Responsibilities and Duties in Hospitality Industry

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Executive housekeepers are usually in charge of overseeing the cleaning process of large establishments like hospitals, nursing homes and hotels. These positions are normally indoors, although some time can be spent outdoors at lodging establishments. Work hours are done during the day, but evening or night hours are common with establishments that are open around the clock. A standard workweek for many executive housekeepers is 40 hours, although overtime or weekend hours can be required during busy periods.


Assistant executive housekeepers support the executive housekeeper and other cleaning supervisors in all duties of the housekeeping operation.

Assistant executive housekeepers coordinate, schedule and supervise housecleaning staff, inspect building areas for proper cleaning, and inventory cleaning supplies. They provide on-the-job training, coordinate the housekeeping schedule and facilitate communications among guests, housekeeping staff and other hotel managers.


As Floor Manager, you will supervise the work of a team of room attendants or housekeeping assistants, servicing a floor, or several floors of the hotel between you.

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You report to the head housekeeper, and may deputies in that person’s absence (depending on your seniority over the other floor housekeepers). Staff has to be briefed, and their work checked. Reception must be informed when rooms are ready for re-letting, or if there is a problem (such as a late departure, or if two people seem to be occupying a room for one person). Maintenance will need to be told of repairs and replacements. You may also be responsible for issuing cleaning materials clean linen and guest suppliers (soap, shampoo, etc.

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) to your staff, for their rooms. You will need to be aware of safety and hygiene risks, and alert to security concerns. Your master key/card will open all the guest rooms in your area of the hotel.


Job descriptions for public area attendants show that the primary duty for personal area attendants is to keep one or more public spaces within a facility clean and safe. They thus may be responsible for removing hazards, dusting, vacuuming, polishing, emptying ashtrays and trash receptacles, wiping down surfaces and performing other housecleaning tasks. Additionally, public area attendants may greet customers, answer customer questions and relay customer needs to other employees or to their supervisor.


Laundry attendants are essential components of the networks of housekeeping and maintenance staffs found in commercial and public facilities. Common facilities where laundry attendants work include hospitals, gyms, spas and hotels. The duties of a laundry attendant may vary depending on the place of employment; however knowledge of relevant health issues and policies is always required.


Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in storing linens and wearing apparel, assembling loads for DRIVER, SALES ROUTE, and maintaining stock in linen supply establishments: Assigns duties to workers. Inventories articles in stock, such as table linens, bed sheets, towels, and uniforms, and confers with SUPERINTENDENT, LAUNDRY to request replacement of articles in short supply. Counts articles in loads for DRIVER, SALES ROUTE to ensure agreement with quantity specified on load sheet Confers with DRIVER, SALES ROUTE and with customers to resolve complaints and to modify orders according to size, color, and type of articles specified.


Room attendant are responsible in cleaning the guestrooms, rendering night turn-down-service, giving guest requests and maintenance and cleaning of guestroom hallways, service areas (including linen closet and room attendant’s comfort room) and guest elevator / service trucks.)


Keeps all lobbies and public facilities (such as lobby restrooms, telephone area, the front desk, and offices) in a neat and clean condition. Public area attendant promotes a positive image of the property to guests and must be pleasant, honest, and friendly and should also able to address guest requests and problems.


Job purpose of linen room attendant is to perform all activities associated with the retrieval of soiled linen, processing of linen and distribution of clean linen.


A houseman carries out general duties in a home or hotel. His duties can be broad and general like handling minor maintenance issues to cleaning up after banquets and other large gatherings. A houseman’s duties are, essentially, a combination of small jobs that are performed as needed by his employers.

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