Religion Essay Topics

Identify the characteristics beliefs and practises associated with Krishna

And what is the significance for a devotee of Krishna. Krishna is believed to be Vishnu’s eight incarnations. Vishnu represents the “preserver” status in the Trimurti but is more frequently appreciated in his incarnation as Krishna. Krishna appears in many mythological stories but is most famously remembered for his part in the Bhagvad Gita. This… View Article

Hinduism and Drug Abuse

“Hinduism’ has many religious and cultural traditions which stem from the Vedas, the ancient Sanskrit writings of India. The tradition, therefore, has no clear beginning, and has no single founder or single belief, but there are a number of beliefs and practices which are widely accepted. Practically all Hindus believe in the idea of reincarnation,… View Article

Commentary for “The May Poles and Their Queen”

When reading the Greek myth Orpheus, I was immediately struck by the heroism of the central character. Orpheus is the classic male hero, overcoming all obstacles to bring back his beloved Eurydice, only to be eventually thwarted by something even more powerful than his heroism: his own love. Because of the essentially classical, romanticized nature… View Article

How Christians put there believe of helping others into practise

Helping others is a big part of being a Christian. One of the commandments is “Love thy neighbour”; so many Christians do what they can to help. Charities are a popular way of helping the poor. Both Christian and non-Christian charities provide a wide range of help for the poor and needy. Christian Aid was… View Article

The contribution of the Key people

With reference to at least two different areas of study, discuss the contribution of the Key people, Movements, or traditions to the concept/theme of faith. The Oxford English dictionary defines faith as, “complete trust, an unquestioning confidence.” Many people, in defining faith, speak about believing in the impossible or trusting in something/someone without proof. As… View Article

Effects of Christianity on Behaviour, Attitude and Lifestyle

“There could be no such things as prison in a truly Christian society.” I think a truly Christian society is based on the life and teaching of Jesus, this means we must follow the 10 commandments and the gospel values. At the heart of Christian society there should be existence of love, forgiveness, mercy, justice… View Article

Evangelium Vitae or the Gospel of Life

Imagine yourself, man or woman, feeling as though you’re in love with somebody. You feel not only a great obligation, pressured by society, but an urge to be sexually active with this individual. You go along with this urge, and the next thing you know, you’re expected to have a child as a result of… View Article

The Ideas of Hell and Purgatory: A Wide Shift from Then to Now

“Hell has probably caused more personal anxiety and distress than any other Christian belief. Hell has also motivated many Christians to follow the Great Commission and attempt to convert the world to Christianity” (“Various Views of Hell: As seen by Conservative Christians”). The word “hell” derives from the Pagan Norse Queen of the Underworld, Hel…. View Article

Religion, Wealth and Poverty

Outline the work of one religious agency working for world development and explain why it does this work. The religious agency, Christian Aid was set up in 1944, originally known as the British Churches Ecumenical Refugee Council. It was primarily created to help the thousands of homeless Europeans as a result of the Second World… View Article

Religion…True or False?

For many people religion represents a commitment or devotion to religious faith or observance. Within this commitment encompasses a personal set or institutionalized system of religious attitudes, beliefs, practices or system of beliefs held to with ardor and reliance. In Kurt Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle, Vonnegut introduces a religion known as Bokononism, which epitomizes a standard… View Article

Capitalism and Religion in the Works and Lives of Franklin and Equiano

Capitalism and religion are two subjects which appear frequently in both “The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin” and “The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano,” because these were important parts of the lives of these two men. Both men were able to be players in the capitalist market while still following a spiritual doctrine… View Article

Christianity and Poverty

Christian Aid was founded in 1945. In 1945 the members of the British and Irish churches were very shocked to see how hard life was for European refugees who had lost everything in the Second World War. In response to this, they new that something had to done about it. By making this decision, they… View Article

The work of one religious agency working for world development

Christian Aid was established in 1945 when the Second World War was drawing to an end. A coalition of British and Irish Churches formed ‘Christian Aid’ with an aim to aid as many people as possible who had been affected by the war. In 1948 the organisation decided it was in order to raise money… View Article