Religion Essay Topics

The Reformation

Gabriel Mützenburg in his article Calvin and the Swiss Reformers ( p442 The Lion Handbook of Christian Belief) says that :- The Reformation was a reawakening. It was not basically an attempt at theoretical speculation and research. It was experience. Long before the well known reformers Martin Luther and John Calvin came along there had… View Article

The Separation of the Church and the State

Introduction             The importance of religion is given high importance in the legislature of the American society. As for a fact, it is a sacred aspect of human living that it is directly supported by the law as the US legislation on the part that the society should be able to choose what they opt… View Article

The Use of Protestant Religion by Ku Klux Klan Members

The Ku Klux Klan             This is an organization pioneered by some members of the Confederate (American Southerners) army. This organization was composed of renegade white military officers of the South. They were against the policies of Abraham Lincoln and the Republican Party. The policies were the following: 1) granting freedom to black slaves after… View Article

The Truths About Religious Wars

A religion has always been coupled with the fate and faith and facts of life aiding it to decree the fact that the spreading of freedom of worship surrounding the whole world is a matter of righteousness spreading and right for every legal and illegal methodology for the sake of expanding the name of what… View Article

The Religion that Maintains Social Order

Hinduism is a religion that exerts positive force by being an inclusive religion. True, it implements no single rule in terms of orthodoxy, rule or proscription, deity, rituals, codes, or conduct. Because it centers more on mythology (and not theology), there should have been no categories for social rank or status within the community. Being… View Article

The Visual of a Religious Environment

How should a religious environment be visualized? Perhaps it will depend upon one’s concept of a religious environment and based on a particular religion like Roman Catholicism for instance, or Christianity. A religious environment may mean also one’s general view of a particular religious movement in one milieu. Or, it may mean a general view… View Article

Theosophy Paper

Theosophy can be described as a collection of beliefs that have been put together to guard mode of operation of the theosophical society. This collection of beliefs is basically man’s effort to understand God through meditation , acts of love towards others, intensive study about various issues as well as living a life that is… View Article

Mesopotamia Case

HISTORY OF MESOPOTAMIAN RELIGION The name Mesopotamia, is a Greek name which means ‘the land between the rivers’, refers to the geographic region which lies near the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers and not to any particular civilization. The land of Mesopotamia is made fertile by the irregular and often violent flooding of the Tigris and… View Article

Functionalist Views on Religion

The functionalist view of religion stems from Durkheim who said that society is like the human body. He argued that that religion reinforces collective conscience that leads to a unity within society as a whole and that each member of the society is joined in solidarity, therefore it acts as glue. It does so by… View Article

Hinduism and Christianity

Hinduism and Christianity are two of the largest religions in the world today with nearly half of the world’s population claiming one of the two as their own. Without a doubt, both religions have been extremely influential in the world. In the minds of most, this is about as far as the similarities between Hinduism… View Article

Tibetan Religious Tradition and Nationalism

For many years, the issues of Tibet have remained controversial.  The ongoing occupation of China had brought the nation into international focus, which has eventually made the Tibetan issue global. Now more than ever, the issues of Tibet had received much attention.  This is due to the fact that many celebrities have participated in fighting… View Article

Dharma in the 21st Century: “The Life of Tibetan Buddhist Nuns”

Living in the 21st century connotes a busy and modern life, a life that is influenced by materialism, globalization and modern technology; a life with hardly any room for spirituality. This is the kind of life that is common in the Western world where everything is fast paced and humans have moved from relying on… View Article

World Religions

The specific religious experience of every individual greatly varies depending on the person’s cultural background, geographical location, family ties among many others. As culture defines a great part on how the individual perceives the world and his or her corresponding behaviors, it also determines the relation of the individual with the prominent religion with respect… View Article

Philosophies of Religion

This Essay portrays the basic philosophies of religion particularly Christianity. This will be helpful for Christians to refresh or enhance their faith or take the challenge in strengthening their beliefs. Among the important and basic Christian philosophies to be discussed include; the true religion, real and false churches, minds and soul, heaven and heal, life… View Article

Issues and Traditions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

Religion takes on many different forms and there are several definitions in as many languages used to describe the practices. For the purposes of this paper, the following basic definition will be used. Religion is the belief in and reverence for a supernatural power or powers regarded as creator and governor of the universe. Also,… View Article

