Remembrance Day in Canada

Remembrance Day is a time to put aside our differences and honor the soldiers that fought in the War for us to have a better future. Remembrance Day is a National holiday celebrated in France, Belgium, the United States, and Canada. Remembrance Day commemorates the armistice signed between the Allies and Germany at Compiègne, France, for the cessation of hostilities on the Western Front, which took effect at 11:00 am—the “eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month.

”  The reason I think Remembrance Day is an important event in history is that it marks when the first World War ended. Every November 11th we wear the poppy as a symbol of our respect for those who fought for Canada as well as the people that were living and are living in Canada now.

Remembrance Day has many important elements to it, it is not just about Canada, though Canada did play a huge role in this war a lot of other countries suffered tremendous death rates as well.

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Canadiens remember and recognize the Italian Campaign, in fact, one of Canada’s most important military efforts during World War I was the Italian campaign. One of the very important soldiers that served as a Canadian soldier was Sergeant Daniel J. MacDonald he was from Prince Edward Island. When he was fighting in Italy he was injured after a German shell exploded near him. Following the war, Sergeant Macdonald went back home to work on his farm. Soldiers like these put their lives on the line to defend and protect their country, and many of them didn’t return home to their families and their friends.

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Over 16 million animals were involved in World War I and more than 484,143 horses, mules, camels, and bullocks were killed (insert footnote). In 1917 there was a black retriever messenger dog that was hurt in the first World War. The messenger dog eventually recovered but would develop a limp, grew weak, and had to be put down. A post mortem (an examination of a dead body to determine the cause of death) showed that he’d been working with a bullet stuck in his chest and a shell splinter( a metal fragment, from the container of a shell bomb thrown out during an explosion) close to his spine.

We must commemorate all the soldiers that not only fought in the First World War but in the Afganistan War, the Second World War as well as the other wars that have taken place over recent years. Remembrance Day or Veterans Day started becoming a tradition back in 1954. most people call it Veterans Day now to remember all the Veterans. As you may know, every Remembrance Day we have a two-minute silence. The reason we do this is that we have to honor and respect them. The music that we use to commemorate Veterans day is the Last Post is played. Every year there is a national ceremony held for the Veterans. The national ceremony is held at the National War Memorial in Ottawa to commemorate the soldiers of Canada that fought during the wars. In Toronto, we hold a ceremony at Queens Park every year on November 11th. This gives us the opportunity to go out and pay our respects at the ceremony.

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