Research Methodology Essay

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Research Methodology

This chapter provides a description of the methods and procedure used in the study. The readers will be enlightened on how the researchers conducted this study. This compromises the methods and instruments that were used in data gathering, the respondents, the data gathering procedures and the statistical treatment of data.

Research Method

The descriptive method was chosen for this study because this looks at the phenomenon of the moment and then describes precisely what the researchers observed. This method is used to draw perceptions from the respondents. Descriptive research method refers to the method of collecting data for the purpose of describing existing conditions and situations or objective or people without their being influence by the investigator. (Guevarra, E and Nueva, F., 2003)

There are two main sources of data, which are the primary and secondary. The primary sources of data were the responses of the respondents of Barangay San Miguel, Iriga City who gave their honest and accurate response with regard to the Effect of Socio-Cultural Activities. Respondents. The respondents of the study were composed of families residing at San Francisco, Iriga City. No.

Of Respondents


The data above presents the data of the respondents used in the study while the researchers were distributing the questionnaire to the respondents, at the same time, they took the opportunity to make follow up questions through a random, unstructured interview.

Data Gathering Tools

The researchers used a questionnaire checklist as a tool in gathering data. The questionnaire was constructed from the readings conducted by the researchers and from the internet. Questionnaire. The first part is the personal data sheet, which was used to identify the respondents and their characteristics. The second part is the identification the Effects of Socio-Cultural Activities to Irigueños. The third part is the Socio-Cultural activity that helps the economic growth of Iriga City. Fourth part is the proposed action plan to improve the Socio-Cultural Activities in Iriga City. Lastly, the fifth part is the statements of recommendations, which will allow the respondents to rank according to priority, give them the opportunity to suggest additional recommendations for the further improvement of Socio-Cultural Activities being provided to Irigueños.

Preparation of the Questionnaire. Using all the data gathered from related articles and readings about the Effects of Socio-Cultural Activities and after identifying all the activities that affects to Irigueños, the researchers uses the said activities in building up questions and procedures that are necessary to know the effects of each activities.

Validation of Questionnaire. For the validation of the questionnaire, a draft questionnaire was presented to the adviser for correction and revision. The revised copy was prepared for approval and a dry run followed by distributing to five advisers and twenty students who acted as respondents in order to check for its clarity and objectivity. A final copy of the tool was reproduced for distributions to the respondents. Administration and retrieval of the questionnaire. A formal request to undertake the study was sought from Barangay Captain to conduct the study among the target respondents. During the retrieval of the questionnaires, the researchers conducted informal interview to the respondents.

The results of which were used to supplement to primary data. Data was then tabulated, organized, analyzed, and interpreted quantitatively. Unstructured Interview. The unstructured interview was conducted by the researchers to substantiate the finding gathered through questionnaires. It was done to have a direct conversation with the respondents Library Technique. The library technique was likewise be utilized in order to gather pertinent information from books, journals, thesis, dissertations and other existing document-based researches. Likewise, the researcher also gathered information available in the internet which shows bearing to the research.

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