Response to the Movie The Inside Job Essay

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Response to the Movie The Inside Job

I think the inside job done a great job on the movie. They proved the more money one has the least amount of trouble they will get into. They should receive the same punishment as a low class citizen would get.

There are pros and cons about bank giving loans to people who have no or bad credit. If they can afford the payment than yes. If someone cannot make the monthly payment then no. Banks should not be able to sell our mortgage to another company without out our permission. It happened to us a few years ago. It made our house payment and interest rate go up. We called them and was told that we didn’t have a signed contract through the new mortgage company and until we did that was our payment. It took us telling them to start foreclosure papers on it because we could not afford it. Then told us they would fax the information to us to sign.

The government should show example of life without bailout. Most people do as they see not as they are told. If they would not get bailed out then they would start making smarter decisions. I honestly do not think anyone person deserves to make 110 million dollars a year. It is a waste of money for anyone to have that pay. I would say everyone should have a maximum set income. Our recession is just getting started. We have not seen the worst of it yet. We will see what happens in the next year. I think we will be in major trouble

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