Renewable Energy Essay

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Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is energy from natural resources such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, and geothermal heat, these resources are naturally replenished. Renewable energy does not harm the environment or deplete any of our natural resources like fossil fuel. Renewable energy is not subject to sharp price changes because it comes from natural resources. Biomass is currently the largest U. S. renewable energy source with more than two hundred existing bio power plants providing energy for one point five million American homes, according to renewable energy specialist Davor Habjanec.

The first time I heard the political differences about renewable energy was the last presidential debate. President Obama stated that he has and will continue to invest in renewable energy, like windmills and solar power. His opponent, Mitt Romney accused Obama of not using more fossil fuels found in America, from building a pipeline in Alaska to investing in oil and natural gas. Romney also claimed that the Obama administration was not expanding research of renewable energy.

President Obama’s economic stimulus package included a number of incentives like thirty percent tax credit for renewable energy. Even though coal, oil and natural gas is limited and prices for it reflect that limitation there are still some disadvantages to renewable energy it cannot be stored like fossil fuels. Even though solar power can be stored for a short period of time and if there is no sun light for a number of days you will have no power from solar energy, same for wind energy. The research of renewable energy is very expense.

With the economy being as bad as it is forcing cuts to be made in school programs and social programs some believe that we should not be investing so much in renewable energy. They do not dispute that investment in renewable energy does not create jobs. They believe that the same investment should be used on other parts of the economy and that investment will create more jobs and higher payback. According to the U. S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, a million dollars invested in job creation can generate nine point seventy-eight jobs.

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