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General Zia’s personal recommendation. The leg had to be put in a cast for six months, which meant no physical exertion on the body. Imran felt depressed during this period and he spent a lot of time by himself by taking camping trips to the mountains and spending weeks in the wildest and remotest parts of Pakistan. Whilst being there he learnt to love the country and the people in it, during this time Imran mellowed as a person and learnt to become more tolerable.

On 1 October 1984, x-rays showed that leg has healed completely. Imran was well enough to play international cricket in 1985.

Imran Khan decided to retire due to being pressured by President Zia and the public. In his time at Pakistan he won the world cup 1992 where Imran showed great form and played like and made the country proud of their cricket team and He captained his country for 48 matches. When decided to retire he left Wasim Akram with all his roles and taught techniques on how to reverse swing a ball that this skill become confusable to all the other countries complaining to the International Cricket Board about if the technique was legal the ICC ruled the technique was approved and allowed to be used.

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No other cricket team found out how this technique worked until a couple of years ago when the Australian bowler McGrath figured how to do it. Even today this technique is thought to be first tried out by the Pakistan legendry bowler Imran Khan.

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The results shown are Imran Khan 3 memorable victories in his cricketing career are the following:  Pakistan won Australia in 1982 three consecutive times in a row  Pakistan won Sri Lanka by 2 runs to win the cricket series by 2 v 1 at home in his home city of Lahore.  Pakistan won series with West Indies in 1986. Chapter4.

Social life Throughout Imran’s cricketing years the odds was that he would not marry, despite the fact that he dated a string of attractive women in London. Imran alleged that by not marrying he was being saved for something that should not be forced by marriage. Since the years went by, an arranged marriage became increasingly unlikely in Pakistan, as most girls were married at a very young age. It amazed and surprised his friends and countrymen when Imran announced his marriage with Jemima Goldsmith, the 21-year-old daughter of British tycoon, Sir James Goldsmith.

Imran married Jemima Goldsmith in a Muslim ceremony on May 16th 1995 in Paris, France, then in a civil ceremony in Richmond on June 21st. Before Marriage Jemima converted to Islam and was renamed Haiqa. They live part of the year in Lahore, Jemima visiting London often. In June 1996, the couple announced that they were expecting their first child. Jemima gave birth to a baby boy, named Suleiman Isa on 18th November 1996, in London. Building the Hospital After deciding to set up a cancer hospital called the Shaukat Khannum Memorial Hospital in memory of his mother, Imran Khan decided that he had to work very hard to succeed in his mission.

Imran was forced to come out of retirement in 1988 because of the cancer hospital project. His friends and relatives insisted that he wouldn’t be able to achieve his goal without playing an active and major role in cricket. He had vowed to raise five million pounds to build and equip the hospital in Lahore. Even though the Government of Pakistan donated twenty acres of land on the outskirts of Lahore, it was to become obvious that five million pounds would cover only the opening step.

When finally the construction was complete and the equipments installed, the running costs would be such that Imran would be shackled to the project for the rest of his life. In spitefulness of knowing the difficulties he would have to face, Imran did not turn back. After years of hard work and the collection of money worldwide, the time had come to turn Imran’s dream project into reality. He had received great support from the people of Pakistan who had always seen him as a hero. The Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital was inaugurated in December 1994.

This project had meant to Imran more than anything in this world. Today the hospital runs on charity, without any assistance or aid from government organizations and with Imran being the largest contributor to the funds. Imran soon began to emerge as a public figure in Pakistan and began to face continuous problems and harassment at the hands of government officials. From leading the Pakistan team, to waging a personal cause against cancer and the poor education system in Pakistan, Imran always fought from the front and in the process won million of hearts.

Even today thousands worship him and are playing an important role in ensuring the smooth running of the hospital in Lahore. Chapter5 Politician Career The lively cricketer had been around the country giving fiery speeches like a politician rather than a former cricketer raising funds for his project. The politicians began to see him as their possible rival. Imran was banned from appearing on Pakistan Television for his call to raise money. The national carrier of Pakistan, PIA, which other airlines offered, didn’t give him free tickets.

Imran began to see a conspiracy framed against him and felt the urgent need to reform the society. After the success of Imran’s hospital there was wide thought from the media that Imran would soon be entering politics although he studied the subject at Oxford University, Imran had never thought of entering politics during his cricketing days. General Zia-Ul-Haq, the late President of Pakistan and a close friend of Imran, had offered Imran a post in his government days before his death, but Imran had declined the offer. He had declined a further offer of a cabinet position in 1993 from Pakistan’s interim government.

After his experience of collecting funds, where he had direct communication with the poorest and learnt of their grievances, Imran decided that there was the need for an uprising. Imran Khan had no previous experience in politics except when he had accepted an unpaid position as Ambassador of Tourism during the 1993 interim government. Imran wanted to save Pakistan, which is one of the most corrupt nations in the world, from disaster. He wanted to serve the people who had given him fame and respect. He wanted to change the system for the better.

Whilst researching this project I found out that it was not easy to find suitable and relevant information on the research project if I was to start from the beginning and do this research project. I would find this task easy because I would know which sources of information I would need and I would have saved time during the months I have been researching. I enjoyed working on this research project because I found information that I didn’t know. The one thing that I would definitely change if I could do this project again in the time limit I was given is that I would plan before writing or typing information.

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