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Research Paper of Advertising Essay

Essay Topic:

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Advertising is a form of communication in which companies promote their products and services in order to convince consumers to buy or patronize their goods. It is used to help increase the sales of the product, familiarize the consumers of a particular brand, inform people of changes in an existing product and to introduce a new product to the market. Advertising is also closely related to selling and they are barely inseparable. Their only difference is that: when a person advertises by word of mouth and by personal contact, it is called “selling”, but when we sell or try to sell by printed word, we call that “advertising”.

Advertising really plays a part a big part in the success of a business. Companies spend large sums of money for the advertisements of their goods and services. In 2002, almost $236 billion was spent on advertising in the United states alone and $500 Billion worldwide. (“Advertising”,n.d.,par.3) That’s how serious advertising is in the world of business.

Advertising is very common to every marketing organization, they use advertising as a way to build sales and profits for their business.

They look advertising as a form of communication in which they can promote or have a continue transactions with customers and consumers. Advertising used to help increase the sales of the product, familiarize the consumers and inform people. Advertising is also often directed to trade channels to influence wholes-sellers, distributors, or retailers to stock or promote the brand. Advertising is value primarily for its ability to enhance or improve the sales of the product or service advertised. Advertising has evolved into a very complicated and complex art. It has gotten so huge that it has developed various types and variations. Print, outdoor, broadcast, covert and public service advertising are just some of its examples. Promoting products with the use of newspapers, magazines and other print media is a part of advertising.

Next is the outdoor advertising, it is where you make use of billboards, kiosks, tradeshows and events in promoting a product. Broadcast advertising is another popular medium in advertising in which makes use of the television, radio and the internet. Covert advertising is a unique method in which a product or a brand is subtly or sometimes evidently showcased in entertainment shows like movies and television shows. Lastly, the public service advertising is a technique that makes use of advertising as an effective communication medium to convey socially relevant messages about important matters and social welfare like energy conservation, political integrity, deforestation, poverty, illiteracy and so on. (Manohar, n.d.par.7) Advertising has greatly influenced the society: from a producer directed to being consumer – driven technological advances and economic growth through increasing sales. Using videos to boast sales, videos to boost sales, videos often speaks louder than words. Youtube demonstration featuring ordinary products have attracted many of viewers online.

Getting noticed doesn’t required slick production from a personnel studio. Even companies are using videos to produce an entertaining demonstration about the products. There is one company named front point Security Company become successful in using videos demonstration to expand its pool of customers. Sales marketing nowadays are using different technology to boost their sales. ( Joyner, p.81) Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, social media has been very useful not just in communication but also in marketing. With the emergence of Facebook, twitter and mobile technology it became faster and easier for the advertisers and celebrities to share their thoughts and opinions about they are endorsing. People involved in advertising know how much it is necessary to always search and think of new ways to communicate with consumers. Hence, advertising is a very dynamic field.

Changes are dictated by the consumers themselves. And with the advancement of technology, it became easier to marketers to reach out and send messages. They are looking beyond the usual media to better communicate with people from different walks of life. Now, the advertising strategy does not only include print advertising but also commercials to be run on network television and internet websites. Television is one the most powerful mediums in advertising. People can instantly unwind and relax once they get in front of the TV. Another factor that makes television more effective than the others is that it can reach vast of number of people since a most of the people now own a television or has access to one. Television advertisements have the power to involve the viewers’ emotions into the advertisements. They may feel sad, happy, angry, etc. whenever they watch certain commercials on TV, depending on what is being depicted on the product advertisement.

More importantly, the outstanding advantage of television for advertising is that it enables the advertiser to vitalize his message to millions of prospects with the aid of sight and sound, he can enliven his advertising, add interest to his sales talk, and present arguments in a personal and vivid manner, the advertiser can make his viewers to receptive to his sales message. Using celebrities to endorse a product is one strategy advertiser’s use in their product advertisements. They use celebrities because they have recognized and seen the power of celebrities in controlling the buying the decisions of the consumers. They rely mainly on the celebrity’s popularity and credibility to persuade consumers in purchasing or in patronizing their products. Advertisers think that with the use of celebrities, they can establish instant brand recall, refresh and add new significance to the brand image.

