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Religion plays Essay

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The monster, as the Professor realised before he pursued the project, has the potential inside him to be so overwhelmingly good, almost angelic, which is shown through the natural instinct to help the family he stays with, but the monster also possesses the potential to take up mostly evil actions, for example, when he murders young Willy as revenge for Frankenstein making him the way he did and creating how he is to live his as an outsider.

The monster has no identity; he is precariously composed of disfigured limbs and organs; no part of the body belongs to him as a person- all the personalities are mingled and therefore, Frankenstein’s monster cannot be described as an individual mind or body.

As a result of being made up of so many different body parts- intelligent, criminal, thief- he has many different interchangeable personalities, which all come as natural to him.

The monster is ugly, there’s no other word for it; his appearance is horrific, people hide and cringe at the sight of it, but there is the possibility for the monster to be loved by the human race.

This is proven in the circumstances wherein the blind man makes friends with the monster, and therefore appearance does not matter, only the person inside; the monster can be loved although on the outside he is ugly, different and unnatural.

It is partly the monster’s fault that he ends up being hated by everyone, although Frankenstein holds most of the blame. He went against the Professor’s will through using his notes and didn’t consider the dangerous consequences that come of meddling with God and nature. He made a creature that had no say in how he was created before he was brought to life, it was brought into the world without consent and the monster cannot retaliate or control the consequences. He has to live a life of rejection as a result of his uncontrollable appearance, the main reason of hatred for him. The monster, often unintentionally for these were his natural reactions; part of his personality, inflicts the hatred upon himself. He undergoes deeds considered as demonic, but as revenge, a natural instinct.

There are many moral issues throughout the story, the strongest being that, all the innocent people are the ones who die, they are conquered by evil. Elizabeth, Justine and Willy are all murdered unjustly, whereas the monster lives for longer and provokes the murders. Another is that, Captain Walton, although having an obsession for reaching the North Pole, abandons his voyage after hearing Frankenstein’s story.

Religion plays a large part in Frankenstein, God is referred to several times, for example, when Victor has an argument at university, he is said to be meddling with God and nature through the experiment. Also religion is represented when the monster is thought to be dead and rises in the chains to symbolise the crucifixion of Jesus. Here is a symbolic reading at Victor’s death, “God judges everything, good and bad, but also creates evil beings.”

The whole film was quite confusing and the cyclical narrative at the beginning enhanced this so I was often left pondering over what was happening. I thought that, although there were many changes to the original storyline, for example, when Elizabeth is brought back to life in the film and not in the book, this version was a suitable adaptation and flowed very well, enhanced by the excellent special effects.

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