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Research on Nestle vs Dutchlady

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Nestle already exist in Malaysia market, now we would like to make an analysis about the Nestle product in Taman Koperasi Cuepacs ,Kajang Selangor, whether customer are satisfaction with Nestle product or customer prefer with other brand like Dutch Lady. From that, Nestle can make some improvement for their product line to expand their business strategy and fulfill the customer’s satisfaction.


  1. To know how well known of Nestle product in Kajang Selangor.
  2. To know why people choose Nestle product to compare it with Dutch lady Product.

  3. Chefs were asked to discuss their requirements.

The results showed that consumers were saying ‘fresh is best’. However, the chefs’ view was slightly different in terms of: ‘My customers would like everything to be made from scratch (i. e. made from basic raw ingredients), but I don’t have the time and money to do this’. The research revealed that the market was divided into a number of segments. A segment is a part of an overall market made up of customers with similar characteristics.

Chefs fitted into four main segments: The research showed a sizeable demand for Segment 3 – a target for Maggie ‘A Natural Choice’ products.

Brand proposition – the research defined a proposition for developing the new brand. This new proposition was to create a product with more natural qualities for ‘chefs who aim to please’ who want their cooking to be as fresh tasting as possible. Natural qualities would be defined in terms of taste, smell, look and texture. Target market– Maggie ‘A Natural Choice’ target was to be ‘chefs who aim to please’.

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Their prime aim is to provide delicious, wholesome foods that customers enjoy. These chefs enjoy their work and have a pride in the satisfaction they give customers.

They are not in business just to make money. Brand ambition – Maggi ‘A Natural Choice’ combines the goodness and taste of real ingredients with time and cost saving. http://businesscasestudies. co. uk/nestle/nutrition-health-wellness-new-product-development-at-nestle/market-research. html#ixzz1rRQlFtbi From the literature review above, previous research about the satisfaction about nestle’ brand which is Maggie. From this research, Maggie is a famous food for a long time ago, but now, people in UK said, the product had come to be seen as uninteresting and old fashioned due to its dehydrated format and flavor.

From that, we can know, is that, customer are satisfied with the Nestle’ brand or not, if customer are no satisfied with the Nestle’ brand, Nestle need to make some improvement to their product in term of flavor or packaging. In this research, the researcher shows that, there have 4 segments, which is, a target for Maggie, Brand proposition, Target market and, Brand ambition.

Questionnaire is a document that is used to guide what questions are to be asked respondents and in what order, sometimes lists the alternative responses that are acceptable. In addition , list of a research or survey questions asked to respondents, and designed to extract specific information. It serves four basic purposes to collect the appropriate data, make data comparable and amenable to analysis, minimize bias in formulating and asking question, and to make questions engaging and varied. This is the right way to ask people outside to answer the questionnaire to be given to the respondents.

The advantages of questionnaire * Cost effective Questionnaires are cost effective compared the research methods using interviews or data mining. The questionnaire could be distributed to a larger population over a shorter period of time. This is especially true for sample populations that cover a large geographic area. The questionnaires can be mailed or delivered electronically. Personal interviews take time and mistakes can be made during the analysis of the data due to individual interpretation. Questionnaires can be sent back anonymously and this will allow more respondents to reply.

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