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Understanding the Motives and Benefits of Volunteer Vacationers

Pearce, P. (1982) The Social Psychology of Tourist Behavior. Oxford: Pergamon. Pearce, P. (1993) Fundamentals of tourist motivation. In D.G. Pearce and R.W. Butler (eds) Tourism Research, Critiques and Challenges. London: Routledge. Plog, S.C. (1974) Why destination areas rise and fall in popularity. Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Quarterly 14 (4), 55–8. Schmalt, H.D. (1996) Motivationpsychologie....

Barbara Ehrenreich’s Research in Serving in Florida

Although Ehrenreich is concerned for her own financial and living situations, she spends a large portion of the excerpt describing the lives of her fellow coworkers. Her main concern, obviously, is underpaid employment. The multiple characters mentioned all seem to be struggling with money and maintaining a place to live. For example, a woman named Tina is staying with her husband at the Days Inn ...

Serratia marcescens & Bacillus cereus Report

(n.d.). Retrieved May 10, 2009, from Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/ Alexander, S., & Strete, D. (2001). Microbiology: A Photographic Atlas for the Laboratory. San Francisco, et al: Daryl Fox. Black, J., & Black, L. (2008). Microbiology: Principles and Explorations (7th ed.). Jefferson City: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Breed, R. S. (1957). Bergey's Manual of Dete...

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6.05 Rate and Collision Theory

A specific catalyst was not provided for this reaction, but catalysts are useful for increasing the rate of many slow reactions. In your own words, give a detailed explanation of how catalysts can increase the rate of a reaction or process? Catalysts can increase the rate of a reaction or process because they help speed things up by reducing the amount of energy required for the reaction to happen...

Research on Benin Bronzes

In summing, the last century has seen the displacement of many valuable pieces of Benin sculpture from the Royal palace which has not came to the west of its own free accord but arrived through the determined efforts of colonial powers to subjugate Benin. There has been much debate in the past over what to do with the art works and in more recent times as to who and where the art belongs and wheth...

Research of Bioaccumulation and Biomagnification

Overall, this was a decent lab that served its purpose of demonstrating the concepts regarding the process of bioaccumulation along with magnification. The lab provided sufficient background information, and the procedures were concise and easy to understand. However, I would like to make it clear that this lab could’ve been more productive and exciting if made online and virtual. Due to the fac...

Brand Audit

Mobilink message are communicated through using all channels of media including building an identity for the corporation and brand, advertising campaigns, sponsorships, media relations (newspaper coverage, press releases, press conference before launching etc), point of sale material preparation (brochures, tariffs, flyers etc), website. Message delivered on electronic media through jingle and usi...

Balance Diet

There are several problems regarding to research we want to conduct is the food lack of nutrition (Katz DL, Gonzales, 2004). As we can see, the food that serves at UMS cafeteria was lack of nutrition due to they just prepared the food in large scale and mix the food taste too salty or bitter. Then, the students more prefer junk food than balanced diet food (Marion Nestle, 2000). For example, UMS s...

Banana Paper

A dandy roll or cylinder, next rolls over the fibers and presses them. By the time the very thin layer of fibers passes out from under the dandy roll, more moisture has been lost. The pulp now has actually become paper, but it is still thick and loosely mesh, it is still wet. The large, endless sheet of unfinished paper is then pressed over rollers smoothly and tightly covered with felt, which pre...

Study Plan

Based on my achievement of plant biology at University of ***, as well as national great support for talents from overseas, I will spend less time to build a better research system. In addition, the advanced ideas of crop agricultural sciences, good relationship resources in China and enhanced English skill gained by my experience in Canada will be beneficial to my research development, and promot...

Tuskegee Experiment

"The US president also vowed that all human medical studies conducted today will be held to exacting US and international legal and ethical standards. Furthermore, we hope that the lessons learned from the Syphilis Study and its implications have led to alternative strategies to improve the public’s health, as the health community strives to meet the unique challenges of the 21st century. The le...

Oberoi Hotel

In the overall observation I have found that the main purpose of the hospitality and tourism industry is entertainment and satisfaction of the customer. Oberoi Hotel is using swot analysis to run have defining the strength, weakness, opportunities which identifying the internal and external threats and professional housekeeper, teamwork and leadership are the strength point of Oberoi Hotel. Oberoi...

Bidgeting as a Tool for Planning and Contro

From the Above table, we can observed that 20 or 65% of the respondents stated that managers are allowed to exercise continuous control from top management. While 5 or 16% of the respondents maintained that managers exercise continuous control over departmental budgets. Question 12: Is utilization of resources achieved with budgeting as a tool for planning and control? ALTERNATIVE| RESPONSE| PERCE...

