Reproductive Health Bill Essay

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Reproductive Health Bill

Is this bill really the answer to the uncontrolled growth and solution to our economic crisis? What are its effects that can help and harm us if the bill will be passed? Why is there no provision in the Reproductive Health Bill to educate women on the adverse effects of using artificial contraception, if the RH Bill promotes women’s health? Is a child on a womb that detected to have a disease is needed to prevent from being born?

I observe that 10 Filipino women are dying every day from causes related to pregnancy and childbirth mostly from hemorrhage, hypertension and widespread infection; that the country has a maternal mortality rate of 162 deaths per 100, 000 live births; that we have an infant mortality rate of 24 deaths per 1,000 live births and that we have an under-five mortality rate of 32 deaths per 1,000 live births (from Senate Bill 40 and from the 2006 Family Planning Survey by the National Statistics Office and).

I observe that 473,400 cases of induced abortion were recorded in 2000. I observe the findings by The Young Adolescent and Sexuality Survey III that showed that 23% of people aged 15-24 years old are reported to have had pre-marital sex experiences and the findings by the National HIV/AIDS Registry of the DOH that the average number of HIV positive cases doubled to 20 cases per month in 2004 and 2005, 92% of Filipinos think that the ability to control fertility and plan a family is important and that government should provide budgetary support for modern methods of family planning. (from SB40)

The Philippines is facing a very serious issue that affects moral values and its culture. This is really a very serious issue and could really change the life of every Filipino, Issue according the Reproductive Health Bill.

It’s not the answer to the uncontrolled growth because some people who are taking Oral Contraceptive Pills failed, they can be pregnant without knowing early then if they continue taking Oral Contraceptive Pills they can harm the baby and the baby will have abnormality.

If they have sex because the main reason is pleasure and lust if accidentally the girl gets pregnant and minor for example, because it is common in our generation. They will choose to abort the baby because they are afraid that their family will scold them. If the RH Bill will be implemented many adolescent will explore about their curiosity and many will engage in premarital sex. RH Bill just open the mind of the young minds what is sex all about. I think it’s better for the young child to not have sex education as early as elementary because their mind at that time is pure and full of child’s dream.

There is a positive things and negative things about the RH Bill let’s discuss about the positive things about that, the RH Bill support and deploy more public health midwives, nurses and doctors, guarantee funding for and equal access to health facilities to give accurate and positive sexuality education to young people that is few reason that is good about the Reproductive Health Bill.

But in the other way I concluded that the RH Bill is not the answer to our Economic Crisis. It does not protect the lives and health of mothers the RH Bill promotes the use of oral contraceptive pills, which increases the risk of HIV transmission, pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis, cervical cancer, breast cancer and liver cancer. I researched that it decreases libido, makes women irritable and depressed. Oral Contraceptive pills can deplete Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Folic Acid, Vitamin C, Magnesium and Zinc. The Bill does not save babies, birth control pills are abortifacients. It kills babies. It prevent induced abortions if contraception fails unplanned pregnancies were among women using contraceptives.

I’m Pro-life and I’m against RH Bill. I’m a student nurse and we encourage our patients that we handle to do the natural way and not artificial way as client health teaching. I encourage them if they don’t want to have a child do abstinence or if they can’t prevent having coitus they should do coitus interruptus or calendar method.

If the Reproductive Health Bill will be approved, then we are permitting the people of the program to tell young kids about the condoms, pills and ways to prevent pregnancy. Young minds will be occupied by curiosity if it is really true then they will engage in premarital sex, opening the minds of children that sex is something to try. Even they are not that ready for it. And because they are thought how to use condoms, then curiosity would force them to have sex.

The Pro RH Bill doesn’t’ discuss the adverse effects of its because they cannot think about what to answer because if they answer that the minds of Filipinos will be confused now and they might change their mind about engaging on that bill.

According to the latest news the budget intended for R.H Bill is 731 million, instead of spending part of this amount for artificial contraception, why not spend it to feed the street children and provide them with decent home and education? And use the budget to conduct in the barangay to have health teaching or to encourage them to do natural family planning. I think it will be the answer to our economic crisis.

In Sec.10 of the Bill it is classified there that contraception as essential medicine, by the word itself “medicine” it connotes something inject or drink, then why is it I.U.D, which is not a medicine but a device is included under the ambiguous term essential medicine? Many Bad Effects of that said Bill is hidden among good effects and does not considering the negative that can happen possibly. I.U.D. can cause infection and complication in the long run. So why they should encourage the people to use it and the injectable. I watched a documentary about it in our seminar about RH Bill that there are studies that it can cause blood clots.

I’m pointing that the government should take an action more to the people who cannot eat 3 times a day. The budget of the government can be used in feeding programs rather than distributing free condoms that we all know that poor families cannot eat condoms. Why should they waste money for the condoms?

If the Reproductive Health Bill is intended for married couples then why make artificial contraception available for everyone? They are just considering the pervert persons more.

I think abortion is not the reason to take one’s life just because the baby has disease. All I know is God is the only one who can give and take someone’s life. Not the doctor or a person that regret to have a baby. They just do sex as play that is sad part about that they just did it. I believe that sex is sacred and virginity is given to the person you’ve married if they did sex just for pleasure or lust it’s on the list of Seven Deadly Sins. The “lust”.

All the answer is in our hands. We should know the right and not the wrong. We should listen to our conscience and don’t let the temporary pleasure to be done. Be sure first if you want to have child the purpose of sex is to reproduce by doing it with love not by being maniacs.

And the effect of RH Bill foreseeing the future if it is passed, many adolescent will be liberated and there will be few Maria Clara left.

As a Student Nurse I encourage, Abstinence is the answer. Natural way. Natural Family Planning for the people who are married that is deeply in love is the solution. Teach them that the consequence of having a child is very hard responsibility make them realize that it needs love and time to make child grow.


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