Religious Leaders Essay

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Religious Leaders

My fellow men, women and children, young, old and inbetween I have many thanks to give all of you. You have brought me here today in hopes of a better future for not only our country but for all the countries and without regard to color or race, the common good is what this country needs. We need to come together, help each other to become one in a synergistic form so that we all can survive not only economically but spiritually. You have recognized this.

In doing this then the lives of all of us will become filled with more peace, patience and understanding thus providing for a less war torn country whether by actual war or by economical means and in this, the ripple effect will also allow an economical balance more so than all of us fighting against everything that we do each day. We need to start with the promotion of the right subjects and this would be the health and welfare of all of us. These two topics will always hold a common good for everyone. Based upon this knowledge there are three basic principles in which we must address and implement.

Respect, social welfare and peace and security. (Principle of the Common Good- 2007 Ascension Health). Fundamentally as humans we all have rights to education, employment, health care, clothes, food and shelter and the only way to achieve this is to have a very clear set of goals as basic humans. Basic humans who know to live for basic principles and follow the differences of what is right and wrong have a good head start for helping to change the face of our country. We have empathy for those who suffer and help those who are in those positions.

We are not greedy nor live in a corporate financial world but one of a spiritual world, doing what we know to be right and true, even if it isn’t necessarily by a bible. We love without knowing who they are, we give because the giving is needed for all of us. We hope and pray for the lives of others, in the end we will come together and be able to form, as a unity, a much better country in which to live. It is in this thought that we all must have and practice certain virtues and in the words of Josef Pieper those virtues are temperance, prudence, justice and fortitude.

We must have the fortitude to not be afraid of our own true selves and to come forth and do what is necessary and right. We are in uncertain times and these time will only become more uncertain with or without changing the face of how we live and what we do. We must have the fortitude to bring back our country and certain factios that have been all but destroyed or deleted from our constitution. While we are struggling to have this fortitude we must also maintain a restraint against one another, a self control of angers and behaviors, a moderation of the dislike we all experience and a with holding of the negative talk from our tounges.

If we can moderate our self interests with the interests and rights of others then our judgment and actions will become more appropriate. It is at this time that I propose radical changes in which to do exactly this and with much prayer and a strong belief in these virtues it is time to be selfish as a country, as a whole and first bring back the true freedom of religion. All positive religion is based upon the commonality of good, the basic principle of truth, respect, loyalty and love. I stand before you today thanking my own higher power that this country has brought me in front of you today.

That there has been the realization that we are lacking much as a country and that you have chosen me to help lead the way from the dark back into the light. I thank my higher power that this country has agreed to bringing back our higher powers that many will call religion. It is in our God’s as one that we are united and we could not be united here today without your help and the setting aside of fears of persecution. From this day forward our Gods will be back with us in our churches, on our money, in our flag and I pray in our souls and in a continual motion to to perpetuate the goodness where we once stood.

This will be a rough road but the addage of good wins over evil is what we will show from here on out. In the interest and continuity of our new found freedoms and in light of our economic situation we must practice yet again another round of the fortitude that you all exhibited and go forth to heal our country in its many torn threads and it is in this that I plan on withdrawing some of our foreing aid which in turn will help to promote our own economic challenges by providing jobs and better financial means of our country.

In the interest of what the other countries may lose in bringing back our foreign aid I will endow to help them also come up with a positive plan on how they can further themselves as well without our help. This is the giving side of me, of our country. It may be only a peace of paper or a few ideas but helping one another without destroying what we used to have is tantamount in our country and hopefully these actions will lead by example and instead of facing an armageddon of war among church and state, maybe we can face the opposite, the loving god and learn to accept others higher powers and respect these as well.

In the meaning of education, all private institutions outside of colleges will no longer be tuition based that way we have more alternatives to education and those who wish to have their children brought up in a religion based setting will be able to do so. Essentially education will be free outside of what we would normally agree to pay through our taxes. Health care will become a more socialized moment. While we are not a socialized country some things need to be socialized and health care is one of these.

Our medications will be free to those who qualify. Those who qualify will be those who are unable to work in any way. Those who are able to maintain employment, physically and mentally will have the option of paying for medications or performing duties of a helpful nature such as helping our less fortunate within private social clubs, helping our children with aspects they need; it comes down to a volunteer basis of helping one another. It may even be the doctor in which you are visiting tomorrow that needs an extra hand in planting seed for his yard.

While this lacks an income of financial means in many ways it is also part of our duty to help. Much like a barter system which most of us practice in and have since we were children ourselves. It is a basic principle. At the end of each year we, the government will reimburse the healthcare system a portion of what they have put out. We, the government will impose strict guidelines of record keeping so that we may never have to come back to the people to ask for financial assistance. This is the difference of socialized medicine in Canada whereas there are taxes imposed upon each taxpayer.

Instead of taxes being paid, it will be paid by our own choice of monies or volunteering. In the adherence to guideline employment will rise as this will create jobs of maintaining and monthly checks of billing procedures and barter trades. The people who are put into these positions do not have to be government related but regular laymens. The volunteer system will consist of a list of volunteer jobs available contingent upon how much is spent in the medical field for your ailments. This list can be added to by the attending physician.

As for clothes, shelter and food, everyone is entitled. Those who are homeless for one reason or another will be introduced to new programs that will help them overcome barriers. The government, once again will provide many additional shelter homes and those who normally donate to thrift stores, their clothes or additional foods may continue to do so. In addtion to these it is respectfully requested that these donations also bedivied among all the Nation’s warehouse that will be implemented so that those less fortunate may also enjoy the basic living of food, clothes and shelter.

We as a nation, you as the people who wanted this will reevaluate the entire bartering system and learn what self sufficiency is about and the goodwill that we learn will last a lifetime and pass on, I pray, from generation to generation. This will take the work of all of us together as a team. Whether we are Catholic, Protestant, Baptist, non denominational or Atheist; regardless of our beliefs, it is my hope that we can all step aside from ourselves to objectively see what the others have to offer before we judge.

Whether we are religious or not, we all know that to judge is not in our best interest and serves no good justice. You as a country has asked for financial stability, free medicines, employment additional education, a lack of war and many other things and it is in this I thank you for demanding this knowing the work will be harder to get to where you want but the perseverance of the people to obtain what they desire. All men will be equal, all will have to work as hard as the next to care for each other.

We will rise and come forth as a nation, holding our heads high because we have done what we have done for the better good for all of us. We will feel good knowing we helped the infirm to obtain their medicines, of teaching our children the hidden but inherent good of other people. Know that it was all of your decisions that have brought forth the ideas for change and it is all of our responsibility to implement these changes.

During my time of asking you to choose myself as President I asked everyone to write in what they hoped to see, their ideas and thoughts of change and during this time I had my own panel of people analyze this information and we have, as best as we could, implemented every idea into the plan for change for the betterment of you. I thank you all for coming today. I thank you for your support and throughout these next few years I plan on becoming what is know more of as a friend than a Presidential figure.

Friends work together hand in hand to help others and that is exactly what this country needs and this is exactly what I plan on doing. Once again, thank you and have a better day. Works Cited Josef Pieper. Religious Leaders. 17 September 2007. http://en. wikiquote. org/wiki/Josef_Pieper Klaus Rohrich. Dear America (Canada Warns U. S. About Socialized Medicine) 7/12/04. http://www. freerepublic. com/focus/f-news/1169903/posts Principle of the Common Good- 2007 Ascension Health http://www. ascensionhealth. org/ethics/public/key_principles/common_good. asp

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