Renting Essay Topics

Living in an Apartment or Living in a House

Throughout life I have stayed in many different places. Moving from the Philippines, Georgia, and then Texas has given me the opportunity to live in a wide variety of residences. My family and I have experienced residing in both apartments and houses. We have observed many differences in the two choices of homes and have… View Article

Ricardo’s theory of rent

     The term “rent” comes from the Latin word “rendita’, which means “returned”. Rent as an income of one of the factors of land attracted attention since old times. Further, in the economic theory the concept of economic rent as a part of income of any factor appeared and developed. One of the theorists that… View Article

Proposal: Music of Morocco and Party People

This sample proposal was created using Proposal Pack Events #2. In the retail Proposal Pack you get the entire collection of sample proposals (including this one) plus over a thousand editable templates for creating an unlimited variety of custom proposals. Purchase Proposal Pack Events #2 to get this sample’s design theme. The sample below DOES… View Article

Industry Analysis

The DVD, game, and video rental industry consists of companies that provide both mail-distributed and in-store or kiosk rentals. This does not include on-demand or online streaming rentals. 2011 industry revenue is projected to be $6.6 billion, with a profit of $243.5 million. This represents a 12.4% decline from 2010. The industry has been declining,… View Article

A Comparison of Leasing and Buying

1. Introduction: In today’s world, customers often face a dilemma about whether to buy or lease. Lease is an agreement in which one party gains a long term rental agreement, and the other party receives a form of secured long term debt. On the other hand, buying involves transfer of ownership from seller to buyer…. View Article

Netflix vs Blockbuster

4. Do you think Blockbuster will succeed in the future? Explain your answer. I do not feel that Blockbuster will succeed in the future if they continue following their new business model. First, they lost so much money with their “No More Late Fees” campaign, and if they continue this, they cannot succeed because of… View Article

Building loyalty in video rental

The video rental market is essentially flat, with few seasonal peaks apart from the Easter holidays. Demand-drivers tend to cancel each other out – with good weather in the summer (bad for video) being compensated for by the presence of children on school holidays (good). It is also volatile – consumers are likely to dip… View Article

Blockbuster Competitors

Blockbuster has went bankrupt in US people in the industry keep saying that DVD-rental company just lost a competition to NetFlix. Who came into market with better business model of flat-fee unlimited rentals without due dates, late fees, shipping or handling fees, or per title rental fees. Netflix is still on top of DVD-rental business… View Article

Broadway Entertainment Co., Inc. Case Question Solutions

1. Review the data flow diagrams you developed for questions in the BEC case at the end of Chapter 5 (or diagrams given to you by your instructor.) Study the data flows and data stores on these diagrams and decide if you agree with the team’s conclusion that there are only the six entity types… View Article

Business Law

In this question, after the completion of the MRT train station, the owner of a building is attempting to raise the promised discounted rental fees back to the normal rate, as well as recover the accumulated discounted amount for the 3 years which he had promised Roy and other tenants, in order to deter them… View Article

Video System

1. The description the requirement of the video system is as below. A video store system runs a series of fairly standard video stores. Before a video can be put on the shelf, it must be cataloged and entered into the video database. Every customer must have a valid customer card in order to rent… View Article

An Organizational Failure: Blockbuster

1. Describe and discuss how the organization’s culture facilitated the failure. Philips (2011) believes that success or failure of any great company depends on “Events, internal and external” (p. 3). Blockbuster also appears to be a victim of certain events at internal as well as external level. Based in McKinney, Texas, Blockbuster and founded in… View Article

Landlord Tenant Relationship

Understanding landlord and tenant rights and responsibilities is critical for a successful relationship between two parties, whether in a residential or commercial environment. Both the landlord and the tenant have specific rights and also specific responsibilities. To understand the landlord – tenant relationship one must first understand the roles of each party and understand how… View Article

Princess Regional Trucking Company

Princess Regional Trucking Company has been approached by a client with an opportunity that would require 120 trailers which is about 20 more than we currently own. We are not sure how long the relationship with this customer will last but this deal has the potential for considerable growth. I have a great deal of… View Article