“What Men Live By” by Ernest Simmons

Literary scholar Ernest Simmons writes that “during the last thirty years of his life Tolstoy labored mightily toward the realization on earth of the kingdom of God, which for him meant the kingdom of truth and good.” This belief is in truth and goodness is represented in his story “What Men Live By.” In this… View Article

Peace in Eastern Religions

All Eastern religions have their own ideas about engendering peace within individuals and society. Jainism and Buddhism insist on the protection of all life. Confucianism permits war whenever reality would not allow for absolute peace within society. Daoism, on the contrary, rejects war by almost equating tranquility with the true nature of humanity. It is… View Article

Better to Die for Your Beliefs or Lie to Save Your Life

I believe that it is better to die for what you believe rather than to lie to save your own life. Many people have died for their beliefs. There are martyrs from all over the world, and they were not afraid to stand up for what they believed in, even if it meant losing their… View Article

Trinitarian Theology of Prayer and Healing

There has been considerable reflection more recently on the nature of Trinity and its place in church life and theological thinking. Feminists, liberationists, process thinkers, and more traditionalist Catholic and Protestant theologians as well as Eastern Orthodox desire to free the Trinity from its isolation in traditional statements with the consequent lack of relation to… View Article

Tribal Instincts at Iraq

Tribalism has been concerned with the social construct made by a bigger group composed or caused by the smaller groups known as tribes which control the tribal instincts. An example of an arena of tribal instincts played out in clear ways is the ground of conflict that Lebanon, like Iraq and Palestine, has been facing… View Article

Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism

The Chinese are the among the cultures to whose lives and philosophies are greatly influenced by their religion – Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism. These three school of thoughts basically deal as to how the Chinese live in harmony, not only among themselves but with nature as well. Among the three schools of thought, Buddhism is… View Article

Philosophy of Religion

            Is religion necessary in maintaining a happy and successful family? Yes, religion plays a vital role in good family structure. Whenever religion is taken seriously and applied to family life, there is a definite prosperous and positive outcome. When families attend church together, there is a closer bond between family members and it is… View Article

Philosophy of Religion

Question: Can we have a complete system of morality without religion? You should address at least one of the following: Could we have motivation to be moral without religions rewards and punishments? Could we know how to be moral without religion guidance? Could morality even exist if God doesn’t invent it (in Ten Commandments, or… View Article

Ethiopian Orthodox Christian Religion

Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Paganism are among the principal religions in Ethiopia. Yet, Ethiopia is a chiefly Christian nation whereby most of the Christians are Orthodox Tewahedo Christians (Merahi, 2002). Nevertheless, there are still Christians residing in the country who are either Roman Catholic or Protestant. The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church is lead by a… View Article

View on Death in another Religion

In every religious group, each has its own belief of God’s existence and death. Each also has its own tradition or practices that reflect the group’s beliefs. Such tradition and practices make every group unique from one another because it also reflects their roots, historical origin, and way of life. One of the unique groups… View Article

Gender Differences in Religious Belief

Critically examine the relationship between gender, religious participation and religious organisation Studies of religious belief verify consistently that the female gender shows greater participation to religion than that of males. This greater commitment to religion described by sociologists such as Bensen applies throughout the course of the woman’s life, and as noted by Glock and… View Article

Predominance of Goddesses in Minoan Religion

The most obvious thing present in Minoan religion is its polytheistic and matriarchal features, thus it is always referred to as a goddess religion, wherein all deities are female and there had been no male divinity detected until later times. Added to that is the fact that male deities are uncommon and they are usually… View Article

Prayer In Public Schools

The pros and cons of prayer in public schools have been debated for over forty years. The foundation of the United States is based on religious tolerance. The pilgrims came to this country because they were not free to worship and serve God leading to the guarantee of religious freedom in the Constitution. In years… View Article

Religion and Dance

Do you see any similarities between the rituals of primitive societies and rituals that we have in today’s society? Society today does use dance in religious ceremonies or occasions but not necessarily in a ritualistic form that earlier primitive societies would use per say. However, dance in both today and past societies used basic, everyday… View Article

Analysis and Interpretation of Religion: Upanishads

The concept behind Upanishads is the existence of a universal spirit known as Brahman, and an individual soul known as Atman. Brahman is considered to be the ultimate, in both the transcendent and immanent aspect, as well as the absolute infinite existence, the totality of everything that existed before, now, and the coming future. The… View Article