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Today’s generation feels more pressured than ever to meet society’s expectations on ageism to be considered of the age. Ageism is associated with the concept of stereotyping and discriminating individuals on the grounds of their age. The approach can be systematic or casual. Ageism. In the studies of ageism in employment and work, Duncan (2017) discovered that the society believes that young people are not capable of working efficiently because they are young and their minds are fed with other pieces of stuff.

The philosophy underlying the society views of ageism towards employment consist of a notion that human being might be divided up into diverse groups that are dissimilar in their standard value and innate aptitudes.

Accordingly, these groups create a gap that separates and rank them as superior and inferior according to age. Further studies by Arrowsmith and McGoldrick (2017) exhibited that the society believes that the young generation can turn the organisation into apparent concepts of community life.

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Age inequalities are experienced by individuals that are discriminated and consequently denied jobs at six times more than adults across the global boundaries. Durante et al. (2018) exhibited that, though they are only thirteen and a half per cent of young people that are believed to undermine their employment in the USA. In another studies,

Arrowsmith and McGoldrick (2017) concludes that there is thirty-one per cent of all work, 41% of in private practice and 42% in the government jobs. Smith et al. (2017) argued that ageism is observed in starting a family where the society thinks individuals should not engage in the family at a young age.

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The adult regards themselves to be more superior to the young generation and differ therefore the element of ageism merges. Accordingly, society reveals how the approved and acknowledged code of conducts within the young people is believed to violate their partners. Besides, the young people do not have a set of values and pattern of thinking concerning the other groups of the society. This element is passed from one generation to the other and is Inherited. According to Arrowsmith and McGoldrick (2017) ageism is becoming rampant all across the world. It is mainly because of the inability to understand work from alternative perspectives and the inclination toward ethnocentrism. Ethnocentrism is a barrier that leads to the failure to perceive another set of values that leads to culturally different behaviours.

It leads one to attribute a wrong meaning or motive to a given act. Many cases of infidelity are associated with young generations, and the approach is undertaken with the intention of displaying how young people are undermined. Ball (2018) maintains that the concept of ageism brings the notion of breaking the affiliation between the young and the old. It is evidenced by evaluating the words and actions dependent on the cultural background of the young and old people. The elderly are not creating an opportunity for the young individuals to understand the community and for the city to cooperate. According to Irving (2015), affirmative action is necessary as it counters the effects of discrimination. The studies added that positive action is not embraced in contemporary society; however, there is a need to cease judging individuals based on their age.

Affirmative action does not aid persecuted young people but harms them as it undermines and defies an individualistic work ethic, which is essential. Moreover, a young professional may be highly qualified, but the majority may shun him or her on the grounds of benefiting from affirmative action. The ageism notions in the aspects of having a complete college education are based on the point at times; education is seen to be ineffective to the young generation. The element of ageism is linked to the challenges of associating with illegal behaviours in the colleges because of questions about personality (Arrowsmith and McGoldrick, 2017). Duncan (2017) sought to establish the suitable measures of approaching the ageism questions. According to his studies, it is believed that information required to file violations caused by young people are inadequate. The society thinks that the young individuals associate themselves with criminal activities instead of getting the required education.

The elderly are upholding a searchable and transparent database to expose the criminal activities that may be linked with young people to justify ageism. Durante et al. (2018) maintain that the society must be communal and implement procedures to protect the confidentiality of those it includes as well. It should comprise all appropriate information for every interaction, meaning, the race, gender, place, time, reason and any other concern that could support detect bias and it should be accessible online. The companies undermine the young generation with a degree and no experience as they believe that there is a possibility that the degree could be accessed through unlawful ways such as cheating. The course of action is observed all across the state, where individuals are oppressed directly. Several regions within the town records are reliant on self-reported information from ageism in people with a degree, therefore turning out to be possibly inadequate. In the history of many nations, the direct aspect of ageism in people with degree encounter has been played out elderly and young.

In the midst of the young individuals, direct effects of ageism in people with a degree are observed in the governmental and private organisations. In 2017 alone, for instance, Smith et al. (2016) disclosed that 16% of the young people across the global boundaries have experienced the ageism in employment from various companies regardless of having a degree. Arrowsmith and McGoldrick (2017) showed that there is not enough evidence to file all the cases that are happening, surely not by ethnicity and race even though there is evidence that more generally unemployment at the influences of law implementation is reported to have a lot of ageism outcomes. Moreover, there is a lack of attention to the individuals with degrees and lacking experiences. People view ageism within themselves as an element that requires affirmative action to be taken to curb it. However, there are arguments for and against the aspects (Duncan, 2017).

The people believe that ageism is not necessary as it punishes innocent young students and workers, most of whom are highly industrious. Furthermore, it is unfair to punish innocent people for atrocities perpetrated by natural cause. It is grounded on the increasing diversity of the community, which is changing the concerns of the discrimination to the young people. People as well demand a change in some unethical values. Those who understand the social practices and cultural traditions are in a better position because they are in a position to forecast the reactions in society. However, regardless of cultural backgrounds, some customs are unacceptable in the country. The people reveal that, before undertaking the social experience, the elderly never recognises that there are many members of different age groups. However, the opinions are based on the differences that result from race, culture, norms and standards among others. The conclusion suggests that the group members from a particular age group may segregate themselves voluntarily in case they are stigmatised as a vulnerable group, which makes them withdraw from the culture of their persecutors. It is a form of cultural defence, which provides the necessary solace in the face of discrimination. Voluntary segregation is also required due to the racist history (Duncan, 2017). It shows the crash that continues to be propagated in various ethnic groups of the society.

Hence, through voluntary separation, a young person can find comfort and company. In exploring educational models against ageism, Requena et al. (2018) observed that young people do not take their part to curb the discrimination and isolation questions. The concept brings another approach that is associated with the ignorance of the young generation. In this context, ignorance is to blame for driving the experiencing ageism to find solace when in the company of the people. Moreover, voluntary separation is an indication that young people with capabilities are not willing to be incorporated into a homogenous culture, which should be the primary goal of contemporary society (Duncan, 2017). Other observations are based on the fact that there are no intrinsic differences that exist between the young and old, and the history of ageism should not be the grounds for voluntary segregations, which continues to fuel hatred.

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