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Report on Practice at F1 Hotel

Categories: FoodHotelKnowledge

There is nothing better than the knowledge and feeling I can receive from my journey at F1 Hotel Manila. F1 Hotel help me to develop more in my skills and knowledge. That is why I want to tell you about my experiences in f1 Hotel Manila.

It started at F1 Hotel Orientation with the help of Ms. Trix, the new humans resources manager. She talked a lot the the company, the things that we should know and learn, and how each department works.

In our second week, we were divided into 2 groups and places into 4 different deployment routines. In my group (1st group).

Our departments

Our first department is front office. We were assigned at the conceirge. Responsible for reservations. They ensure guests are treated courteously. Being at front office is happy and tiring at the same time because, they said your the first and last impression of the hotel so, you should be aware of your gestures, posture, how you interact with the guest, and always smile.

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Our second department is housekeeping. Each of us were accompanied by the room attendant. My room attendant is Sir. Epi, we were assigned at the 8th floor of the hotel. I’m happy to tell that sir. Epi did the right job to teach me how to do the proper beddings. Housekeeping department is responsible for ensuring guests room, public areas are clean, and we’ll maintained. Being housekeeper is you make sure that the room is clean because if not, that’s complain.

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Guests money, mobile, valuable, and personal items left untouched, bed tightly and nearly made, all stationery and supplies restored to levels, and all trash cans were emptied.

Our third department is food and beverage, the F all day dining, located at 3rd floor of the hotel. They taught us the different kinds of plates and glass, how to do the proper formal and informal table set-up. Food and beverage they supervise and schedule food and beverage preparation. To me, being assigned in food and beverage is fun because i love to serve food and give guests need. Our last deployment department is kitchen. Being assigned in the kitchen surprised me to learn what a typical day for a chef is actually life. Being at kitchen is not easy job, you need to ready the guests breask fast, lunch, and dinner, you make sure that the food you want to serve with the guest is healthy and delicious.

Two weeks of practice

In my two weeks being trainee at F1 Hotel Manila, I think I improved a lot when it comes to listening and Being more patient. First listening i improved to listen, because it’s the ability to understand, and analyse what one is hearing in order for me to decided what to think and do in response to someone who’s talking. Patient it’s important to be more patient because if you deal with the guest on a daily basis be sure to stay patient when someone come to you stumped and frustrated.

The values that F1 hotel implanted in me are mutual trust, integrity, respect, knowledge, professionalism, teamwork, loyalty, and social responsibility. These values are important to us because they reflect our personal moral standards,and guide us through long life journeys. Since we live in a highly connected society, each person’s value system does not only affect one’s own life, but also affects many other people. Knowledge, i have always been interested in this topic, maybe because it’s relevant, were affected whatever we know or don’t know. If we have a better knowledge to the things happening around us, what a better world would be.

The company helped me to become prepared for work or college studies by boosts diversity in the workplace, try to develop more things, learn more things. They create an environment where all employees feel that they play a significant role in meeting company goals. They also helped me to invest skills skills that needed in the future, and the most important that the company helped me with, is having a true positive attitude makes me view of life seam full of possibilities. F1 hotel made me more responsible because being a responsible is a great way to attract positive attention. Trust, attitude, knowledge, and overall positive image are possible through being responsible. F1 hotel help you be more responsible even to the littest thing. F1 made me mature as an individual, I’ve learned those things worthy of the time will require patient, persistent, and effort.

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