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Lung Cancer: Symptoms, Causes, Types, and More
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The most prevalent causes of this disease in America are nicotine, smoking, and secondhand smoke. Second-hand smoking is when a person inhales tobacco involuntarily. (Lung Cancer.) The leading cause of lung cancer is tobacco smoking, which is responsible for nearly eighty percent of lung cancer deaths. (American Cancer Society) Being exposed to radiation can increase an individual's risk of lung cancer. (Lung Cancer.) Damaged DNA cells through energy are caused by radiation. Certain types of radiation, such as gamma rays…...
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Respiratory System of a fish
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The respiratory system is an intricate structure existing in most forms of life, which allows for these organisms to take air into their bodies for cellular respiration to take place inside cells, as the name suggests. Cellular respiration is the oxidation of organic compounds that occurs within cells, producing energy for cellular processes. In humans, glucose is the 'fuel' molecule, which is oxidised by oxygen, producing carbon dioxide, water and energy. The formula is this: C6H12O6 (aq) + 6O2 (g)…...
Respiratory System
Case Pneumonia
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Pneumonia is an inflammation of the lungs caused by an infection. It is also called Pneumonitis or Bronchopneumonia. Pneumonia can be a serious threat to our health. Although pneumonia is a special concern for older adults and those with chronic illnesses, it can also strike young, healthy people as well. It is a common illness that affects thousands of people each year in the Philippines, thus, it remains an important cause of morbidity and mortality in the country. There are…...
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The Human Respiratory System
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The respiratory system is an important part to how our bodies function. Respiration has two meanings. According to Kenneth Miller, author of Biology, respiration is defined as the release of energy from the breakdown of molecules in food in the existence of oxygen. It is also the process by which oxygen and carbon dioxide are interchanged between cells, the blood, and the air present in lungs (956). Many different species of animals have a different way to respirate. In humans…...
HumanRespiratory System
Anatomy: Respiratory System
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Intro The main function of the breathing system is to supply the blood with oxygen. The breathing system does this through breathing. Breathing is a natural process that we utilize to acquire oxygen, unlike consuming or drinking to get energy. When we breathe, we inhale oxygen and exhale co2. This exchange of gases is the respiratory system's means of getting oxygen to the blood. The breathing system is responsible for taking the gases to and from the exchange surfaces of…...
AnatomyRespiratory System
The pathway of air in amphibians, birds, fish, and humans.
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How are they alike, and different? Is one more efficient than another? Gills/Lungs?HumansIn humans air travels into the mouth, or nose, and into the nasal cavity, followed by pharynx. The pharynx is where food and air cross paths. The pharynx increases the chance of choking, but also allows breathing when exercising and respiration though the mouth, if the nose is closed. Next, epiglottis opens allowing air to move into the glottis, and pass the larynx (voice box). After this air…...
BirdFrogHumanRespiratory System
Pathophysiology of COPD and Health Issues
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This project will discuss the pathophysiology of the disease procedure persistent obstructive lung illness (COPD). It will take a look at how this illness affects an individual looking at the biological, psychological and social elements. It will achieve this by describing a patient who was confessed to a medical ward with an exacerbation of COPD. Additionally with support of Gibbs model of reflection (as pointed out in Bulman & & Schutz, 2004) it will show how an experience changed a…...
HealthHealth IssuesRespiratory System
The Effects of Exercise on the Pulmonary Ventilation Rate
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Respiration is the process that takes place in every living cell to make energy available to the body. Energy is vital for us to carry out many life processes such as movement and so respiration in essential to life. During respiration glucose and oxygen are used in a reaction that produces energy and gives out carbon dioxide and water as waste products. Glucose is obtained by digestion of food and oxygen is taken from the air during a process called…...
ExerciseRespiratory System
Control of Breathing – An Overview
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An essay on the mechanism of breathing and its control The basic mechanisms involved in inspiration and expiration are as follows; Inspiration The contraction of the diaphragm and external intercostals muscles leading to an expansion of the lungs. This expansion means there is an increase in the volume of the thorax and a decrease in intrapulmonary pressure. A pressure gradient is therefore established from the atmosphere to alveoli, hence air being suck into the lower pressure in the lungs called…...