This is possible because celebrities create positive feelings toward a brand and consumers perceive them to be very entertaining once they appear on the advertisements. (Boorstin, 2005) Celebrity endorsements carry a lot of benefits for the company of the product they are endorsing. That is why the companies are so much eager to hire them to promote their goods and services. One of the advantages in celebrity endorsements is an instant establishment of credibility. This means with the celebrity’s approval in promoting a certain brand or product it creates a sense of trust for the brand among the target consumers. Another is the guaranteed attention of the viewers of the advertisements. Using celebrities or well-known personalities would make it more noticeable and interesting, therefore grabbing the attention of the viewer.

Another advantage is the higher degree of recall or the extent in which a consumer can remember the brand (Boorstin, 2005). The recall value will rise if people will perceive the brand and the celebrity as two equal elements. Since celebrities are adored and idolized by their fans, they are being tapped to influence the fans towards their endorsed brand. Lastly, celebrity can also compensate for the lack of innovative ideas of the advertisers. Celebrities have penetrated the world of advertising and business. Their faces are literally can be seen everywhere. Numerous companies are now turning to celebrities to promote their products and services in hope of increasing their sales or attracting more customers. Just like what the Pantene now are doing. They get the number one endorser in the Philippines Ms. Kris Aquino to promote and endorse their product. Kris Aquino is known to be top endorser of the Philippines (Yes! Magazine, 2011). Being the most influential and most acknowledge endorser in the Philippines for two consecutive years the queen of all media grabbed the top spot in the list.

The use of celebrities as endorsers has been so popular as it has been so costly to many producers, but the question that must be answered is that do the sales pay off, if not outweigh, the amount it cost the manufacture to hire those celebrities. According to a July 2011 paper, a conclusion that endorsement were effective and helpful, in boosting up the sales by the $ 10 million a year, on average was drawn after conducting a study thus it really pays off (Plank, p.48) Researchers shown that more than 20 percent of all TV advertisement includes celebrities and advertisers pay a lot of money for their services ( Belch & Belch, 2001) and advertisers are ready to pay a lot of money to celebrities who are liked and respected by the consumers. Celebrity endorsements still are powerful forces for brands to use to support themselves. But more importantly, those who respond to celebrity endorsers on social media are themselves far more likely to follow and respond to follow and respond to brands on social media. Celebrities are hired as endorsers because they could bring the products to fame among the public.

The main tasks they do are to introduce and recommend the product. They become effective once the consumer associate them, who are considered meaningful people by the latter, with the commodity for sale. (Fowles, pp. 126-127) If there are advantages in celebrity endorsements, there must be also be disadvantages. Celebrities are not perfect and are just normal and they are also a human. His they are prone in making mistakes too. It can be very damaging to the image of a brand when famous personalities misbehave. That is why companies immediately act quickly when something wrong happens. Since the behavior of the celebrities reflects, on a brand, celebrity endorsers may at times become liabilities to the brands they are endorsing ( Fowles, n.d., p.126). Sometimes, too much product endorsements can also be bad to the celebrity and the brands she/he endorsing or advertising. The uniqueness of the endorsement can be weakened if the celebrity does too many advertisements, thus overexposing the celebrity.

At times, mistakes can be seen: celebrities getting caught using the competitor’s brand instead of the product they are endorsing. Like in the case of Britney Spears, who was caught repeatedly drinking Coca-Cola when at that time she was still endorsing Pepsi. Despite the several advantages a celebrity may give to a brand, one mistake it does can be crucial to the company and to the celebrity themselves. ( Katyal. N.d., par. 16) Using celebrities is not a guarantee that the products that they are endorsing will immediately click with the consumers. Sometimes it might succeed and sometimes it might not just work. Here are some examples of successful celebrity endorsements and what made it successful. According to the website of Yes magazine the top ten celebrity endorsers of 2011 were: Kris Aquino, John Llyod Cruz, Sharon Cuneta, Piolo Pascual, Carmina Villaroel, Kim Chui, Sarah Geronimo, Judy Ann Santos, Anne Curtis and Robin Padilla.

