Repeat Offenders and Prisoners

Repeat offenders have contributed to prison overcrowding by returning to prison after being released. There are many contributing factors as to why prisoners want to return to this type of environment. Some prisoners, can not adapt well back into society, leading them to return to a place where they once felt secure. In many cases, the lack of adaptability for employment is a factor. Felons, once released, do not believe that they can gain decent employment due to their prior record.

As a result of the lack of employment, felons may search for other unjustified means for financial stability.

Another reason most felons will repeat their offenses and return to prison is that they can not interact with people in normal society. They have grown accustomed to the people and groups, that they were involved with inside the prison. They may consider this their comfort zone, knowing that they are not being judged for the mistakes they have made, and more so encouraged to keep making them.

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Thus, influencing them to keep returning to prison, to continue their inside friendships.

While the justice system tends to attempt to rehabilitate all offenders, often they are unsuccessful. Most prison facilities offer programs for their inmates, these programs are a way to show guidance and possible solutions to what the state could consider mental illness. Thus, allowing prisoners the opportunity to rehabilitate.

However, without successful rehabilitation, felons will most likely repeat their offenses and be welcomed back into the already overpopulated prison system.

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Repeat Offenders and Prisoners

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