Request approval open university Essay

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Request approval open university

In pursuant of the legal requirements of establishing educational facility in your country, I would like to request approval from your Ministry to establish Distant Learning University in Nigeria. We at the University of shall be expanding our school by means of establishing Distant Learning programs which we call “Open University”. Our vision states that: “The University of “Open University” shall be at the vanguard of the wisdom society as a foremost institution of open learning and distance education. ” In order to reach that vision, we have established our mission to be that:

“The University of  “Open University” seeks to afford broader approach to premier advanced education. It shall cohere to the utmost standards of academic excellence, ensure academic freedom, and promote social responsibility and patriotic allegiance among its faculty, staff and students. ” Specifically, the University of  “Open University” has the following goals: • To afford opportunities for alternative approach to premier higher education by presenting baccalaureate and post-baccalaureate degree programs and non-formal courses by distance education.

• To provide for a system of continuing education for nurturing professional development and advancing technical skills particularly for those who cannot leave their jobs or homes for full-time studies; and • To contribute towards improving the quality of residential instruction in the University and the educational system of the country, in general, by developing, testing and utilizing modern instructional materials and technology, and sharing these with other colleges and universities through cooperative programs.

The main feature of our Open University is a pre-dominance of an independent self-learning style which takes place outside a formal classroom. Students study in their own places of residence using specially designed learning materials. While students basically study at their own pace, Open University does not mean an open-ended schedule for going through the courses. Learning materials are designed in such a way that these require a specific time period to finish. Thus, students in Open University also conform to a semestral schedule.

Two-way communication between teacher and students exists through such means as mail, the telephone when available, or through electronic communication like the computer, teleconferencing, video or computer conferencing. As for the academic policies of the Open University, listed below are the main features. Examinations are given in the Learning Centers under the supervision of trained tutors. We shall be establishing learning centers in Nigeria where Open University students come together for study sessions (also called tutorials) facilitated by a trained tutor.

The center may be located in a cooperating institution like a state college or university. A learning center is equipped with library and other facilities which the students can use to enhance self-learning. The learning center serves as a venue where students register and receive their learning packages, avail of counseling service, submit their assignments and take supervised examinations. The study session is an opportunity for OPEN UNIVERSITY students to interact with each other, to raise questions regarding the modules assigned for study, and to seek clarification on points they find difficult to comprehend.

The tutors are not there to lecture but they try to help the student with his or her learning and to encourage the student to succeed as a learner. The frequency and length of study sessions vary depending on the requirements of the course. In some, these are held once a month, for three hours, usually on a Saturday. Online study sessions are a bit different. For the most part, students and tutors communicate asynchronously, meaning not in real-time. A tutor or student leaves messages on a discussion board and the rest of the class interacts by replying to these messages.

As for examinations, the students sit for supervised examinations in the learning centers. All exams are taken in this setting, whether the student is part of a face-to-face or online tutorial class. The number of examinations per course varies but all courses require a final examination. The assignments and examinations form the basis for students’ final grade. These assignments are marked by the tutor and the results are reported to the faculty in charge. The faculty in charge marks the examinations and computes the final grade of the students on the basis of the scores for the assignments and the examinations.

Continuing Opening University students may avail themselves of a loan to cover up to 80% of tuition fees for a semester. The loan is interest-free, provided it is paid before the scheduled final examination for the semester during which the loan was made. Beyond this deadline, interest will be charged. A student may be classified as regular or non-degree. A regular student is one enrolled in a degree program and working towards the conferment or awarding of a degree, such as a certificate, diploma, master’s, or doctorate. A non-degree student is one enrolled in selected courses only. He/She is not working towards a degree.

A non-degree student who was qualified for admission into a degree program at the time of his/her admission may apply to the Faculty Dean at anytime for evaluation and reclassification as a regular student in that program. A non-degree student who does not satisfy the minimum requirements for a degree program at the time of admission may apply for re-classification as a regular student upon satisfactory completion of 50 percent of the required courses for the degree program applied for. Additional units may be required for such a re-classified student. All units taken by a non-degree student may be credited towards a degree.

Attendance in the general commencement exercises shall be optional. Graduating students who choose not to participate in the general commencement exercises must inform their respective Deans at least 10 days before the commencement exercises. Graduating students who absent themselves from the general commencement exercises shall obtain their diplomas or certificates and transcripts of records from the Office of the University Registrar provided that they comply with the above provision and upon presentation of the receipt of payment of the graduation fee and student’s clearance.

Candidates for graduation with degrees or titles requiring no less than four years of collegiate instruction shall be required to wear academic costumes during the baccalaureate service and commencement exercises in accordance with the rules and regulations of the University. Finally, “WE MAKE EDUCATION OUR BUSINESS AND WE DO NOT MAKE BUSINESS OUT OF EDUCATION. ” With this we seek your immediate approval for us to be able to start this wonderful mission.

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