These celebrities did well in their endorsements mainly because they have managed to connect themselves and the product that they are endorsing. A good campaign brand and an intrinsic link between the celebrity and the message are musts for a successful campaign. ( Boorstin , n.d.,). The consumers were able to find the connection between the celebrities and the product as a result; the advertising message was successfully relayed by the celebrity. Another reason that made them very successful as product endorsers is the fact that they are really big names in the world of show business. They have maintained a good reputation throughout the years; as a result, the consumers began to trust them and began patronizing their products. If celebrities would right away to make a product click to the market, think again. Not all the celebrity endorsements succeed. At times, celebrity endorsement fails because the message the celebrities want to convey to the viewers about the product is not clearly understood.

If the consumers find no connection between the celebrity endorser and the product which the celebrity endorser is endorsing, the endorsement will most likely fail and the failure to carry it out well in the advertisements will result to the unsuccessful relay of the message. (Fowles,1996, p. 129-131). The compatibility of the celebrity’s persona with the overall brand image is very important, as a celebrity imparts credibility and inspirational value to a brand and his/her image should perfectly match the brands image. In having an advertisement make sure that the audience will believe in any detail the advertisement has (Popeil, n.p.,par.1). The manner in which consumers select, take in and process information becomes increasingly important as the marketplace changes and becomes a global one. If consumer’s process and store information this means that to consumers everything they see hear and feel about brands and products is simply a form of advertising.

Consumer’s perceptions of a company and or its various brands are a synthesis of the bundle of messages they receive or contacts. A celebrity endorser is “any individual who enjoys public recognition and who uses this recognition on behalf of a consumer good by appearing with it in an advertisement” (McCracken, 1989, p. 310). Celebrity is used to impart credibility and aspirational values to a brand, but the celebrity needs to match the product. A good brand campaign idea and an intrinsic link between the celebrity and the message are musts for a successful campaign. Celebrities are no doubt good at generating attention, recall and positive attitudes towards advertising provided that they are supporting a good idea and there is an explicit fit between them and the brand. On the other hand, they are rendered useless when it comes to the actual efficiency of the core product, creating positive attitudes to brands, purchase intentions and actual sales.

Celebrities are people who enjoy public recognition by a large share of a certain group of people. Whereas attributes like attractiveness, extraordinary lifestyle or special skills are just examples and specific common characteristics cannot be observed, it can be said that within a corresponding social group, celebrities generally different from the social normal human. When it comes in advertising celebrities have their own strategy where when they advertise people will immediately recall the product that they are endorsing. Advertisers believe that when they get a celebrity to endorse their product it will help them to increase their sales and also it will be easy for them to promote because celebrities can always see in television and some people are patronizing them. According to Daniel J Boorsting “A sign of a celebrity is that his or her name is often worth than his or her services” many people consumed their entire lives listening to what their favorite celebrities are saying about.

A consumer’s decision in choosing a brand is greatly affected by an advertisement seen prior to the purchase. The number of goods purchased would only be measurable if the total number of consumers is controlled. Being entertained, being bombarded with sales talk, whether positive or negative, celebrity endorsement has really proven to affect decisions of consumers although; the mentality on advertising still remains the same. All we really need is credible information. The top endorser in the Philippines Kris Aquino is a sample of a good and well known endorser. Kris Aquino is the top endorser and most payable endorser in the Philippines. Kris Aquino is very in demand endorser in the Philippines and many advertisers believe in her effectiveness in endorsing a certain product.

The Pantene shampoo is one of the product that’s Ms. Kris Aquino is endorsing. But is Ms. Kris Aquino effective enough to catch the attention of female consumer? Maybe, since lot of women idolize Kris Aquino. One of the reasons why people like her so much are because of her personality, she is unpredictable, always stirs controversies. Her personality is blunt; she will criticize and comment with her honest opinion about issues, things, events and everything around her. She speaks her mind, often times tackles. She is likewise intriguing because of her personality. Talent, she has the talent to connect to audiences, to the masses, she knows how to act, react, communicate and how to show how ordinary she could be just like everybody else. Personal story or life, her life is like a novella, from time to time, there is a twist. New lovers, new things about her kids, her past, her relationship to anybody else, showbiz or non-showbiz, there is always an issue about her like that make her interesting. Family and popularity, she is the daughter of Ninoy Aquino and Former President Cory Aquino.

