Research: Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Essay

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Research: Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide

I walk into my first period class at 9:29 right before the 9:30 bell rings for class to begin. My science teacher, Mr. Sherman, has to make an announcement to the class. He says, “I am assigning a five paragraph essay due at the end of the week about photosynthesis and cellular respiration. ” I thought to myself, how am I going to write a five paragraph essay on photosynthesis and cellular respiration? But then again, all it takes is some research. To begin with, the process of photosynthesis starts with Carbon Dioxide, Water, and Sunlight.

The Carbon Dioxide, Water, and Sunlight starts of by going in to the plant and makes its way through the plant and out. Its job is to convert sunlight energy into chemical energy. As the cycle is ending glucose (sugar), and oxygen come out of the plant and transfers into cellular respiration. This all takes place mainly in the leaves of the plant. Obviously, the photosynthesis cycle isn’t that complicated. Secondly, cellular respiration is the process when the glucose and oxygen that comes out of a plant then transfers into either a plant or animal cell.

It allows organisms to use energy stored in the chemical bonds or glucose. The energy in glucose is used to produce ATP energy. Cells use ATP to supply their energy needs. Cellular respiration is therefore a process in which the energy in glucose is transferred into ATP energy. In addition, during the process of photosynthesis the carbon dioxide goes through the leaves and the water goes in the roots of the plant. The sunlight then hits the plant so that the carbon dioxide and water mix with the sunlight in side of the chloroplast where the light is trapped.

The mixture then gives off a substance called glucose (sugar) and also oxygen. Then the glucose and oxygen transfer to a plant or animal cell . This is called cellular respiration which is when the chemical energy of “food” molecules is released and partially captured in the form of ATP. Carbohydrates, fats, and proteins can all be used as fuels in cellular respiration. At the end of the cycle carbon dioxide and water is produced, then sunlight is added and put back through the process of photosynthesis.

To conclude, by the end of the week it was time to finally turn in my essay. It only took a slight amount of research to come up with a five paragraph essay. Before, I thought I would never be able to wright it, but I proved myself wrong and I happily turned in my essay. As an overview, carbon dioxide, water, and sunlight are mixed and go inside a plant and glucose and water comes out. Then, the glucose and water goes in either a plant or animal cell and ATP energy is created and what comes out is carbon dioxide and water and then the cycle begins all over again.

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