Requirements of legislation Essay

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Requirements of legislation

Explain how the requirements of legislation, codes of practice and agreed ways of working influence professional supervision. Legislation has leaded us to the point of view that supervision is the requirement for all staff: 1) National Minimum Standards – Supplying good practice of supervision is a mandatory requirement set by National Minimum Standards in UK– covering all criteria and aspects of practice (for example policy and procedures; job descriptions and keeping a balance between outcomes for organisation and the development of the staff), career development needs – (for instance professional training), ensuring that staff gets support from supervisors in the area where they are not coping well. In my setting the staff is supported for acquiring continuous professional development courses offered on-line by the HighScope Research Foundation, time is set for in-house CPD sessions by supervisors.

One- to one sessions are held by the supervisor to identify the gaps and allocate the distribution of CPD. Staff is given clear guide lines on safe guarding and other policies, procedures and the job descriptions, realistic outcomes are set for the nursery by supervision, keeping in view the current level of development of the staff. 2) Revised EYFS Welfare requirements — In our practices this has lead to staff being advised to report to any inappropriate behavior of other staff leading to abuse and neglecting of children in the setting and the supervisors maintain absolute confidentiality of such matters Use of mobile phone is prohibited. Staff is not allowed to take pictures of children from their mobile phones. Alternatively sharing pictures on social media websites is strictly prohibited Staff is encouraged to take on CPD – 100% financial aid is provided to take online HighScope courses, once the gaps are identified by talking through the supervisor.

3) CWDC resources – performance management and dynamic and enabling supervisory relationship – This has provided a supervision tool, where quality and service standards are met at the same time retaining the staff. In my setting staff is encouraged to take new skills and knowledge and implement them. They take balanced and calculated risks and experience their new learning in action, without the supervisors taking control of their activities and blaming them for unexpected outcomes. Eventually this leads to success in outcomes. High quality care services are provided with new skills, development of integrated working is supported along with CPD.

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