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Response Paper Essay

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Response Paper

The authors main argument is that the underclass ideology which says that the black underclass is a worthless, unwise, indiscriminate reproductive source of  an unproductive poor class of America as against the  affluent white American society, is actually a “distraction from the fact that poor urban African Americans are the ones who cannot find jobs , cannot attend good schools and  have nowhere to live” (Williams 360) because the white counterpart citizens exploit their poverty for their own welfare and selfish gains through Government Authorities and Banks under the guise of Credit Cards, Equity and Mortgage loans and the Federal Reserve Board Regulations.

The argument is aimed The Americans and the Research Bodies of the underclass ideology who make such false claims. The author’s audience is the American citizen, Government Authorities who support these ideologies and the Mass media who promote it to misguide the masses against the underclass of African Americans and other minority communities in USA.

The argument of the author proves the relevance of the underclass ideology to the discipline of anthropology as it exposes how the black African American community has been a victim of mock welfare and plastic partners- namely the credit cards and Banks.  The debt and poverty image of such people is as much the result of their deprivation of basic facilities by the Government as also by the fact that their spending habits are governed by their social, cultural, interpersonal relationships and attitudes which is the subject of Anthropology.

                                  Works Cited

Sanjek, R. Gregory, S. et al. “The Reproductive Underclass”. New Brunswick, H5, Rutgus University Press, 1994.

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