Reproductive Health Bill Essay

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Reproductive Health Bill

Couple of years passed since Albay 1st district Representative Edcel Lagman and Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago introduced two senate bills, respectively House Bill No. 4244 or an Act providing for a Comprehensive Policy on Reproductive Health, and Population and Development, and for Other Purposes, and Senate Bill No. 2378 or An Act Providing For a National Policy on Reproductive Health and Population and Development.

Also, couple of years passed since divisive arguments started mocking our ears. The pros and cons continually play tug of war in debate of whether passing the bill or not.

The Reproduction Health bills, or RH bills, as they are commonly called, aim to guarantee universal access to methods and information on birth control and maternal care.

In a medical sense, life begins when fertilization takes place. One of its prime components is the use of artificial methods in order to prevent fertilization to occur. In a biblical sense, we know it is a mortal sin to end one’s life.

Ladies and gentlemen, I believe that sex is sacred, even to the natural laws itself and is bestowed only to two persons who share mutual values as well as commitment to God and themselves. With the use of artificial contraceptives, spouses do not put their total trust and gift of personal fertility to their own partners.

Rather than putting out hopes on contraceptive methods, let us opt to uphold responsible parenthood. Rather than relying on abortifacient pills, let us choose to push proper discipline and self-control.

On the other hand, I remember a commercial advertisement which showed children who don’t frequently eat meals with their parents, children who don’t often have chance to talk with their parents are the one who often get in caught in problems like early pregnancy.

Parents, you have the greatest responsibility in the wellbeing of the youth. Open your hands, lend your ears and nurture them with pieces of advice. Water them with love; pull off the hindrances of their development. Be the farmers the cream of the crop of our society.

Moreover, the use of contraceptive agents such as pills poses rick to the health and safety of the women. Failure of the pills may lead to post-fertilization effects that may be operative prevent clinically recognized pregnancy. Thus, it contradicts the goal of the RH bills to protect the life of the mother as well as the life of the unborn from conception.

Imprisonment or about half a year and fine of fifty thousand pesos – such actions may be implied if health care service providers fail to give reproductive health care services like ligation or vasectomy. For me, it is sad to think that we Filipinos may be deprived to practice our right of freedom, our own right of liberal choice and self-conscience.

On the other hand, the RH bills also intends to lessen the alarming proportion of rapidly rising population in the country, which is deemed one of the main causes of poverty and economic breakdown.

However, according to scholars, most economic analysis of statistical correlation between economic growth and population show that there is little, if not none, significant connection at all. It is just that the bigger the population density, the less resources that we can use for production; and may lead to scarcity of the basic necessities of life.

Why don’t we venture to delve into utilizing indigenous resource materials? If the nationwide resources aren’t sufficient enough to sustain the needs of the Filipino people, then let us think and make programs that will answer the problem into reality.

Why don’t we put more efforts in promoting and establishing quality education in order to bring up economically active and productive citizens? It is a big investment to produce globally competitive Filipinos that will contribute to the economic growth. Successful graduates may establish their own business enterprise and generate job opportunities to us countrymen.

The people of Juan dela Cruz opt to work abroad and leave his family and friends. These modern day heroes suffer the trials of being countries away from their loved ones. It may be because of the deficiency of employment opportunities here in the Philippines. Moreover, the salary in the foreign countries is believed to be considerably at a better cost. Why don’t we place our endeavor onto creating many jobs possible to prevent Filipinos from choosing to overseas to work, and stop nation’s brain drain as well?

We can invest on our national budget into more significant outcomes. There are lot more solutions to the challenges we are facing today

I believe most of us prefer to satisfy our vital needs in life and meet our real preferences.. We should buy food rather than pills. We should buy clothes rather than condoms. We intend to buy what really need.

To a certain extent, I think this forgoing issue will somehow be an excuse to the nation’s lacking capability to accomplish its goal of serving its constituents by mainly lifting their social condition.

The foremost reason is not the vast number of the poor. Otherwise, the poor are the victims of the cancerous cell of our society- poverty. Poverty caused by the abuse of power by those with authority.

My fellowmen, I suppose it is quite selfish to sacrifice other’s lives for our own sake. We may tend to break the promise of reaching and fulfilling other’s dreams; we somehow deprive the unborn to even use pens and draw their dreams.

“Ang kabataan ay ang pag-asa ng bayan”. I believe in our national hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal. The young generation is the very prodigy of the promise we have for the better tomorrow.

As a Christian country, I believe that we, Filipinos, have firm devotion and faith on the Almighty God. It is said, that life is the greatest gift God ever given to man. His Holiness also gifted us with intellectual power and will to decide and determine right from wrong.

Our decision has vital part in the real progress of our country, in the lives of many Filipinos and the future of the youth and the future of this country.

Ladies and gentlemen, I may not be a national hero. I may not be a national leader or someone with great social standing. I am just an average Filipino citizen. I am here, my fellow Filipinos, in front of you, as rhetoric medium, as a catalyst of change, as a citizen who cares for his country, as someone that cares for the well-being of my fellow countrymen.

I beg you to understand the true value of life. I beg you to open your eyes to the true crisis we face. I beg you to lend your ears to the true cries the nation want us to diminish.

My dearest friends, I ask you again to listen to the voice of the youth.

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