Research paper budgeting Essay

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Research paper budgeting

The research project is the opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the readings as well as think critically about budgeting and budgeting processes. This is a five to seven page paper (double spaced, 12 point, Times New Roman). You will need a thesis statement, background and supporting information, and a conclusion. The paper is an analysis on your topic choice and may include a mix of theory and practice from one or more government examples.

The paper requires at least five sources with citations (APA format) – at least three of which must be “high-quality academic” sources. (To find appropriate resources, use – JSTOR and SAGE Journals Online are good options. Your textbooks are also acceptable.)

You will be graded on both the quality of the ideas and the quality of your work product.

Topics Choices
•Public budgeting and ethics
•Innovative and/or new revenue sources for government
•History and trends of budget expenditures
•International budgeting models
•Public engagement in budgeting (outreach to the public, providing information, etc.) •Innovation in budgeting models and approaches
•Public budgeting and the impact on the economy
•The differences between public budgeting and corporate budgeting practices •Evolution of public budgeting in the Internet era
•The politics and impact of a major budget change (e.g., Social Security, World War II) •Public policy implications of public budget constraints
•Pros/cons of alternative budgeting processes
•Alternative topic choices must be submitted for approval

You will make a five minute presentation to the class on your research project on the final day of class. You will also be expected to answer a few questions. This presentation must include a one-page outline or summary
handout of your comments.

Grades will be based on the quality of ideas, handout material and presentation. To receive full credit, presentations must highlight key information about the project, including a broad overview of the topic, important details and significant findings; handout material must be well-crafted with minimal errors; and presentations must be the required length (give or take 30 seconds) and professional with complete thoughts.

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