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Renaissance Art Essay Examples

Essay on Renaissance Art

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Middle Ages vs Renaissance Art Periods

Finnan, V. (2013). The last judgement. Retrieved from http://www.italian-renaissance-art.com/Last-Judgement.html Gortais, B. (2003). Abstraction and art. Philosophical Transactions: Biological Sciences , 358(14-135), 1241-1249 . Retrieved from http://www.jstor.org/stable/3558216 The last judgement. (2001). Retrieved from http://www.lib-art.com/artgallery/8284-the-last-judgement-pietro-cavallini.ht...

David by Michelangelo: Renaissance Statue

The head seems to be the dominant sight for me. It interests me that Michelangelo could create such a sensible body, but the head needs extra care. Michelangelo paid attention to unity. Everything seems connected. There is consistent shape to the body. The body appears as though everything signs up with together and the unifying link is the torso. The sculpture is made from marble, and has subtle ...

Differences between Northern Renaissance Art and Italian Renaissance Art

Yet another example of patrons in a work of art is Hugo van der Goes’s Portinari Altarpiece, painted in 1475. It is another triptych, so it is divided in three. The difference between this one and the earlier one is that instead of having the patrons on just one side, they are on both sides of the piece, as if they were watching it. It is very medieval. The patrons in this seem to almost be a pa...

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Renaissance and Baroque Comparison

These two epochs became a cuddle for the most prominent people in the art. Along with the change of forms and colors, there was a change of people’s perception of the world around and themselves as well. The human from the periphery moved to the center of the art and literature. The focuses were changed. The new rules and standards were established in the artistic sphere.  There were similariti...

Early Renaissance in Florence and High Renaissance in Rome

In The School of Athens, Raphael is able to give the viewer a sense that although there is cluster of people in the painting, everything seems to be balnced beautifully. He uses symmetry, which balanced out his painting. He also uses the element of perspective in a much masterful way. The viewer is able to sense the illusion of depth by the sizes of the arches. The arch in the front of the room se...

Renaissance Artemisa Gentileschi

I am inspired by her because she chose to stand up and compete against the men of that time. Woman of that era had such difficulties trying to gain recognition for their work. She is one of the first women who eventually overcame adversity. Her technical skill showed human emotion from a “woman’s” perspective which some say is a breakthrough in art. In the words of Mary D. Garrard, she "has ...

Comparing Medieval Art to Renaissance Art

In conclusion, there was an aspect of balance in both periods as they seek to balance different occasions with specific colors. There is a major understanding that both works have a similar approach to balance. The use of rhythm in the latest installations of these works in the periods offered a new way of understanding art. The two periods have emphasized on the need to build themes based on the ...

Renaissance Artifacts

The Renaissance was a time of rebirth or reassertion and as shown by the works reviewed during the course of this study, the assertion of consumerism in the Renaissance society was a great driver in the production of art or artifacts from that time period. This work has further shown that the economic and political dynamics or the “accumulation, production and exchange” of goods is th...

High Renaissance Art

That separation is one that is evident in todays society. With the recent government shut down it is the other side shares that of liberal values. Both sides claim to agree on one thing (despite their actions) that they want what's best for the American people. In the painting there seems to be a distinct separation and discussion, without resolution. The same can be said for the American governme...

Renaissance Arts and Artists

The Renaissance was a time of rebirth and creativity in many arts.It was also a time of new ideas being created.Religion was not as important and instead personal interests and ideas of art and literature became the main significance.The works of artists, such as Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, greatly impacted art and influenced the people to try to use new techniques and to...

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