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Request for funding of a community development project Essay

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We at the Ottawa Foundation, Toledo Ohio would like to apply for the annual grant for financing a short term project of upgrading the community park located at the heart of the city. We are primarily a nonprofit catholic organization with strength of 50 active volunteers and we work in collaboration with local businesses and other volunteer organization such as Habitat for humanity , University of Toledo social service group etc. Our primary objective is to drive community development programs using the help of local community members and local neighborhoods.

Though we are well funded by local business groups, the current economic slowdown has compelled us to search for alternative funding sources to fuel our projects. As Collins Foundation exists to improve and give greater expression to the religious, educational, cultural, and scientific endeavors in the state to assist in improving the quality of life in the state we thought that there could be no better organization that could understand and support our objectives towards the final goal of community development.

So we would like to submit a detailed proposal of our plans and cost analysis to your organization for approval of a grant amount of approximately 7000 USD. We would appreciate your prompt response and would be highly obliged if we are supported in this endeavor. Thanking you, Regards, Christy Grandowics, CEO- Ottawa Foundation, Toledo, Ohio The Ottawa Foundation is a nonprofit catholic community which unites 20 civic organization, businesses and institutions to improve the areas in and around Toledo, Ohio.

The major achievements accomplished in the past years include upgrade of Play pens at various local government day care centers, such as Apple tree Foundation run by University of Toledo, Sunshine at Toledo Children’s hospital. We are under the Tax Exemption Act#22 , Toledo Taxation Policy. The current project’s objective is primarily to upgrade the Wildwood metro park located at the south east part of the city.

The trail starts from University of Toledo Campus and continues for about 30 miles to the crossing of Central and Reynolds. The service area includes 28 neighborhoods, with a total population of over 35,000. The neighborhoods include both multi- and single-family housing. Wild wood Park has seen extensive use by youth and adult sports leagues, trail advocates, dog trainers and general community park users.

The proposed project will improve access and durability of the park, enhance patron safety, upgrade critical facilities such as children’s playground and shelter, and provide a buffer to the adjacent neighborhood. It also serves as a natural habitat for deer, rabbits and various seasonal birds and smaller animals. The park also includes different varieties of wood which are donated annually to “Small Homes & Shelter” a foundation serving the North West Ohio by providing shelters for homeless during the winter months.

This project would involve the redevelopment and renovation of 5 acres of the existing 30-acre David Douglas Park in central Vancouver. Renovations will include the re-alignment of the main entry drive and expansion of parking facilities, re-alignment of trail segments, and installation of new play equipment, picnic shelter, vegetative screening, invisible dog fencing and support facilities such as night patrol for enhanced security measures.

Though Ottawa Foundation is a nonprofit organization and is being supported by various flourishing local businessmen, and the state government the current economic recession has led to cost cutting of funds and so we would need some financial help urgently to fuel this project. As Wildwood Metro Park has maximum footfall during the months of April-October we would like to start the renovation during the months of October till mid December before the onset of heavy snowfall.

Currently we are looking for nonprofit construction firms and student bodies like “Habitat for Humanity” to get the construction work done at a minimum cost to us. The blue print for this project is currently being looked upon by Dr Jim Weiss who serves as a faculty in the civil engineering department of University of Toledo and had served in various firms prior to his appointment as a faculty member and is experienced in transportation and construction engineering. He has his team of five graduate students who have agreed to volunteer for this current project development.

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