Religious and Ethnic Diversity Worksheet Essay

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Religious and Ethnic Diversity Worksheet

Buddhism is 2500 yrs old, and differs from other religions in that even without the existence of a Buddha, the teachings in Buddhism still exist. Buddhists do not worship any one deity who exacts punishment or reward on those around them. “A Buddhist does not think that he can gain purity merely by seeking refuge in the Buddha or by mere faith in Him. It is not within the power of a Buddha to wash away the impurities of others.”[1]

Buddhist beliefs follow a path of Karma and rebirth. The soul of the individual moves on into another being to take a new path. The individual’s previous lives determine the quality of the move on. Followers of Buddhism refer to Buddha as “the Awakened One”, and pay their respects to Buddha by bowing to likenesses of “Him”. It is an expression of gratitude for the teachings of Buddha. Buddhist followers strive to be better, to develop peace and love within themselves, and to improve all areas of their lives, and of those around them.

Discrimination or dislike of Buddhism- Those that do not know what it is about, assume the worst. Misinformation always leads to problems. Every religion has its opposition. When persons do not agree with or understand other people’s religions or beliefs, it causes others to build up hate and dislike. Again the source of prejudice and discrimination are those that do not wish to see or comprehend other religions exist, and that they are not there to take over any other religions.

I have always been curious about Buddhism, and this short period of research has helped me to get a better picture at what it includes, and what is involved.

Racial/Ethnic Group: Asian The Asian decent is one that goes back in history many years. It also interacts with the Buddhist religion. I have always been interested in the history, and the artifacts.

Each race has its own manner of handling everything. Families are “operated” in a specific way, and day to day living is dictated by past experience and practice. That is how we learn right? Past generations teach the new generations on how to live. When you are a child you don’t recognize that something is not the same with another. A child could be playing with a handful of other children, all of mixed race, and never even understand the implications. That simple innocence. Why can’t it be that simple. Growing up, sure I noticed that some of the kids didn’t have the same hair color as I did, or the same eye color as I did, or they were taller or smaller, but beyond that details didn’t really matter to me. It was only when I began hearing and seeing others (the adults) around me pointing out differences that I was made aware of our “differences.” It is those differences that have allowed others to keep the Asian race the butt of their jokes for years.

For example, Asians cannot drive, they always have cameras around their necks, they are too smart for their own good, etc. Right? What about the fact that they are extremely intelligent, and gentle folk. They are just like you and I, they simply want to live. I am sure that when non-Chinese speaking persons are out of their element, in China for instance, that they get the same prejudicial treatment in return. It is a never-ending issue. What is it about people that makes them have to pick on another? Heck just let people live, and survive as they wish.

Either way, both of these groups of people, Buddhist and Asians receive ridicule and poor respect daily. I personally think it is people being afraid of something different. They believe something different so they are bad, or they wear something different so they are odd right? If we were all the same, this world would be pretty darn boring, that is all I have to say.

I do not know if this is the conclusion you were looking for. I know that there has been a lot of work and progress made on the racial barriers between Asian and others, but it will take many many years to remedy it to be what it should be. If I treat those around me as I wish to be treated, and my son learns and does the same, then I have done what I can to help.

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