Description of Business. The business which I have chosen to open is a car rental by the name “Rent-a-Ride ”. This is a sole trader type business which focuses on providing quality cars at a very affordable rate. My target market will be people within the community. My business will employ three full time employees… View Article

Tax Research Memo

You, Peter Sleiman, entered into a lease agreement with Blockbuster Video, Inc. Your lease stipulated that you purchase land, build a video rental store, and lease it to Blockbuster. You then set up an S Corporation, REE, Inc. and assigned the lease to REE. REE then obtained bank loans of approximately $1 million by pledging… View Article

My apartment

When I was younger, I fantasized about how wonderful life would be when I moved into my own apartment. Now I’m a bit older and wiser, and my dreams have turned into nightmares. My apartment has given me nothing but headaches. From the day, I signed the lease; I’ve had to deal with an uncooperative… View Article

What Would You Do?

As the president of the board of directors of the cat shelter, I am faced with rather or not Ms. Della should remain as part of the staff at the cat shelter. There are several problems that have been brought to my attention and I feel that now is the time to figure out exactly… View Article

Failure Analysis Strategy Change

Movies have always been a past time enjoyed by many. As the technology continues to grow, many video stores are going out of business and digital or online movies are rising in popularity. Blockbuster Video and Netflix are businesses that have been affected by these changes. Blockbuster opened in 1985 with the mission statement of… View Article

Netflix Analysis

Summary According to Boogren (2013), the video rental industry has changed in the past decade due to the development of IT technology. Customers have more opportunities to choose different ways to catch the TV programs, movies or shows if they want, it could be from a traditional way like brick-and-mortar stores such as Blockbuster, an… View Article

Craddock Cup Case

In order to decide whether or not to keep the Craddock Cup, we needed to classify the expenses as either fixed and sunk or variable, fixed and sunk costs are not relevant so they are not included in the revised statement. Exhibit A shows an income statement that is revised in this manner (under the… View Article

Netflix Case Analysis

Netflix was the first company to create an online DVD movie rental service. The service has created a new ‘movie’ market niche which has secured them a competitive ‘first-mover’ advantage in this new ‘high-tech’ venture. The popularity of the service has sparked the interest of market competitor Blockbuster who may become a growing threat to… View Article

Accountabliliy and loss of CAC card

Accountablitly and how it has a roll in the Army. One type of accountability is personal item accountability for instance your wallet and ID. As a PFC and in the Army for almost 2 years i know how important accountablitly of personal items are and expecally possible security risk items. According to AR735-5 Army property… View Article

Enterprise Rent-a-Car

SWOT With Enterprise, the customer always comes first. This is a major strength that the company has capitalized on in order to separate itself from the competition. Their “We’ll pick you up!” slogan is the primary focus of the company’s customer service aspect. After the customers, the focus is on employees. Good customer service comes… View Article

Marketing Mix – 4Ps of Marketing Mix

Marketing mix can be describes as “the use and specification of the 4 Ps describing the strategic position of a product in the marketplace… A prominent person to take centre stage was E. Jerome McCarthy in 1960; he proposed a four-P classification which was popularized. (” The marketing mix approach to marketing is a model… View Article

Case Study:, Inc

SUMMARY:, the world’s largest online DVD rental company, was founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in 1997, and is headquartered in Los Gatos, California. The company started its online DVD rental business by launching, offering pay-per-DVD rental services by delivering DVDs via mail. As the company prospered during late 1999, Netflix replaced… View Article

Current Events in Business Research

INTRODUCTION There are six basic stages to the research process. Stage 1 is clarifying the research question. This would be the process in identifying the problem that is prompting the research. Stage 2 is proposing research, which would be the act of identifying the resources necessary to do the research. The third stage is designing… View Article

Statement of Work for Wild Wood Apartments

History: Wild Woods Apartments is a property management company. They own around 20 different building, each of which is composed of anywhere from 10-60 different units. Each building has a lot of information to maintain such as occupancy, leases, payments and maintenance requests and expenses. This is expected to be done by the manger on… View Article