Request for Admittance into Cornell University

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I am a very hard worker. Throughout my life I have seen my fair share of challenges that I have had to overcome. From attending a Latvian immersion school every summer for the past four years and graduating, to being nominated and accepted into the order of the arrow, to now working on achieving the rank of Eagle Scout, I have persevered and continue to do so every day. I use these challenges and experiences to influence my actions and the choices I make in my day to day life, and I believe that the lessons I have learned could help me as I pursue a college education.

For starters, graduating from this immersion school was probably the most difficult thing I have ever done in my life. For six weeks I had to speak, learn, write, and read, completely in a foreign language. This past year especially was the most difficult, not only because of the difficulties of translating from Latvian to English, and back to Latvian again, but because of how high stakes that specific year was.

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This was the year that would make or break my chances of graduating. Recognizing this, I knew that I had to work incredibly hard to get by, and work hard I did. At the end of the year, I took the Latvian National Language test and scored an 86%. From this, I have learned that perseverance pays off in the end and that nothing comes from slacking off.

I am also proud to say that I am not only a member of Scouts BSA, but I am a member of the Order of the Arrow, or OA for short.

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The OA is an organization that recognizes Scouts who exhibit extraordinary leadership skills and who live by the scout law every day. To be admitted into the OA, a scout must be nominated by His or her fellow scouts, and must go through a 24-hour ordeal, where we must stay silent, and do volunteer work. From this, I have learned the importance of leadership, kindness, and courtesy, and what it means to be an upstanding, functioning member of society.

One final challenge I am currently facing is achieving the rank of Eagle Scout. To achieve this rank, I must do various requirements including being an active participant, and leader in my scout troop, Organizing and executing a community service project, and learn a plethora of life skills in the form of merit badges. From this I have learned, and am still learning a lot of organization skills, and basic life skills that will help me be a better member of society.

From all of these challenges I have learned something very important. May it be organizing a project, learning the benefits of perseverance, or being a leader, I have taken away something from almost every challenge I face. I believe that with the skills and knowledge I have gained through life I will succeed at Cornell University.


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