Removal of tea breaks in the company Essay

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Removal of tea breaks in the company

It has been noted that many employees have been taking their tea break for more than an hour. The tea break is only supposed to be for thirty minutes, from 10h00-10h30. The customers have been complaining about poor service and it has come to my attention that the reason poor service is being provided to our customers is because of the long tea break hours. This gives a very bad impression to the customers and visitors and it reflects badly on the company. Staffs are reminded that tea breaks will no longer be taken as from 10 September 2012 until further notice. The decision to remove the tea breaks was taken by 70% of the staff members, who all voted to remove tea breaks. Staff should note the following points:

* Because of the removal of the tea breaks, lunch has been extended for an extra thirty minutes. As from 10 September 2012, lunch will begin at 12h30 -14h00. * All employees are expected to be in their offices at all times, from 08h00 until lunch time. Should any of the employees feel like taking a break during working hours, permission should be asked from their immediate supervisors. * The company kitchen will be open and available for use at all hours, however, employees are asked not to stand around and chat in the kitchen during working hours. * No eating is permitted in the offices during working hours. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions.

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