Religion Essay Topics

Sample of Campus News Paper

As Christians, one the biggest struggles we face is putting our complete trust in God. We find this challenging because as human beings, we continually let one other down. When people in our lives hurt, disappoint or betray us, it becomes more difficult to trust in their love. As a result, we start believing that… View Article

Serpent Gods in Aztec Mythology

Aztecs had a pantheon of Serpent Gods to which they attributed the creation and workings of the natural world. One of their principle gods, Quetzalcoatl, translated as feathered serpent, had many manifestations, each holding an important role part of the Aztec myths of creation and the workings of the natural world. As Braden points out… View Article

Short History of Basic Ecclesial Community

The coming out of Basic Ecclesial Communities in any form in different parts of the world including the Philippines is undeniably a phenomenon of which our Church Leaders ought to accept and must face head-on. There is no turning back; the call for an “aggiornamento” (John XXIII 1962) inside and outside the Church is indispensable… View Article

Rough Draft Puritans

In the middle of the 1600’s, from around the 1630’s to about the 1660’s the Puritans were fleeing to America for mostly religious reasons. Many of them came to set up what is called the Massachusetts Bay colony. John Winthrop was the leader of this colony. They believed religion was the key to the perfect… View Article

The Necessity Of Religion

            Religion is undeniably an everyday fare whether the matter is being discussed in the busy thoroughfares of visibly religious Rome or in the dusty streets of Cambodia. Many observers often say that people are naturally adherents to any form of religion. People worship, make efforts to make worship to a deity or deities a… View Article

The English Puritans Paper

The major beliefs of the English puritans and their different ideas from the church of England Puritans was the term used to refer to members of a group of extreme English Protestants, within the Church of England during the 16th and 17th centuries. Puritans were advocating for reformation of doctrines and church structures. They intended… View Article

Anne Hutchinson: A Pioneer Of Feminism And Religious Freedom

I walked into the schoolroom, and I could see my children sitting in rows based on their grade. I had been asked by the teacher, Miss Ashbury, to come and talk about the remarkable journey that led me to the Narragansett, an Indian territory in the liberating colony of Rhode Island. I sat down in… View Article

Snyder v Phelps

Everyone is entitled to practice their religion. Everyone has the right to voice their opinion. The bill of rights states that this right could never be taken away, but does it make it right for a person to use this right to attack a person? On March 3rd, 2006 a Marine, Lance Corporal Matthew Snyder,… View Article

The Apostle Paul

This report paper will be on the life of Paul. We will look at many various different facts about this influential man of God. We all know the apostle Paul was used of God in a miraculous way, but this paper will take a behind the scenes look at some areas. I also endeavor to… View Article

Freewill and Predestination

For years Christians have argued about what role God has in humans attaining salvation. The most popular belief in American culture is the concept of free will. Free will is the belief that coming to Christ and being saved is a freewill choice of the person. Most churches believe this concept to be true at… View Article

Father John World Youth Day Speech

The Holy Father John Paul II starts off his speech by analogizing the young people of the world. It is the celebration of the 20th world youth day. The theme of the next world youth day is “we have come to worship him. ” it is a theme that allows young people from all over… View Article

Sociological Definition of Religion Concerning Aborigines

In my opinion, I find the sociological definition of religion to be my favorite and most helpful. Clifford Geertz explains his definition very clearly, saying that religion is a system of symbols which acts to establish powerful, persuasive and long-lasting moods and motivations in men by formulating conceptions of a general order of existence and… View Article

Biggest Impact on Todays Society: Religion

Religion has played a role in peoples life’s ever since ancient times. Whether it be God, Allah, Zeus etc. Even those who do not believe or practice a certain are affected by it in one way or another. Among all religions I believe that the creation of Christianity has had the largest impact on modern… View Article

Contemporary Religious Issues in Christianity

Over time in various religions, there has been conflict. If not within one particular religion then there would be conflicting with each other. Christianity is a religion that most certainly has this issue. With many struggles in religion that people are face with today that would assists in the division of our human population, some… View Article

Religion Is Seen as Not Promoting Social Change for Marx and Durkheim.

