Resistor Essay Topics

Light dependant resistor

As you can see from these results as the light intensity increases, the resistance decreases. I need to find the range of light levels the LDR can detect and distinguish how sensitive it actually is. The maximum resistance it is possible to get from the LDR is 550k?. This is when there is maximum light… View Article

Does An Electrolyte Behave Like A Resistor?

The graph is showing a straight line through the origin. This means that as the voltage increases, the current also increases uniformly. A graph of Voltage and Current for a resistor was the same, when I did the experiment. This means that the liquid behaves like a resistor. Which was what we were trying to… View Article

Planning & Designing Experiment: Investigating the current

Title: Investigating the current – potential difference relationship for a metal wire. Aim: To design an experiment that will facilitate an I – V Graph to be ascertained of a metal wire and thus find the resistance of the wire by deriving the inverse of the gradient of the graph. Skill: Planning & Designing Theory:… View Article

Resistors in series and parallel

Resistors are used in various real life applications to perform tasks that involve: limiting the current that goes through a section of a circuit, introducing a voltage drop in a circuit, generating heat and the protection of components of a circuit. It is important to calculate the resistance of resistors so that the electrical circuits… View Article