ControlRespiratory SystemZoology
The Respiratory and Circulatory Systems
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Explain how the respiratory and circulatory systems coordinate the supply and transport of oxygen to the cells and removal of carbon dioxide from the blood. (10 Marks) Paragraph 1: What happens in the respiratory system? Respiratory System: Coordinating the Supply and transport of Oxygen Oxygen is inhaled through the nose or mouth Travels down through the Pharynx Travels down the Larynx Reaches the lungs and goes through the Bronchi Through the Bronchioles Then reach’s the Alveoli The Oxygen then leaves…...
BiologyHuman HeartInto Thin AirRespiratory SystemScienceZoology
Nursing Care of a Patient Diagnosed with Pneumonia
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Patient Description Patient is a Caucasian 83 year old female that came into the emergency department from Wynwood assisted living facility with an increase of fatigue, worsening confusion and a 1 day history of a fever. Patient weighs approximately 90 pounds upon admission with a height of 64 inches. Patient has known COPD and is a former heavy smoker that also has a history of pneumonia, hypertension, atrial fibrillation, and dementia. Upon presentation to the emergency department patient has had…...
CareNursingRespiratory System
?Speech Mechanism Or Production of speech
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As we know an air stream is the basis of speech sounds because for the production of speech sounds, we need an air stream. This air stream is produced by an air stream mechanism. There are three main air stream mechanisms: (1) Pulmonic (2) Glottalic and (3) Velaric air stream mechanism. The pulmonic air-stream mechanism: The pulmonic air-stream mechanism consists of the lung and respiratory muscles. The walls of lungs act as initiator. They are moved so the air is…...
ProductionRespiratory System
Acid Rain Research Paper
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Rain is one of the most dire and essential needs for a thriving ecosystem, and to sustain human, animal, and plant life. The water provided by the water cycle, the event causing rain, is required to keep all life on Earth alive. Rain, although naturally acidic, seems to have been increasing at a rapid rate due to many reasons. Some of these many reasons include, pollution. Pollution from homes, factories, power stations, cars, and many more man-made products. So even…...
Air PollutionChemistryPollutionResearchRespiratory System
How the digestive, cardiovascular and respiratory system are interrelate
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The human body has to be controlled from advanced systems internally of which connect in order to function effectively. There are ten main systems within the body of which all perform various activities and all interrelate with at least one other system; the nervous system. The most complex of all body systems, the nervous system controls all functions within the body. The main function of the respiratory system is to inhale oxygen and exhale the waste product carbon dioxide. Oxygen…...
BiologyRespiratory System
The Initial Physical Examination
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Mary and Bill adopted a three-year-old toddler named Sam two weeks ago. Sam is good-natured and very inquisitive. Typically, before the finalization of an adoption, children are required to undergo a routine examination by a physician. However, the required examination is not meant to be a complete health screening, and many conditions are not even checked. Therefore, Mary and Bill are bringing Sam to Trinity Medical Center for a standard physical examination by a pediatrician to assess his health status.…...
ExaminationHealthRespiratory System
Respiratory System Mechanics
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1.) When you forcefully exhale your entire expiratory reserve volume, any air remaining in your lungs is called the residual volume (RV). Why is it impossible to further exhale the RV (that is, where is this air volume trapped, and why is it trapped?) This "dead space" of air needs to stay in your lungs constantly; otherwise the lung will completely deflate. If the lung has every bit of air sucked out of it, it will collapse and need to…...
AsthmaRespiratory System
Understanding human anatomy and physiology
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Metabolism refers to the chemical reaction collections that take place in the cells of the body. The process of metabolism converts the body nutrients derived from food ingested to produce essential energy requirements for the body. The body requires energy for muscular activity and movements as well as blood circulation, breathing, making new cells, lymph, and tissue fluid transmission of nerve impulses and repair of body tissues among other roles. The control of metabolic chemical reactions in the body is…...
Cardiovascular SystemCellular RespirationHumanHuman AnatomyHuman Digestive SystemHuman Physiology
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How the digestive, cardiovascular and respiratory system are interrelate
...Toxins produced by the digestive system are transported via the cardiovascular system to the kidneys to excrete the material. It is identifiable from analysing the roles of the systems that both are required in order for the human body to remain in a...
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