more and more energy.

The signal sent from the CNS to the muscles is what’s called an “Action Potential”, as the signal is sent to the motor neurones the motor neurones signal a contraction to the muscle fibres. The Action Potential increases because the signals sent from the brain to the CNS are an increased amount of signals therefore the CNS has to provide more Action Potentials to assure that the motor neurones signal quickly enough to the muscle fibres to produce the desired movements.

Acetylcholine diffusion occurs across the gap between the nerve and the muscle, this produces an electrical signal which is known as the Excitatory post-synaptic action potential, as initial exercise begins the diffusion of Acetylcholine is going to increase because as the muscle requires to contract more to produce more movement this requires more electrical signals to be sent to the muscles to produce this contraction, therefore Acetylcholine needs to diffuse more quickly to ensure that the Excitatory post-synaptic action potential occurs, otherwise if this signal is not big enough the muscle tissues will fail to contract sufficiently.

In result of the increased Acetylcholine production, there is an enzyme known as Cholinesterase, this type of enzyme has the characteristics to break down the Acetylcholine, this is essential that Acetylcholine is broken down because it allows the muscle to be ready to receive the next signal. Therefore in the first stages of exercise because there are increased amounts of signals to produce rapid muscle contractions there is increased amounts of Acetylcholine production therefore the enzyme Cholinesterase has to be increased in order to break down the Acetylcholine quick enough to be ready to produce the next muscle signal.

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