Responsibilities of a Good Citizen

Man is a social animal. He cannot live without a society. To manage the society certain laws are made. These laws are meant to safeguard the interest of individuals. Every individual has got certain rights and privileges. At the same time he has certain duties and responsibilities. A person who is aware of his duties and rights in the society is a good citizen.

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The saying” Rights and duties of a good citizen are two sides of the same coin.” Is quite true.

But it is great national tragedy that most of us want to get rights without performing our duties.

How can we tour rights if we donot perform our duties? As good citizen we should not only perform our duties honestly and sincerely but we should also processes certain important qualities. A good citizen must be ready to sacrifice his life for the sake of his motherland. He has to obey the laws of the land. He has also to keep in his heart the welfare of the country, the benefit of the society and the long term interest of the nation.

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During the time of aggression or foreign attacks, he must be ready to shed his blood for the sake of his motherland. Therefore, defence of the country is the supreme duty of a good citizen. Unity of the nation should be his priority He should work for the unity of the country.

A goodwill for all, the protection of the weak, help of the victims and a sympathetic attitude towards his fellow citizens are the qualities that are needed in a good citizen. A citizen should be faithful and honest. He should realize his duties and should know the main problems facing the country and society. He should cooperate with the government in solving the problems. A citizen should be hard working and earn his living through honest means. He should pay his taxes promptly, fully and honestly so that he may continue to enjoy all social benefits. He should not cheat the people and create problems for others.

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