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Essay on Renaissance Period

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Black Death During Renaissance Period

After Black Death had wiped out nearly half of the peasant population in Europe, the king had to establish a new way to bring in revenue. His thoughts directed towards taxing the rich considering the poor had nothing to give. This idea angered merchants, clergy and nobles and gave them an idea to make in turn with the king. If the king were to tax the merchants and clergy, they had the right to fo...

Erasmus and Martin Luther About Free Will

The debate has very much become a personal matter by the time Luther's discourse commences. There is no mutual agreement whatsoever, thus it is easy to see why the views of Catholics and Protestants were so divergent. Erasmus is clearly trying to convince his readers, most particularly Luther, that free will does indeed exist. Luther continues to stay his course and states that God wills all. Ever...

Dürer - Adam And Eve

In this work, Durer works within the Italian Renaissance mode, incorporating the same attention to religious theme, realistic portrayal of the human body, and special attention to light and shadow that his southern contemporaries had done. Though he began as a woodcutter in a traditional German style, his paintings exemplify the then-emerging style that accompanied Europe’s intellectual rebirth....

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Musical Instruments of Medieval and Renaissance Period

The viol bow is held in an underhanded position with the finger controlling the tension of the horse hair. Listen to the sound clip for each instrument. Which instrument's sound do you like the best? Why? How would you describe the sound? (For example, it is a warm or cool tone? What color does the sound remind you of? Does the instrument sound like anything in nature or another instrument? Etc. )...

The Cultural Context of the Proto Renaissance Period

Because of this, the defense of this European country was strengthened, with the internal security and taxation procedures improved (Essak, 2008). The proto-Renaissance period had been a period of great economic and political shift in Europe. Since Italy flourished that time, many foreigners were enticed to the trade possibilities even of other European countries. Aside from the socio-political an...

Madonna of the Meadows

Particularly beautiful is the way the figures fill the curved shape of the lunette. The emotional complexity of the human mind is also involved in this painting. Each figure is individualized by being involved in its own thoughts. The overall look of the painting is dark. But there is also classical balance. The figures are balanced and relaxed. Hence, “Madonna of the Meadows” demonstrates Rap...

The Northern Renaissance


Realist-Philosopher Machiavelli

In conclusion, I do believe that Machiavelli's teachings and viewpoints of realism has withstood the test of time and he presents scenarios where man's deepest evils are shown brightly and loudly, and then seen in context of the consequences of these actions. I do believe culture has changed, but at the root of man, many of these desires still lie dormant, waiting for the opportunity to partner wi...

The Renaissance Period Diary

By now, I am sobbing. I miss her so much. Again I close my eyes and prayed hard and prayed longer than I ever have. I prayed to God asking keep my sister safe and happy. I can't imagine her going through this, and I hope she wouldn't have to. Again my heart burns with anger and sadness. But I do remember one thing. She always told me that no matter how hard things got, you must always hope and pra...

Renaissance in European History

Renaissance music was European classical music written during the Renaissance from about 1400-1600. The increasing reliance on the interval of the third as a consonance is one of the most pronounced features of Renaissance art music. Polyphony is a texture using two or more independent melodic voices. This style of music became very popular in the 14th century. The 15th century Renaissance music s...

Observing 'Crucifixion' by Pietro and Ambrosio Lorenzetti

This artwork reminds me of the sacrifice Jesus, and God, made for me. The sacrifice they made for all mankind. Jesus chose to die for our sins and there is no greater gift that could be given to me than the promise of eternity in Heaven. This artwork caught my eye the most when choosing something within the time frame given. It was a humbling visual reminder of the pain that Jesus and his follower...

Medici's Renaissance Period Rise in Florence

Giovanni di Bicci de`Medici's great work in the field of economics also contributed to the rise but it was the work of Cosimo Il Vecchio de `Medici which was the main factor in their rise to power. The failures of the Albizzi and the other major Medician opponents also has to be taken into consideration because to a certain extent it was their failures which allowed the Medici into power. However,...

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