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Unconfirmed reports put the number of death at 8. However, local administration and the railway authorities have confirmed two deaths as of now. The toll is likely to rise. The accident happened when Hampi Expresscollided with a stationary goods train inPenukonda at around 3am, according to TV reports. According to initial reports coming in, Hampi Express overshot signal and hit the goods train. It was travelling from Hubli to Bangalore. Two bogies of Hampi Express have derailed. Several people are still trapped inside the mangled bogies of the train.

Rescue operations are underway to take out the trapped passengers. Gas cutters are being used to cut the mangled coaches. Anil Saxena, railway PRO, said that three coaches of Hampi Express have been damaged. While two of them are second class general bogies , the third is the luggage-cum-guard coach. The PRO claimed that all the passengers from the first coach have been rescued. The injured passengers have been rushed to nearby hospitals. Senior railway officials have reached the spot and are supervising the rescue operations.

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Penukonda, Andhra Pradesh: At least 25 people were killed and over 30 were injured when Bangalore-bound Hampi Express collided with a goods train in Andhra Pradesh today. The mishap occurred around 3:15 this morning when the Hampi Express, travelling from Hubli to Bangalore, rammed a stationary goods train near Penukonda station in Anantapur district. (See First Pics) As a result of the collision, two coaches of the Hampi Express derailed and caught fire. According to reports, when the accident occurred, a police personnel travelling in the train immediately called the circle inspector.

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The timely information helped the police reach the site quickly. However, the fire made it difficult for them to begin rescue efforts. Firefighters and railway officers helped the police in rescue operations. They used metal cutters to get inside the bogies where passengers were stuck. They also shifted the injured to hospitals in Penukonda, Hindupur and Anantapur. Railway Minister Mukul Roy is on his way to the accident site. “Every life is precious. This is a very sad incident,” the minister said before leaving Bangalore for Penukonda.

He has ordered an inquiry into the collision and has also offered to arrange Railway jobs for those injured. “If anybody injured wants to join the Railways, we will provide him or her with jobs,” he said. The minister also announced a compensation of Rs. five lakh each for the families of the deceased, Rs. one lakh for those who sustained grievous injuries and Rs. 50,000 for those who received minor injuries, reports PTI. According to Harinath Reddy, the Deputy Superintendent of Government Railway Police, Guntakal, most of the victims of the accident were labourers from Hubli and Hospet in Karnataka who were on their way to Bangalore.

Those killed include at least three women and two children, he added. Karnataka Chief Minister Sadananda Gowda, who also rushed to the accident site, has announced a compensation of Rs. one lakh each for the families of those killed and Rs. 25,000 for those injured. Railways spokesperson Anil Saxena said according to preliminiary information available, the driver of the Hampi Express overshot the signal and rammed the rear of a stationary goods train. “Prima facie it seems that the driver of the Hampi Express overshot the signal,” he said.

Mr Saxena added that the engine and the first three coaches of the Hampi Express were worst hit due to the collision. “The first bogey is guard-cum-luggage-cum passenger coach; the second and third are general compartments. While the first and the third coaches derailed, the second remained on the tracks,” he said. The police have registered a case against the driver of the express train and his assistant. Both were injured in the accident and are currently recovering in a hospital.

A relief train with medical supplies and a special train were sent from Bangalore to Penukonda to help the injured. Stranded passengers have now begun arriving at the Bangalore City Railway Station. While some of them reached Bangalore on the special train, others were brought to the city by bus. Some of those injured seemed unhappy about the government’s disaster management efforts. “I am very sorry about the disaster management efforts. These things keep on happening but precautions should be made and there should be more people to help,” complained one of them.

“It has happened to poor public who were traveling in general compartment. There was no response from the Railways. I hope in future, the government will make efforts. Every junction should have disaster management systems,” added another. As a result of the accident, many Bangalore-bound trains travelling via Andhra Pradesh were delayed for close to three hours. The trains that were delayed included the Secunderabad-Bangalore Express and Delhi-Bangalore Rajdhani. Trains on the Bangalore-Mumbai route also saw minor delays.

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