Religion and Ethnic Diversity Paper Essay

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Religion and Ethnic Diversity Paper

According to Grace Communion International, people of the black churches believed much like the European Americans. They shared the belief that God’s past dealings give light of future life. The black churches tend to see America as the land of captivity rather than the promise land. The black churches shared similar beliefs to other groups but they did not always see quite the same, black churches tend to hold church into the late afternoon and felt they should try to help all members of the church with all aspects of life, other groups did not hold church for many hours. The historically black churches took it upon themselves to care for blacks, not just spiritually but physically as well because they felt they were discriminated against. The churches made it their job to try to care for the people who had no one else to care for them. Many churches offered services to blacks and whites, even though they did this the blacks were still segregated from the whites. It was standard practice for things of this nature to be done before there were churches built specifically for them, some didn’t even allow their presence.

The black churches received a lot of discrimination, hatred, and prejudice from the white community. Often times they were not treated equal to white people as they should have been. I feel that reading a little bit about the black churches has given me a lot more history on it but it has not really helped me to understand the religion more than I already did. I have visited a black church and while they do not believe very different they practice their religion very differently. Black of the African decent are otherwise known as African Americans differ from many other groups based on their hair, skin tones, physical appearance, and the way they talk. Black people even have beliefs about how children should be raised and cared for. They may have similar qualities of other groups but there are many more differences. African Americans have had many, many experiences with other groups and how they differ from them and what qualities they display. Blacks are often discriminated against by many groups for the choices they make and the beliefs they practice.

Blacks as a group tend to keep to their own and mind their business. Blacks originally over from Africa bring many things to the American culture such as food, clothing styles, music and much more. The African decent in foods has altered spices and more, and clothing varies by pattern and style of clothing but both have made a rather large impact. For many years in history blacks were made to be slaves and were bought, sold and bartered for in America and even other countries. They were enslaved for a very long time until the north and south finally went to war over the matter and they gained their American right to freedom. Blacks were also segregated from whites for many years. Blacks were very heavily discriminated against by many groups but especially whites. Whites made enslaving blacks very important in their lives, while whites were the main source of slave drivers, there were also very wealthy black people who chose to have black slaves.

Blacks received discrimination from many directions. I feel that I already had a very fair amount of information on blacks and the discrimination and prejudice they have received in the past and continue to receive. Blacks are often not given enough credit for all that they have to put up with, but society in my opinion has lightened up tremendously. Prejudice and discrimination in historically black churches and blacks are very similar, they were made to remain segregated for many years, and they were also discriminated against by many especially the whites, both groups revolve around blacks which make the prejudice and discrimination very similar. The prejudice and discrimination that blacks and the historically black church differ in the fact that the churches were not enslaved. There are not that many differences due to the fact that the churches are for the blacks.

There are far more similarities than differences in the groups. From my personal knowledge of these two groups I can conclude that blacks are mostly discriminated against by whites, especially further back in history. Other groups discriminate against blacks and the historically black church but whites much more commonly discriminate against them and are prejudice. The more time that passes the better the circumstances become between groups.

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