Religious Studies Should Be Taught to Students in Social Studies

Religious studies is a subject that has been a hot topic for the last couple of decades. According to a September 1989 Parents magazine poll, 65% of respondents said that a daily prayer in public schools would help promote values among children. Many believe that the presence of prayer would create moral among children and adults.

On the other hand others believe that religion or any religious studies should be taught to children inside the classroom. The focus of most Social Studies cirriculums are economics, law, and government.

To understand all these points you have to under stand the basic beliefs of the society you are studying. In 1996 there was a big debate in a small Seattle school regarding wether the students at this school would be able to hold group prayer. The parents at this small school protested that their children should be allowed to have prayer on school grounds. The school board ruled for the students and allowed the students to pray on school property.

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The Seperation of Church and State refers to the seperation of religion and the schools, courts and any other state or federal ran department. Some schools still question should they recognize religious holidays or activites at public schools. Many people still argue that public prayer in school would violate the 1st amendment and make some children feel uneasy or stressed. William Torrey Harris began his teaching career in St. Louis as a private tutor. He later became a teacher and administrator in the citys public schools.

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In 1867 Harris became the superintendent of the St. Louis public school system, where he enforced his belief that the influences of religion and politics should be kept separate from schools. He believed that secular, politically independent public schools provided important safeguards in preserving the individual liberty of students. In conclusion I believe it is important for children to get an education. Teaching children abou the past wether it be religion, government, or economics will help them better themselves in today’s world.

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