Republican Essay Topics

Republican demise

Saddam is fairly sure about his future at the end of this one-sided trial in Baghdad. He would most likely meet an end rightly deserved by a cruel perpetrator against humanity. None of us is immune to fear, pain and loss. But to suffer the fate of an uncertain future could be worse than any… View Article

Texas Democrats and State Republican Party Platforms

A party’s platform is a set of beliefs and values that a party supports or disapproves in order to appear to the general public. It is a set of principles that the said party supports and believes in. Most of the time, the platform of different companies have some similarities and as well as differences… View Article

Republican Paradoxes

Based on structure, the book Republican Paradoxes and Liberal Anxieties by Ronald J. Terchek can be distinguished into two specific components: the initial component of the book introduces the main liberal side, its strengths and capabilities, and just as significantly, the emerging signs of the potential clash in the communitarian sector. The second part portrays… View Article

Rhetoric and Reality

In chapter four “Black Radicals: Rhetoric and Reality”, writer tried to locate whether black powers i. e. militants and radicals had any viable program to organize black people or their ideas and action were disarray with no clear agenda. For this purpose, he provides an insight into the ideas and efforts of pioneer of black… View Article