Capital Expenditure and Revenue Expenditure

Revenue expenditure shown on the income statement as an expense while capital expenditure treated as fixed asset on the balance sheet. It is necessary to classify these expenditure accurately in the accounting system to avoid uncertain errors. For example, if cost of a van was treated as an expense in the income statement, this will affect the net profit to be reduced; in the meantime the value of...

Research On Imaginary Lines

Ang lokasyon ay isang posisyon o punto sa pisikal na espasyo na sumasakop sa ibabaw ng Daigdig. Maaaring kadalasang tinalaga ang tiyak na lokasyon sa paggamit ng partikular na latitud atlonghitud, isang parilya ng koordinadang Kartesyano (Cartesian coordinate grid), pabilog na sistemang koordinada, o isang sistemang nakabatay sa tambilugan (halimbawa, World Geodetic System o Pandaigdigang Sisteman...

Graphical user interface

NOTE: ya, wala najud ko kasabot ay sa diha sa scope and limitations. Ktulgon na kay koooo -______- sayp pako ugma. Ako lng gitiwas bahala na. ako rang gi copy kung unsa ang naa sa papel. Diha sa scope and limitations.. Actually wala ko kasabot kung unsa ang boot ipasabot sa imong cm8 ani iyang study :’I hays, lisura mag buhat ug intro, statement of the problem, scope and limitations nga di ka ks...

Technique To Curriculum Execution in Zimbabwe

It can be concluded that while taking the curriculum package as a proposal, encourages a broader range of experiences and an expansive exercise of potentialities in learners due to its adaptability to various geographical and economic circumstances as is found in Zimbabwe. The prescriptive approach is equally beneficial and perhaps more applicable to Zimbabwe because of the nature of the education...

OJT Monitoring System

Technology OJT Coordinator verifies the trainee’s official time entries via a traditional daily time record. She also let the trainees pass their journal written in a notebook, and month end/terminal reports were printed in bond papers, that is why bulk of requirements were stack at the office. Loss of some trainee’s files would be possible. Also, the OJT coordinator have to visit the trainees...

Positioning of Samsung Mobile

There is no information in any available source about Samsung Brand Mantra, but according to company’s vision “New Technology, Innovative Products and Creative Solutions” (офиц сайт), it is so clear to understand company’s strategy and positioning for the next 10 years. Samsung is going to be a leader in innovative, technological industries, including smartphone and mobile industry...

Bio Lab Microscope Report

The light microscope is also called compound microscope because it contains two lenses. Unlike a simple microscope that uses one lens, a compound microscope uses more than one lens. As shown in the section of observing an “e”, the images observed under the light microscope are reversed and inverted. This is because when the light passes the lens of the eyepiece, the image gets inverted since t...

Puerto peincesa

The 8.2-kilometer river, said to be the longest navigable underground river in the world, winds its way underneath a mountain range, through the St. Paul Underground River Cave, and then goes out into the South China Sea. The journey through the cave system alone is 24 kilometers long. The entire area where the Underground River is located is actually a national park and a model of biodiversity. M...

Hedging Currency Risks at AIFS

Since the company is highly affected by news of war, terrorism and political instability, events which are impossible to predict, I would suggest to alter their hedging policy and use mainly options for hedging. In case of such terrible news the forecasted volume of 25 thousand could drop up to 60%. That means in the worst case of a 60% drop, the companies costs decrease by 15 million euros but AI...

Liver Enzyme Lab Report

Does the surface area of the liver affect the rate at which the reaction occurs? (Hypothesis) If the surface area of the substrate is affected, than the reaction rate will increase or decrease. The more surface area you have to volume ratio, the quicker the reaction. The ground liver produced more bubbles than the whole liver. 2 (whole) compared to 4 (ground). The data does support the hypothesis ...

A mixture containing

Heating is not required when using mixed solvent crystallization, but it can be used. It also gives a more accurate result than when using single solvent recrystallization. A disadvantage is that one needs to go through more trials to find the right solvent pair. There is also a chance that the first solvent would be added in excess and in which case, one would need a large amount of the second so...

Barangay profiling system

A Computer Information Service represents a giant leap in computerized system of barangay transactions and records handling. They can provide up-to-the information with relatively little effort on the part of the user and put a huge amount of information within easy, convenient and comfortable reach. Not mentioning the security and integrity of the transactions and of the documents it also provide...

The phenomenon of contagious smiling

Dyer, P. (2011) YoU Can’t resist A sMIle. The contagious Power of Thinking: How Your Thouhts Can Influence the World, 165. Primitive emotional contagion. Hatfield, Elaine; Cacioppo, John T.; Rapson, Richard L. Clark, Margaret S. (Ed), (1992). Emotion and social behavior. Review of personality and social psychology, Vol. 14., (pp. 151-177). Thousand Oaks, CA, US: Sage Publications, Inc, xi, 311 p...