Religion is a powerful role in influencing a society and the lives of it’s members. The sociological traditions of Marx and Durkheim view religion totally differently, yet they both agree that religion is a very important aspect of a society. Durkheim and Marx each had their own definitions of religion. However, we will learn that… View Article

Religion as a Synonym of Ignorance

Is the church as solid and strong as it seems? In “The Very Old Man with Enormous Wings”, Garcia Marquez uses magical realism to challenge religious beliefs; hence, proving religion is not what is seems. To begin with, when the old man with enormous wings lands in Elisenda and Pelayo’s courtyard and after concluding that… View Article

A Comparison between the Hindu Gods of Good and Evil

In Hinduism, the primary goal of an individual is to achieve the so-called Nirvana or “becoming one with God. ” Nirvana connotes the transcendence of the human spirit to the Oneness of the Divine Spirit (Hemenway, 2003). Hence, many Hindus practice a variety of evolved rituals and esoteric practices to enable their spirit to adapt… View Article

Examine Freud’s View of Religious Belief.

Sigmund Freud was born in 1856; he lived most of his life in Vienna. His family were Jewish so was brought in a religious faith. Freud fled the Nazi’s in London then died the following year on the 23rd of September 1939. He was an atheist. He saw himself as “The Godless Jew”. He rejected… View Article

Integrity: Core Issues in Ethics and Person

Integrity is not just one of the seven army values a soldier should live by, it is the basis and foundation of trust, responsibility, respect, and honesty. If a soldier or anyone for that matter does not have integrity they will not be able to succeed in their profession, relationships, and in life. The more… View Article

Tolerance Is the Strength of Society

Tolerance is a sense of willingness to accept behavior and beliefs which are contrary to one’s own. While the disagreement to one’s thoughts, beliefs and ideology is considered as intolerance and it leads to confrontations and rivalry. Intolerance is on the increase in the world today, causing death, genocide, violence, religious persecution as well as… View Article

Sociology Secular Society

Religion in contemporary society has been, and still is, undergoing rapid change. It is predicted that further secularisation and diversity from religious beliefs and practices will undoubtedly continue to occur. Throughout the world there is no one agreed definition of what religion is comprised of. Our world has, and always will be, guided to a… View Article

Is “Sredni Vashtar” a Horror Short Story?

“Sredni Vashtar” Takes a close look into the life and interactions of and between Conradin; his cousin and mentor, Mrs. de Ropp and Conradin’s Ferret and God: Sredni Vashtar. It can be described as a horror story because of its character’s description, themes and setting. It shows the religious downfall of the protagonist, the death… View Article

China and India

Classical China and India had differences and similarities in religion, society, and technology/ inventions. In China, there were 3 major religions while in India there were only two. China had three social groups in which the people were placed. India had the Caste system that included five levels. The people of Classical China invented some… View Article

Mary Rowlandson’s “The Captive”

In the sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth centuries of America, many settlers and colonists were taken captive by the Native Americans, commonly known as Indians. The Native Americans had many reasons and motives for capturing the settlers or colonists. Captives were often taken to be traded, ransomed, or “adopted,” which Native Americans did to replace tribal… View Article

Light in August

Violently employed, religion sallies forth the souls and lives of the Deep South. Consequently, “the weight of God’s wrath, according to the Bible, becomes white men’s ‘burden’ to carry […]” (Bush 1). Bible Revealed through myriad characters, Light in August not only proves that Southerners inculcate their practice of religion but also engender religious brutality…. View Article

Peru Research Paper

Madison Spence 17 February 2013 Spanish 2312 Professor Elsa Coronado-Salinas Santa Rosa de Lima The country of Peru is home to many holidays and festivals each year. From the New Year’s Day celebration to the Christmas day celebration, Peru has set aside an abundance of days to observe the country’s many historic events. A very… View Article

Effective Religious Practices

Throughout our history, leaders of various religious sects have used a number of methods, materials, and programs to initiate their followers into a certain ideology or belief system. This has proved to be both useful and destructive over the course of time. We have seen many horrifying events take place in the name of certain… View Article

Purpose and Meaning of Education

Poverty is my pride, struggle is my way of life, education is my weapon and love of Allah is my strength. (Hazrat Mohammad PBUH). Education in its general sense is a form of learning in which knowledge, skills, and habits of a group of people are transferred from one generation to the next through teaching,… View Article

Should sports be a religion?

If someone came up to me in the middle of a street and said should spots be a religion. My first instinct would be no. but is it? We should look at the fact that so many people fellow it and physically do it, that maybe it could be a religion. It has the structure… View Article

Should we lie?

What is the conversation? In the class we did talk a lot about that. Some said very simply, “it’s talking”; some other used dictionary and said “it’s the exchange of information.” They are all right but my definition for the term “conversation” is that it’s basically the one of the connections between human beings, which… View Article