She comes from a line of Filipino royalty, they symbolize, democracy, simplicity, honesty, leadership, more or less, they represent the good in this country. They are the defender, fighter, leader of the country and its citizen. Also, one of the reasons why people follow her is because of her family legacy. Lately, her issues, life came to boring phase because she tries her best not to bring any controversy while her older brother Noynoy is the president. Being a president’s sister and having a family loved by people should have public humility. She should be wise and humble enough to bring disgrace. Her personality and characteristics are maybe the reason why she can catch many women to idolize and patronize her. Kris Aquino advertising plays perspective in from Pantene Management Female consumers Conviction. Pantene management believes in Kris Aquino transparency leading to authenticity. Pantene hair fall control get Kris Aquino to endorse their product.

Despite of Kris Aquino negative attitude like being tough and being prank the Pantene management chooses to have Kris Aquino. Pantene management hopes that after having the most in demand endorser in the Philippines it will help them to boost their sales and will be easy for them to promote their product. Getting Kris Aquino is a strategy for pantene to promote their product. Pantene is relying in Kris Aquino credibility and celebrity status. Kris Aquino assures that every time she will be seen in TV her look is good and every time she will be aired she never forget to tell people what are the secrets behind of her looks. As people see that Kris Aquino is looking better, the people will be curious about what she is telling about, that’s maybe the reason many are following her in every endorsement she has. Regardless of some people hates her still many believe in her advertising power and many still idolize her even there are people who makes bad stories about her, and maybe that is one the reason why Kris Aquino always stands number one in the celebrity stratosphere.

Being an influential celebrity brings Kris Aquino to be effective endorser of the Pantene product. Also it helps Pantene to promote their product to the female consumer. Advertising is very common in todays generation and every advertisers have their own strategy on how will they make their products be known and famous to the consumer. Pantene is lucky because many companies are distant to have Kris Aquino but lucky for them that they able to have the top endorser in the Philippines. According to John Morley” Even good opinions are worth very little unless we hold them in the broad, intelligent, and spacious way.” Kris Aquino being on the top endorser in Philippines because she is completely believable in every endorsement she has and when she is on air what is happening is real. The researchers conclude that advertising is very common in any business. The researchers wrap up that every business must be advertised for them to be known and for them to promote their product.

It is not easy to have an advertisement there are many tricky things may occur before having an advertisement because advertisement is not easy to produce, also it costs a lot. Before having advertisement the company must be ready financially. Approval of a brand by a star fosters a sense of trust that brand among the target audience. This is especially true in case of new product. Celebrities ensure attention of the target group by breaking the clutter of advertisements and making the advertisement and the brand more noticeable. A celebrity’s preference for a brand gives out a persuasive message and hence, because the celebrity’s benefiting from the brand, the consumer will also benefit. For anybody who has ever tuned in to television, watched a movie, or driven down major thoroughfares, it’s hard not to notice the numerous advertisements that Kris Aquino has.

From food products to housewares, the host of the top-rated daily lifestyle show Kris TV is definitely on top of the list when it comes to being a trusted endorser. It cannot be denied that Kris Aquino is the top endorser in the Philippines that having her as an endorser is really effective to endorse a certain product. And despite of her busy schedule she assures the she was able to give time to her fans and to product that that she is endorsing.

Kris Aquino is the kind of celebrity endorser that if what she is endorsing she guarantee that when you use the product she endorse you will not be disappointed, because people know that Kris Aquino is very choosy when it comes to her advertisements and she is very demanding in all the things that is wrong for her. Lastly, the Pantene product were very lucky because they able to have Ms. Kris Aquino to endorse their product and the researchers conclude that having Kris Aquino will help the Pantene to boost and increase their sales because of Kris Aquino popularity to women and many women believe in her despite of her negative attitudes, still she is the most effective endorser in the Philippines.

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