Additional Duties of Phlebotomist

Urine specimen obtained after a thorough cleansing of the glans penis (males) and the labia and urethral meatus (females). -Following the cleansing procedure, the patient passes the first portion of urine into the toilet, stops and collects the mid-portion in the specimen container. -This provides a sample that is less contaminated by epithelial cells and bacteria (normal flora). Methods of Urine ...

Infection control

In conclusion, several studies links poor hand hygiene to the high rates of hospital acquired infections in NHS hospitals, yet insufficient evidence was supplied to enable a view to be taken on its potential contribution to reducing infection (A. Mears et al, 2009). More work needs to be done on hand hygiene, standards monitoring and education of healthcare professionals in the management and impr...

HRM Consultancy Report - BancRoyale Amsterdam

A Quantitative Study on Global Banks’’, 7th International Strategic Management Conference Greenberg J.(2005), “Diversity in the workplace” http://diversity.sdce.edu/content/diversity-workplace-benefits-challenges-and-solutions (Accessed 2nd July 2013) Heller R, A. Laurito, Kurt J., M.Martin, Fitzpatrick R. & K. Sundin(2010), “Global Teams: Trends, Challenges and Solutions”, Cornell...

Classic Study of Little Albert Research

What information was gained as a result of the research? Was the information gained from the study worth the risks? What we gain from this experiment is that our personality and behaviors can be shaped by our past experiences as well as our environment. I don’t think any research is worth risking a person’s health. This experiment obviously caused little Albert great distress within his life a...

Public Fiscal Administration

In general, it is community colleges as well as comprehensive universities with strong commitments to training teachers that are most highly attuned to the challenges of K-12 schools, and to the evolving set of skills that business and industry leaders seek in their workforce. It is also true that the more numerous the expectations a state places on its higher education institutions, the easier it...

Determining of the equilibrium constant for the formation of FeSCN2+

An acid and a base were mixed together throughout the experiment, which resulted in a bright orange color. It was determined that using the colorimeter at 565nm the would give the optimum wavelength because it was the closest absorbance to 430nm. All of the cuvettes were filled to 3mL so there would not be another dependent variable. Whenever Fe3+ would come in contact with SCN- there would be a c...

Comparative Investigation of Organic Compounds

[1] retrieved on September 2, 2013 from http://www.wisegeek.com/what-are-organic-compounds.htm [2] retrieved on September 2, 2013 from http://highered.mcgraw-hill.com/sites/dl/free/0035456775/694192/bioTP_CH3_mgb_final_OK.pdf [3] retrieved on September 2, 2013 from https://www.boundless.com/chemistry/atoms-molecules-and-ions/organic-compounds--2/introduction-to-hydrocarbons/ [4] Bayquen, A., Cruz,...

Daughter from DaNang

The video portrays though Vietnamese have less materials belongings than Westerners does not mean they are less happy. Vietnamese place much more importance on the family relationships and love for each other. I think if Heidi had prepared herself for her visit by educating herself on the Vietnamese culture, thing would have turned out differently. At least she would not have been taken off guard ...

Lab Report on Acid-Base Titration

An acid-base titration is a process of obtaining quantitative information of a sample using an acid-base reaction by reacting with a certain volume of reactant whose concentration is known. A suitable indicator for determining the equivalence point is used to indicate the end point of an acid-base titration. To achieve accurate results, multiple titrations will be carried out until duplicate deter...

Investigation the effect of the organic solvents

We take out the beetroot sample from the paraffin oil and then put it in the water. The reason of this step is to find out if the paraffin oil destroy the cell membrane and increase the permeability. And in our result, there are only very little red pigments come out. This show that paraffin oil doesn’t dissolve the cell membrane well. Water is not an organic solvent. Therefore, it doesn’t di...

Diels-Alder reaction

The end product could have cooled a little longer to form more crystals. Also the crystals could have been dried more to produce better melting points. Separating the solvent from the test tube was not completely precise and may have lost some of the product in the extraction. Scraping the crystals out of the flask or test tube was not easy and some of the product was lost during this step. Overa...

HBS Case: Hedging Currency Risks at AIFS

If the exchange rate remains constant at $1.22/euros then AIFS will not incur a foreign exchange loss or a gain. It would cost $1220 per participant at this exchange rate. If the dollar depreciates against euro, the actual dollar costs would be above $1220, and then there would be a negative impact. If actual dollar costs were lower than expected, the impact would be positive. Thus, with a sales v...

The Alcatel-Lucent merger

What, if any, factors should have been negotiated differently? The issue of who would lead the company should have been negotiated differently so that everyone will be represented. The management of the company played a role in the decline and I think if time was spent in making sure the people hired had the people skills needed to bring everyone together for the common good of the company, then t...

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